Godzilla is returning to the sea, and the battles have finally ended. The battlefields are littered with the bodies of giant robots and giant monsters, some monsters may somehow be revivied, other robots may somehow be rebuilt.

But one has to wonder, what truly brought about this war between monster and machine?

They say those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. I am not entirely sure how much of this war was caused by human involvement, but we should all make sure it does not fuel any further conflict should these battles ever return. That is why I will tell you the story of this powerful war and the fights that composed it.

It all started in the Pacific Ocean, at Station Alpha......

David, August 3, 2013 (UTC)


Something was wrong. The crew at Station Alpha, the most advanced ocean observatory in the Pacific, had never seen readings like this. They couldn't be sure, but it appeared that an unexpected disruption on the sea floor had opened a rift that stretched for miles. Now, rising from that opening, were dozens of massive objects -- 32 in all -- rising towards the surface at varying speeds. One deep radar echo showed something even more disturbing -- what looked strangely like a gargantuan lizard swimming towards them. That just couldn't be possible, they thought, yet that didn't stop them from doing their jobs. The crew of the station had followed emergency protocol, and notified the U.S. military immediately. All that was left to do was wait.

At USNORTHCOM, response was swift -- as if they'd been preparing for exactly this scenario. Eyes were on the area, off the coast of Alaska, in seconds, a full carrier strike group was racing to the site.

At the White House, where the president had been awakened. He'd asked for the phone, and calmly uttered a single phrase, "Roll out."

Brian@fandom 00:38, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

The alien stood majestic and regal as he was in his lab, he wore a black bio-suit of armor, what may have been his body, his face/helmet/mask was featureless with a head crest that ran down the middle of his face and green diamond shape optics; he wore a luminous robe composed of white drapes and at times his limbs appeared to by tentacles and another, two arms and legs, they changed each time they popped out from under his robes. He looked at his control console at holographic profiles and images of a menagerie of creatures and machines, a question burned within him but others would have to burn for the answer, he didn't care. He pressed a button and the crystals around him lit up, crystals to human eyes but they were more, the crystals were the anchors for machines made of energy, operating in other dimensions in both a vertical and horizontal sense. Phase wave generators, Time-Scape windows, Transwarp Transmats, Quantum field Manipulators, Hyperspace Singularity Generators, the laws he had just broken had not been conceived in the minds of most the civilizations that dotted eternity. Across so many Space-time Zones, so many continuums that had no business interacting, they were plucked from their timelines and sent to a single point in the Omni-verse to answer the aliens question the way he knew they would.

At the bottom of the ocean on a world whose inhabitants the creature cared nothing for, a glow appeared as the mayhem was set to begin. Lights shot out to the four corners, ready to burn the world for the sake of a vast and mobid curiosity.

SolZen321 (talk) 20:41, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

The monsters were diverse... more diverse then any species ever born. There were many that were like wild animals, and others that could make technological wonders greater then the 31 century ever could. But the first one to come out of the water was a creature that did not think... but eat. It was small to most creatures, and tiny to many more, but the human race saw it as an creature that could eat a Blue whale in one big bite. It only knew how to eat... and the most delicous thing to it was the small species called humans. The first place to be hit was Instanbul... and in less then three days over 8 million people were killed. However... this was small fry compared to the creature that would come next. 

Nobody700 (talk) 01:00, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

The creature evolved quickly into something unimaginable. Beijing, Tokyo, London, Toronto, even New York City were quickly decimated by the creature. Survivors had no where to flee as the creature moved at super speeds. The creature could even go into space, but the one place it could not reach was the deep oceans. The pressures were too much for it to handle. So in an attempt to stop this monster, the monsters forced the creature into underwater, where it was destroyed due to the pressure; however, its DNA was still there, and the creature was now reforming into something even more powerful.

Want2know (talk) 01:18, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

So many creatures appeared, many from the depths of the ocean; one of which had a blood-curdling roar that sent shivers down the spines of any who heard it, even some of the other monsters trembled at the screech before witnessing its glowing prescence. Some creatures appeared from the Earth, and others from the stars. Few of these creatures posed no threat to the indigenous life forms of the planet and actually desired to protect them. Most of the monsters were beasts of pure killing instinct or of malicious intent. These varieties had begun to fight for dominance in this new environment as their old territories were out of reach. And so begins a clash not unlike that between the Olympians and the Titans.

Zeromaro (talk) 01:47, July 31, 2013 (UTC


Our Earth was not ready for this, nor had we ever seen or could have ever foreseen anything even slightly similar to this. An oceanic trench that not the greatest minds on our blue planet could have predicted would come into existence, miles deeper than the Mariana trench, opened up in the Pacific not before abruptly upsetting the waves, allowing strange beasts to emerge from it. This dark energetic deep-sea gateway, however, was not the sole rim, as some of the colossal creatures came down from space, others rose from the hard ground, and the remaining rest came out from hiding in places that our kind visits numerous times. Their sizes fluctuated from the size we commonly possess to being unfathomably tall, but one was noticeably stronger than the rest and looked like the king of these monsters. The dinosaurians' enormous maple leaf-shaped fins glew a majestic cyan color that lit up the deep as he swimmed curiously to the surface of the ocean towards Tokyo, a place where this very same creature is spoken of in legends since the nineteen-fifties.

At this time, the Global Defense Force expeditiously sent out one of their ace mechanical hunters for each reported sighting of a giant monster, their most optimum being cleverly disguised as a truck that would have certainly been more than met the eye. However, the terrible titanic monsters and the crafty quick-witted robots never did fight against each other at the beginning; each side turned against themselves to become the very best.

I'm Titanollante...Roar to me and I'll roar back. 01:53, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, somewhere beyond the fabric of reality, a dark being cloaked in darkness watched the chaos with great anticipation. Two shadowy beings watched the spectacle as well, but appeared to be careful around the dark being as if he were their leader. "Well, what do you think, my liege?" said one of the shadowy creatures, "The experiment is going along swimmingly, exactly as expected."

"Indeed it is, Insanitus," said the large, imposing creature cloaked in darkness, "Your scientists have done it again."

"Shall we add this universe to the Cosmic Graveyard?" said the other shadowy creature.

"Indeed we will, Phobius," said the mysterious leader of the creatures, "Indeed we will..." --ScorpionTail (talk) 02:04, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Up in the skies, two beings duked it out for no reason other than natural born instinct. One, a dragon like being covered in thick plate like scales and massive wings for arms, the other was a giant bipedal turtle with tusks and flying from plasma thrusters from where its tucked in feet once were. The dogfight in the air consisted of the dragon dodging fiery balls of condensed plasma and the turtle dodging the polarized streams of fire and light the dragon vomited up. They didn't know why they were here or why they were fighting; once in a while they spied the image of a dark being in white watching them but he was always in the corner of their eyes or gone.

The turtle flew towards the dragon, its beam drenched it in flames but simply drank them up, it rammed the dragon and began to spin like flying saucer, cutting a massive gash in the creature's chest; the dragon fell and to add insult to injury the turtle blasted it was a fireball, setting it ablaze. The turtle turned to fly off, but then it learn a very hard lesson--dragons, especially dragons worshipped as gods, had powerful life forces that allowed them endure great injuries and recover from terrible wounds; the turtle also learned that dragon tail were like spears and, though on fire, the dragon was soon back up in the air with his tail through the Turtle's chest and his charge up beam fired point blank in a massive explosion. 

This turtle also boasted a seemingly godly life force, the dragon look surprised as the turle removed itself from it tail, and watched impress as it stood afloat with a hole for a chest and face covered in terrible burns; however, when the two realized they both had impressive power of regeneration, they flew towards each other more determined in their brutality.

SolZen321 (talk) 02:50, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

On the Langjökull glacier in Iceland, a collection of assorted mechanical scraps, each with flashing red lights, began rolling towards each other, and began attaching together, forming a giant robotic body. As a pair of yellow eyes began to glow, a massive left arm reached up and touched a dent on its left temple before standing up, towering high over the icy landscape. The Iron Giant looked up as a flaming metal projectile flew overhead in the upper atmosphere. The Giant's visual sensors let it see the lights and markings suggesting the object to be an alien police cruiser...a red one. It calculated the craft's trajectory as taking it directly into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and then realized the craft was heading on a crash course with the island of Hawaii. Suddenly an alert sensor went off: there was a large lifeform flying in the Giant's direction... —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 03:16, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

My name is Optimus Prime, I have spent years on this planet working alongside a team of Autobots along with humans against threats that endanger the planet. Up until recently, the family I had been working together with had dealt with threats ranging from the autobots' most conflicted enemies the Decepticons or threats beyond the control of Earth's forces. This crisis, however, is a completely different scenario than what anyone had anticipated; gigantic monsters surfacing from sea, land, and space. Information provided by the Global Defense Force also report findings of large machines: few are sentient, many are piloted by humans, some are small enough to join human armies.

This is beyond what anyone could foresee; all I am aware of is that I cannot accomplish this mission alone, and I must find assistance with the other beings whether they are the monstrous beasts or the machines as long as they possess the good will to fight for something bigger than themselves. I may have just found the first candidate; in this land popular culture tells a machine said to give its pilot the power of a god or a demon depending on how it is used, made of near indestructible metal and powered by Photons, and it's name is Mazinger Z. But fortune often does not often favor those who need it most, and when I found the bot, upon hearing me speak and seeing my true form, the pilot said, "Kikaiju (A Mechanical Beast)? Rocket Punch!"

Zeromaro (talk) 03:44, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

The Iron Giant watched as a large moth-like creature was flying above him and was mesmerized by the strange, otherworldly creature that was heading his way. "Big...bug..." said the Iron Giant, slowly approaching the beast, but the moth, Mothra, had other intentions in mind. It was furious because something had struck it on the back, and, believing it was the Iron Giant, it flew toward the mammoth-sized metal man with the intention of pushing him over. The Iron Giant, who was only trying to help the injured Kaiju, was too naive to avoid Mothra, and was hit hard, falling on his backside; however, Mothra was stunned by the impact, and as the two large entities got up, they attacked each other, the Iron Giant out of self-defense, and the other out of pure anger. But just as the two were going to strike each other, something contacted to two of them, stopping them in their tracks.

"I-Is anyone there? Listen," said the voice of a young boy telepathically communicating with the two large fighters, "My name is Rasputin--you can call me Raz--I'm a Psychonaut, and I don't have much time to tell you anything, but for now, you have to trust me and work together to try to unite the kaijus and the robots! Head to London, England where I seem to have better reception there and we'll talk more later."

Confused, Mothra and the Iron Giant didn't know what to make of anything they just heard; however, the idea of an alliance seemed to be a good one to the Iron Giant, who proceeded to help heal Mothra's wound, and the two fighters chose to make a personal alliance before heading to London where they knew things were bigger than they realized and it was only a matter of time until things got dangerous... --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:05, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Godzilla Jr. had been awoken by Anguirus and was informed about the current crisis and his dad being away; the two then head towards London to see if they can get some help from The Bug-And-Giant Duo, but they then hear a nearby explosion and see 4 shadows fighting: Iron Giant and Mothra are fighting a huge Dragon and a turtle-like monster.

Godzilla Jr. then descends down to assist Mothra while Anguirus join the fight. As Godzilla Jr. heals Mothra, he sees that Anguirus and the Iron Giant are losing and the Turtle and Dragon are charging a full power attack so Godzilla Jr. jumps in and releases a Atomic Spiral Ray right when the other two unleash their attacks.

All of the Kaiju fly to different corners of the planet from the resulting explosion, causing 10.0 earthquakes where they landed.

Godzilla Jr./Turtle:Canada


Mothra/Iron Giant:London

The impact also opened the crack in the Pacific even more, and more Kaiju...bigger Kaiju emerge.....

King Kong has also awakened and is now ready for battle. Minja536 (talk) 04:33, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

On the island of Hawaii, a small blue mammal-like creature pulls itself from a flaming crater and groans. It stretches its four arms and looks around, quickly realizing it is on an island with no big cities, disappointed that that means there won't be very many left shoes to steal.

Suddenly, a disturbance in the water catches its attention. It rushes across the rather small island to the water's edge and aims four alien laser blasters at a dark shape under the surface, tossing in a 'Yo Mama' insult in an alien language for good measure. A giant shark with razor fins and spikes sticking out of its gills springs up from the water and roars at the blue creature, cephalopod tentacles rising up from around it: the Sharktopus! The Sharktopus proceeds to get a faceful of alien laser blaster. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 04:53, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

As a giant pod, the size of the aforementioned giant robots came hurtling down to the ground. The ship, otherworldly in origin, began folding out into a giant robot, intent on keeping the peace on Earth. It had no passengers because, if the war was to fail, the mission was to abort. Back on the alien planet, the king smiled.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 08:00, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

In an SCP research lab a SCP was escaping. This SCP is known as 676 or the Frankin, and it was made of other SCP DNA. The SCP walked slowly as the bullets passed through his body. As he destroys the forces, he mumbles, "I will have this world and NO ONE is going to stop me." -teromine 06:38, Aug.1 2013


Meanwhile, in the darkness of the Cosmic Grave, the shadowy being from earlier finally revealed his face showing that his face was that of a technorganic Kaiju, seemingly like a living embodiment of the current struggle. He peered into the Cosmic Window, watching the battles unfold and then he looked over at a TARDIS, which was on display in the corner of his throne room.

"The main scientist had better get here soon," said the technorganic Kaiju, "Things have taken a turn for the worse." Shortly after he finished his sentence, a strange, freaky-looking man with a peculiar clawed arm and large head of hair walked in and bowed, showing his master respect.

"It appears that two of my brother's curiosities, that metal man and the bug, have become a bit too aware of the situation," explained the evil Kaiju, "Send them against the one called Optimus to keep them off our trail. Understood?"

"Of course, I do!" replied the mad scientist, "With my new mech, the Brain Jellyfish, I'm sure I'll be able to convince the two that the one named Optimus is behind all of this!"

After the mad scientist quickly left the dark technorganic Kaiju's throne room in a hurry, the Kaiju smirked and said aloud, "Oh, Bonivita, my brother, if only you knew that your brother, Malimors, has turned your little game into my bid for power; however, I, Malimors, The Hangman of All Reality, will show you just what fear truly is..." --ScorpionTail (talk) 08:19, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in Poland where people were afraid of monsters as everyone on this planet, Dr. Nowak, a molecular physicist, suddenly woke up and picked up the phone where he heard: Mr Nowak, we need you here; Dr Poruba had found something in this abandoned mine...something strange.

Nowak quickly dressed and left his room in Polish Nuclear Research Center, and then he took the elevator down and after one minute was on the bottom of gigantic mine shaft where Dr. Poruba was waiting. After putting on an NBC suit, the two entered the containment cell where Nowak saw a big semi-transparent rhombus gem in a color of amber floating 5 meters above the floor.

They continued through the long hall and saw a giant containment cell, filled with water and something huge in the tank...and it was moving; Nowak then saw its gigantic crust and legs of shellfish and its reptilian head.

"What the hell is this?!"

"It was a crayfish...and a viper. We named it Paskuda."

Misiek1997 (talk) 10:11, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Cardiff, 12:08 PM

The constable checked his watch, with an intense gaze before frustratedly saying to himself, "12.08? This is total arse, and I should've been off duty an hour ago." Leaning back against the dirtied wall, his frustration grew even more evident when his radio started beeping and, silently cursing under his breath, the constable pulled the radio off his belt, and switched it on to hear that an MP's daughter had gone missing. Heading down the high-street where the shops were packed that night, the constable rounded the corner and walking into the missing girl's last reported haunt, the local fish and chip's shop where, to the constable's surprise, he could see she was sat in one of the stalls, completely sombre-looking and, strangely, sober.

He walked in to the shop turning the radio on his belt on, pulling it up and pressing the mouthpiece to his lips to say, "Dispatch, she's at the chippie, no problems." Rather than a reply, the constable received very loud garbled static, but he walked over to the girl, who now looked up at him and gave a feeble smile and said to her, "Alright, luv, we're going on our merry way now, your dad've been worried sick."

"Sorry," she muttered, smile fading away, and the constable watched her pick up her handbag to walk towards the door, but then, she let out a horrific shriek, running backwards away from the door, because a massive fireball was appearing over the rooftops, rising upwards along with debris and smoke. After another explosion pierced the panicked cries and screams of shoppers, the constable could see something appearing from the smoke before the whole cafe was drowned in a blue light; a few short minutes later, explosions now rocked Cardiff, panic ravaging the streets, and the corpses of those who had been in the very way of the explosion lay charred in amongst the rubble and debris, a bent-in officer's helmet sticking out against the rubble, illuminated by the fire behind the ruins. ScienceGuy44 (talk) 11:32, July 31, 2013 (UTC)


New York, New York

New York City had been one of the first to fall; smoke still filled the sky, almost blotting out the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lumbering through it. The city had been hastily evacuated, but with the first attack over, looters had descended like vultures. Unfortunately for them, that had only been the first. A shriek rang out from a narrow city block, attracting the Marshmallow Man's attention.The human was quickly drowned out by a titanic roar. Turning, the Marshmallow Man stomped towards the noise, past the dirty, ragged humans fleeing in every direction. Out of the narrow street burst a T-Rex, snapping up one unlucky looter, but she stopped up short at the sight of the fluffy white horror towering over her.

Thantosiet (talk) 12:18, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

A light shone as the Halberd appeared. A Heavylobster was fired from the ship and it attacked the T-Rex. "Alright Heavylobster! Don't lose this!" Meta Knight yelled from the ship. Heavylobster uppercut the T-Rex hitting it into a near by building. The T-rex got out and popped its neck. Heavylobster also popped its neck. The Machine ran at the beast and their fists collided.

HoshinoKaabi (talk) 12:18, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

New York City, New York

As the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man watched some giant Machine thing attacking the Tyrannosaurus, it heard a series of stomping footsteps behind it, footsteps that shook the very ground. It turned, barely able to see through the smoke whose amount had mysteriously doubled to reduce visibility to almost naught. Then it caught a glimpse of something, something giant and metal, and when it did, the stomping stopped. It saw through quickly passing gaps in the smoke the figure of the Statue of Liberty. Another cloud of smoke passed in front of it, and a second later had moved on...but the Statue of Liberty was now a city block closer, and its face was contorted into rage, a set of sharp fangs in its wide open, silently screeching mouth, its fingers splayed like claws, and with one arm reaching towards it... —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 15:11, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

The dragon, Bahamut, picked itself up and looked around the savannah that Godzilla Jr.'s Atomic Spiral Ray had dumped him. A snort quickly alerted him to the fact that he was not alone; he swooped into the air, and looked down at the spiky, six-legged creature who had accompanied him. Eyes narrowing, Bahamut swooped, moving to stab Anguirus with his spear-like tail. Moving far faster than Bahamut expected, the other monster swung its own spiky tail, smacking Bahamut's aside with enough force to throw the dragon off-balance. Recovering, Bahamut began to charge up for a more powerful attack. Before he could, Anguirus crouched and sprang towards him, spiky carapace-first. Bahamut barely avoided the attack and several of Anguirus's spikes impaled one of his wings, drawing a roar of pain.

Thantosiet (talk) 15:51, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Elsewhere in Africa, in the Sahara Desert, stood a robot and an alien. The robot was the former defender of the universe, captured by this alien and modified with a new paint scheme of green and white. Alien Icarus smiled. Voltron was now in his control. For once he might actually win and control the Earth! Icarus began to shrink down to the size of a human along with his robot, transporting into his UFO to leave the area.

.--Zombiejiger (talk) 17:36, July 31, 2013 (UTC)Zombiejiger

The Iron Giant and Mothra had no intention of causing trouble, but people were tough to avoid as the two made their way to Big Ben, which miraculously still stood despite the chaos. A shadow covered Mothra as the insect flew toward the giant, and the shadow belonged a giant mechanical jellyfish piloted by a strange-looking man.

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" cackled the Dr. Loboto, "This is from Optimus Prime! Let's if you can meet his expectations, you lumbering trash compactor!"

The Iron Giant quickly formed a plan in his mind where he and Mothra did battle with the big robotic jellyfish by having Mothra distract the scientist controlling it, and, then, when the Brain Jellyfish's back was turned, the Iron Giant could fire his cannons at the back. After the tenth hit from the Iron Giant, the Brain Jellyfish self-destructed, forcing Dr. Loboto to teleport back to base, but just who was that strange scientist and who was this "Optimus Prime" that the scientist supposedly worked for? The Iron Giant eventually picked up a familiar signal--it was Raz again... --ScorpionTail (talk) 15:33, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Prime was locked in battle with the Mazinger Z, believing the autonomous robot to be threat. After Optimus avoided a rocket fist, the Mazinger launched drill tipped missiles at him, but Prime used his Ion blaster to destroy the missiles before he was struck from behind by a returning fist. "Rust Hurricane!" Shouted the Mazinger's pilot as a blow of wind mixed with corrosive element was shot out of its mouth grill. Prime rolled on its side to knock the Mazinger down as the breath of air caused whatever was in its path to corrode; Optimus held the Mazinger down before changing his voice frequency to speak the native language of the robot's pilot. "I am not your enemy, my name is Convoy (This is Optimus Prime's original Japanese name) or alternatively Optimus Prime. I was sent by the World Defense Force to deal with the threats of gigantic creatures called Kaiju and large Robots; I require assistance to defeat some of the stronger threats."

Zeromaro (talk) 16:57, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

"Look out behind you!" shouted Raz into the minds of the Iron Giant and Mothra, and the two turned to see a giant robot head with glowing red eyes and what appeared to be a squared bar connecting its ears and the top of its head rising from the River Thames, followed by the giant robot's body. The mechanical monstrosity stood several times taller than the buildings of London town, steam pouring from large exhaust pipes on its back: a Dreadnaught-class CyberKing.

It began walking towards the two, and its right hand flipped around to reveal a giant cannon, which it shot at Mothra, knocking the insect out of the sky in a fiery explosion. The Iron Giant stepped towards the oncoming behemoth, drew its right arm back, and punched the CyberKing in the chest, its fist tearing straight through the metal plating...but it immediately felt something was wrong. Something mechanical was working its way into the Giant's very being. The Iron Giant withdrew its fist from the CyberKing as it stepped back and said, "Upgrade in progress." —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 17:39, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

The Iron Giant got all of its weapons ready, believing that this one attack would be more than enough to vaporize this new threat. Realizing that there were too many weapons for it to handle, CyberKing made its leave but not before getting blast in the back, incapacitating it since the energy from the Iron Giant's attacks proved almost lethal to the brute. The Iron Giant quickly ran to Mothra, who was twitching as its previous injury had opened up, and it was clear to the giant that something in CyberKing wasn't right when a strange specter floated out of the robot. The giant once again healed Mothra, albeit not as effectively as the first time, and the Iron Giant eventually helped CyberKing up. The robot, seemingly confused, decided to tag along with the duo, effectively turning the group into a trio.

"Oh good, you're all safe," said Raz, telepathically speaking to Mothra, the Iron Giant, and CyberKing, "Listen, I need you to find the one named Godzilla. He needs to be informed of what's going on and I thought for sure he reached London, but I was wrong so I'm sending you the coordinates now, but be careful--who knows what will happen next." --ScorpionTail (talk) 18:00, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

Hong Kong,Hong Kong

The Kaiju Ragnaros had begun destroying the city as Godzilla emerged and began fighting the Hydra. The Hydra swung at the mutated dinosaur, and scored a hit. Godzilla then felt the Ragnaros slam his flames into his flesh and, upon realizing that it won't let go, he unleashed his Nuclear Pulse and fired his Atomic Ray. Then Ragnaros got up and Godzilla's spikes flashed red as he unleashed his Spiral Fire Ray. Ragnaros exploded as Godzilla roared in victory, and the latter then headed off to the sea. Raz found out that Godzilla went to Hong Kong and quickly told Mothra, the Iron Giant, and CyberKing to follow. --User:Pythor9449 (talk) 17:26, July 31,2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in New York City…

While the Statue of Liberty and the big marshmallow punched it out, the T. rex ate the remans of his crustacean opponent and the dinosaur was satisfied…

…until it felt a rumble in the Earth, and when it turned around it was greeted by a familiar sight - the Spinosaurus had arrived.

The Spinosaurus began by swinging a punch at the T. rex, but the T. rex ducked to avoid it and bit at the larger dinosaur's arm. The Spinosaurus whirled away and struck at the T. rex with its deadly crocodilian head, and the T. rex tasted blood as the Spinosaurus bit it in the side of the head. The enraged T. rex grabbed the Spinosaurus' head in his deadly jaws and was about to crush it, but it had forgotten about the arms and claws of Spinosaurus, and, with a swipe of it's arm, the Spinosaurus drove three claws into the T. rex's neck. A stunned and bloody T. rex felt its jaws go limp as the Spinosaurus pulled free from its mouth before then taking another swipe, and the tyrant lizard king finally staggered back to fall into the Hudson River where it would not resurface.

Spinosaurus turned to see that the Marshmallow Man had been defeated, but there were some strange little mammals with weird stick things at the bottom of the statue, which was now motionless. The lobster had mostly been eaten and the Spinosaurus was hungry so, drooling with hunger, it headed towards the Ghostbusters.

TheReturnOfTheKing :D 00:35, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Spinosaurus snapped up the four people in silly outfits, though their streams of light had stung a bit when they tried unsuccessfully to stop it, and then the dinosaur looked up at the giant statue of some lady holding a weird ice cream cone to see that the statue was looking right at it...which it hadn't been doing before. The Spinosaurus blinked to make sure it had seen right, but the statue was now closer, baring fangs, and reaching out at it. The Spinosaurus turned its back to run, but, a second after it had looked away, it felt a cold metal finger touch its back, and the visible world collapsed in on itself...and then the Spinosaurus found itself back in the Early Cretaceous Period.

Meanwhile, in Hawaii...

A hand of fire and lava rock reached out of the sea and pulled the body it was attached to up onto the rocks. Ragnaros swore he would have his revenge on—and got shot in the back by four lasers; he turned to see a small blue mammal aiming four lasers blasters with four arms at it.

"That's it!" Ragnaros shouted, and, summoning his powers over the Element of Fire, he caused the volcanic island chain to erupt in a massive explosion of lava and accidentally set off every volcano in the whole Ring of Fire--the entire Pacific Rim was now ablaze. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 00:55, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Icarus' ship flew over the ocean, heading towards the continent the Humans called North America. Later that day, his computer scanned the area that he was over. It was called New York City. Icarus released Voltron into the concrete jungle.. --Zombiejiger (talk) 21:39, August 1, 2013 (UTC)Zombiejiger

SCP 676 was found destroying a nearby city and it was growing larger as the SCP consumed everything in its path, but then 676 looked up and found a strange ship flying over head. It stretched and bent its arms to grab the things falling from the ship. It tried to consume the strange creatures but they kicked and punched the SCP. The SCP screamed in pain to see the Voltron cutting its hand off, and it grew more hands to rip some of the Voltron apart but it was just blasted by the falling creatures. Struggling, it consumed the fallen Voltron to gain their powers, and, while getting sliced to bite sized pieces, the SCP flung itself into the air, clinging on to the strange ship going into the systems.-- Teromine 7:04 Aug,1 2013

Icarus quickly shrank down into his ship and began to flee. Opening a dimensional portal, Icarus fled back to his home planet. -Zombiejiger (talk) 13:01, August 2, 2013 (UTC)Zombiejiger


In the Cosmic Graveyard, the specter from London arrived to a negative reception from his master who said in a deep voice, "You weren't supposed to do that, Insanitus."

"Sorry, Master Malimors," responded Insanitus, "I couldn't help but partake in the glorious, glorious chaos."

After giving it some thought, Malimors had an idea and said, "You know, maybe it's best if you fight down there; I want you to attack the robots, and I need you to get them to fight the one called "Godzilla" for me."

After Insanitus agreed and flew out of the Cosmic Graveyard to head straight for Earth, Dr. Loboto then approached the evil Kaiju, having hid behind a ruined pillar in shame but that shame was now replaced by both interest and confusion.

"Boss, didn't you want him to remain in hiding?" asked Loboto.

"Of course I did," answered Malimors, "However, I will not tolerate disobedience and I do not expect him to return, nor do I want him here, so his trip to Earth will be a one-way one, which is a pity since he was always the most enthusiastic of us." --ScorpionTail (talk) 01:22, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

As the battle raged on between robot and monster named and unnamed, the military of the world all began rolling into town. Many humans found their end that day, a super tank which cost 1 billion to develop, turned into a scrap pile by the massive Godzilla.

The alien megarobot stood on top of a building, after killing some random jellyfish...thing, and surveyed the destruction. Back on its home planet, the King watched as his blue-haired brother watched beside him.

"We must leave Earth alone." The blue haired brother said.

"Keep the battle fighting, George. We still have more to do," the king replied to which the mecha promptly jumped of the building, landing on the back of the stegosaurus.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 03:27, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Battles raged on but the start of an alliance began, "Breast Fire!" a blast of heat energy was shot out of the panels of the Mazinger Z destroying a dinosaur machine while Prime finished off the giant lizard creature, and, after the battle was over, Mazinger said, "If this was Godzilla, I'm not impressed."

"This creature is called Zilla," opted Prime, "Unlike its namesake this was mutated from a simple lizard, the mechanical creature is a mecha Godzilla, we should be thankful this is not the Kiryu model. That creature is just as dangerous as the King of Monsters itself." After saying, "Well, we make a good team anyway," the Mazinger locked hands with Prime, but suddenly the former disappeared to Prime's surprise.

After seeing the disappearance on his screen, the alien leader from before proclaimed, "Excellent work, doctor. We must not allow any potential threats, and Prime is but a minor threat alone. We were fortunate we did not send in one of the more dangerous models of the Mazinger from its multiverse into our project, and now Optimus Prime is our scapegoat."

"But there are others as well--this Getter robot will be a threat to the Kaiju, the Gurren Lagarn is a threat to us, even this small Mjolnir could wipe out our armies. We'll need an ally in this, and I believe I've found it in this," said the mad scientist before showing a screen of the human-sized robot Bender.

Zeromaro (talk) 04:23, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

With two spies from a secret organization named S.P.E.C.T.R.A listening in on the Bender robot project, they decided to reactivate their battle-ready robot; Jet Jaguar.

"Professor Harmona, is this all ready to be programmed?" one of the executive producers asked. 

"Hehe yes.." she replied in an eery manner.

S.P.E.C.T.R.A decided to have Jet Jaguar in-training and decided to unleash it to battle other Kaiju nearby.

XBoltBladerX (talk) 05:55, August 1, 2013 (UTC)



The year is 2031 and newer Kaijus are beginning to appear everywhere, but since Godzilla's attack in 2014, he never appeared again until now.

"Sir, a something is moving towards our base. It seems like Godzilla has returned to feed on our highly radioactive fishes!"

Godzilla has risen, but another weapon is brought to that place: GIPSY DANGER. After Godzilla manages to smack the creature with his tail, he cracks open the tank full of the radioactive fishes to eat them up and become stronger but then Danger starts punching Godzilla, and, annoyed, the giant kaiju swings his left arm, causing the other to fly into the nearby factory in which the radiation destroy its power, leaving him with no electricity. Godzilla then kicked him in the chest, in the process injuring and electrifying one pilot. A bunch of masers then come and attempt to attack him but the military stops them and decides to let Godzilla return to the sea. - Godzillaboy14

Meanwhile, Bahamut was still battling his spiky counterpart, Anguirus. Anguirus charged, but the dragon moved away from him and struck him with his tail so Angurius rolled over before then rolling himself into a ball like a hedgehog, and knocking Bahamut over.

Quickly recovering from his rolling spurt, the kaiju rushed forward upon the dragon, beating him with his tail and his feet. The dragon attempted to fight back, however, he was far to weakened by his opponent. A roar was heard as Godzilla appeared and, striding forward, he stomped on the dragon, finishing him off for good.Stephan222 (talk) 13:07, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

MEGAS stood by as its two pilots, Coop and Jamie, were busy snacking on pizza by the coast when they say a strange blue creature swimming too close to the shore.

"Woah, did you see that?!" asked Jamie, "It looked like some kind of eel thing!"

"This could be the discovery of a lifetime! Who knows? Maybe we can capture it and make a profit," said Coop.

Meanwhile, the strange creature, revealed to be a Gyarados, swam frantically, looking for his master and it then roared a worried roar, which could be translated to "Master Red! Saur! Poli! Pika! Vee! Where are you?!", but its current problems were about to get worse as a giant hand grabbed ahold of its tail and he was lifted right out of the water with Coop and Jamie looking right at him.

As the two discussed their ideas regarding what to do with Gyarados, a ghostly creature soon appeared to them, and the ghostly creature, Insanitus, was a thin, lanky specter with neon green ectoplasm seemingly seeping through his body, that creeped Gyarados out. Insanitus soon possessed a large shark, mutating it into a new body for himself and proclaimed, "This is from Godzilla! I, Insanitis, will be your executioners!"

Gyarados, Coop, Jamie, and their female friend, Kiva, who had been asleep until just now, each focused their undivided attention on Insanitus, getting ready to fight the good fight. --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:26, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

As the King of Monsters went through the depths looking for Godzilla Jr., a light appeared near the surface of the water. It was a large flaming entity called Ragnaros who started to viciously attack the new world it inhabited. Ragnaros saw something in water and used his flames to evaporate some of the water to make an opening to attack, but Godzilla attacked from behind and dragged Ragnaros into the ocean where it began to lose power.

Godzilla savagely attacked Ragnaros before using his atomic breath to completely destroy its body. With water dampening its ashes, Ragnaros was powerless. Godzilla then went back to its objective, find Godzilla Jr. and destroy any obstacle in his way.-Zeromaro (talk) 17:45, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile in Canada, Godzilla Jr. found himself in a feud with the equally dangerous Turtle-like Kaiju. Godzilla Jr. fired his Atomic Spiral Ray thinking that he would take down the monster, but, as he fired the ray, the turtle used his shell to deflect it, and Godzilla Jr. was taken down by his own ray.

As Godzilla Jr. roared in pain, Godzilla could hear it in the distance and Godzilla then rushed toward the site of the battle. Godzilla Jr. attempted to get up, but the Turtle tackled him and Godzilla Jr, thinking that this would be his end, heard something approaching the battle...something...BIG. Godzilla Jr. then opened his eyes to see that his Dad, Godzilla, had fired his own Atomic Spiral Ray. Minja536 (talk) 18:41, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

As the beasts battled in the crisp Canadian air with Godzilla Jr. and his father tearing at the turtle beast, a single Canadian mountie, rifle in one hand and walkie talkie in the other, watched from below. "This is madness," cried the mountie into his communication device, "You can't expect this to work, I can't shoot that thing!" A chuckle was heard on the other end before a voice responded, "Nonsense, the device shall cling to one of the monster's legs. Simply shoot the biggest one you see, and we'll be able to track the thing, and, if it leads us to where these monsters are coming from, we'll know where to strike." With his eyes closed, the mountie fired his rifle, and a small spiked device shot through the air, hitting into the reptilian foot of Godzilla, and then the mountie ran as fast as he could, in case the creature noticed. Wizardbaker (talk) 

Optimus Prime readied his weapons for battle as he was approached by the gigantic robotic Bender, who had been reprogrammed for destruction, when he saw three more figures approach: the Iron Giant, a CyberKing, and Mothra.

"Can you direct us to the being known as Godzilla?" asked the Giant, when suddenly the CyberKing raised his weapons, shouting: "Destroy Prime!" The Iron Giant, suddenly overtaken by the malicious code the CyberKing had implanted in him when he'd punched it, raised his weapons, too!

Suddenly a shadow fell over the group, as out in space, a gigantic, 40 million-foot tall robot body (just shorter than the diameter of the entire Earth) was hovering. "I AM MAKUTA TERIDAX!" it shouted as an energy pulse began charging on its raised right hand, "AND THIS PLANET SHALL BOW BEFORE ME!"

Seeing this on his viewing screens, the alien leader exclaimed, "Hold on a second!" He reached offscreen, grabbed a glass of water, started drinking it, then spat it out in a spray across the room to emphasize his surprise and said, "Where did this guy come from!?!"

BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 20:22, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Malimors, watching the battle unfold from his home in the Cosmic Graveyard, was most impressed with this robotic creature. "My brother still believed he was in control of things but I only ALLOW him control," said Malimors to himself, "HIS experiment was hijacked by MY experiment, and thanks to the TARDIS I found in the last Great Battle, I have all the time in the world; now nothing will stand in my way of destroying existence itself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:24, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Optimus looked around in the fog stuttering with chills when he heard a chilling voice say, "Oh Optimus, I have a surprise for you." The giant body disappeared as a smaller body the size of Optimus took its place. The shadowy figure that was in front of him disappeared and was replaced with a gigantic creature with pale blank eyes and very large teeth. Optimus looked up very terrified while the Iron Giant Optimus was fighting lunged at the creature. Godzilla suddenly was there and ripped it in half within seconds before staring at Optimus with obvious hunger. "The gods of insanity are at my control despite this being an extremely confusing chess game, I will play earth and it's creatures into a trap," the mysterious voice said.

Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 23:13, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

As Godzilla was shot by the Mountie,the mystery voice spoke once again to say, "Excellent....I am no longer in need of you."

The Mountie was confused and in return said, "What?!" but, just then, the man experienced a seizure-like feeling in his head and fell down on his knees, going unconscious as the voice laughed and destroyed his side of the Walkie Talkie. The Godzilla(s) hear a loud, metallic screech not too far and they headed towards the direction the screech came from, but were quickly interrupted by a ray coming down from the sky, heading straight for Godzilla Jr. His dad quickly jumped in front of the ray, and the impact caused him to go unconscious. Minja536 (talk) 23:12, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

Gamera took to the air, flying towards London, and Anguirus was already on his way, in his all famous hedgehog form. Meanwhile, Godzilla watched as from the sky descended the three headed Dragon Ghidora, with a snake upon his center head. Mothra charged from the sky, but was turned to stone when she looked upon the snake. Like a great boulder, the stone body of Mothra smashed through the center head of Ghidora, knocking it off, while the Shobijin watched and sang a sad song. The snake had landed alive, and made a quick snack of the Shobijin. This was the last meal it ate since Godzilla's foot soon came down upon it and smashed it flat upon the ground, destroying it completely.

Stephan222 (talk) 00:20, August 2, 2013 (UTC)


Raz's patience was wearing thin at this point and he realized something had to be done to get everyone's attention so he telepathically ordered them to stop fighting, and most of the monsters that were fighting stopped immediately since they were confused by the strange voice in everyone's head--Godzilla was especially confused, as something like this was rather new to him. Raz continued once he had their attention, "It's not legal where they are from, but a rogue group of aliens called Weekees are trying to get you to fight each other in the Great Battle. You all need to get along to stop them because I won't let them capture the strongest fighter like they did with the TARDIS the last time something like this happened! If all of you die, then your respective universes die with you when you are sent to the Cosmic Graveyard; I'll explain more about what it is later, but for now, WORK TOGETHER, or you'll give these aliens what they want!"

The robots and kaiju in the area around Godzilla stopped fighting and began to think about the current situation. So many strange had to have an explanation! When the Iron Giant managed to repair the damage he sustained, he told them that Raz was correct, and he quickly tried to see if he could help Mothra in any way. --ScorpionTail (talk) 00:34, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

"This is getting out of hand," the alien leader said. "He's making sense and they're listening. I have to regain control." He thought for a second before deciding on his next course of action. "Release the Kraken." —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 00:40, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

As the Kaiju started to calm down, they heard a nearby explosion from the direction of the ocean. They stared in that direction but stayed on their guard when, suddenly, an octopus arm, just BIGGER, pierced out of the water and Anguirus quickly charged at the arm to sever it. Thinking that the creature is gone, it retreated but the octopus then emerged to identify itself as the Kraken, a legendary creature. It then attacked Anguirus and knocked him down. Minja536 (talk) 00:57, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, unnoticed by the other Kaiju, King Ghidora flew off, painfully aware of his severed center head.

Many more tentacles arose from the water, followed by the Kraken itself. Like a hoard of snakes, the octopus like arms rushed to the attack. The unlucky Anguirus was pulled into the air, and would have been killed if Gamera's ray had not severed the tentacle that held him. The Kaiju rushed to fight this new foe. Meanwhile, Malimors said to his assistant, "Bring me Minya." Stephan222 (talk) 01:16, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

As Optimus Prime, the Iron Giant, and the CyberKing trained their weapons on the Kraken, the Autobot leader turned to the armor-backed kaiju and said, “Anguirus, roll out.”

The kaiju nodded and charged forward, rolling into a ball and launching itself (using a parked, partly smashed flatbed truck as a ramp) at the Kraken as the three giant robots opened fire. Their lasers made Swiss cheese of the Kraken’s main body as Anguirus smashed its way straight through the overgrown cephalopod like Sonic the Hedgehog through Dr. Eggman’s latest robot, and the Kraken collapsed into the water.

Cheers began to rise, until an even larger tentacle than before shot out of the water and grabbed Anguirus, and three giant monstrous heads rose from the ocean, each with a set of yellow octopus eyes and a giant beak-like mouth that had a set of large incisors. A forest of tentacles rose up around it, and Optimus calculated that these tentacles could be stretched up to a full kilometer across, one reaching left and one reaching right. “We’re gonna need a bigger fighter.”

Smiling at his viewing screens, the alien leader leaned back and said, “There’s always a bigger Kraken.” —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 02:22, August 2, 2013 (UTC) (another author posted in the middle of the story since my last addition, so I technically waited the right number of new posts)

Godzilla began focusing on Raz, who was trying to explain more of what was going on and saying, "Alright big guy, I hate to tell you this, but this isn't the first time there has been a big, multiversal anomaly like this. The first involved Middle Earth, and the second one involved a huge battle between spaceships! However, the winner of the battle, Dr. Who, was kidnapped by a Weekee warlord named "Malimors" so that he could convert the TARDIS into a hacking device which he then used to find Earth, and now he's and his brother, Bonivita, the Weekee leader, have begun their assault on the planet so you need to protect Earth at all cost. I have an idea; if you are one of those types who like being the best, then I have a challenge for you. If you can defeat Malimors, then you'll prove to everyone that you're the best, deal?"

Godzilla nodded since it sounded like a good idea and even sounded fun, although his son would need to be protected at all times, but, regardless, this was valuable information, and he intended to use it to his advantage. --ScorpionTail (talk) 02:53, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Godzilla then rose to see the current threat with the Kraken, and he noticed that this was no normal enemy, so he fired a full-power Atomic Heat Ray and the Kraken's arms vaporized, weakening it enough so that the others could finish off the body. He informed the others about his conversation with Raz, and Godzilla's own need to protect his son at all cost. All of them understood, and vowed to protect Godzilla Jr. Godzilla then went off in search of the Weekees. His son attempted to come, but Anguirus stopped him. Minja536 (talk) 03:31, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Thinking quickly, Malimors said, "Send out the air force," and from the air came two leviathan flyers; Megagauirus and Battra! "Oh gosh, not more giant bugs," Optimus moaned, and Iron Giant gave him a frosty glare. 

Godzilla swapped at Megagaurus but missed, and Optimus fired his guns at the giant dragonfly, but it dodged the shots! "Damn, that thing is fast," thought Anguirus, but was distracted as Battra headed directly for Godzilla Jr!

Stephan222 (talk) 03:37, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

"Well, this is, without a doubt, very interesting," George said. "Goldas?"

King Goldas Arenian of the alien planet Aef raised his head to watch the battle unfold on the time lapse screen that enabled him to see this fight, even though it was roughly 20 earth years in the future. "I must admit, with the thousands of Alien races watching this battle, we must make a bet on who should win. It would be stupid to do otherwise."

"Im putting 20 silver on Godzilla, and 20 on Prime," George said, smiling since the ones the robot smashed before were, well, dead.

"I agree," Goldas said, programming the giant Aefian robot to attack all except for those two colossal fighters.

"Cry Havoc," George smiled.

"And let slip the dogs of war," The king Goldas replied.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 03:53, August 2, 2013 (UTC)


Meanwhile, back in the coast, Gyarados and MEGAS were still fighting Insanitus and all three were tired; however, Gyarados had one last trick up its sleeve. He charged up a powerful laser, and fired a Hyper Beam right through Insanitus! "No...I...failed?..." said Insanitus as he fell to the ground, dead as a doornail.

"That eel thing is pretty tough!" said Coop, "I like him!" "Hold up," said Kira, "Who was the one responsible for sending that thing?" "Didn't he say Godzilla?" asked Jamie. "Wait. Godzilla?! I thought he was the good guy!" said Coop. "Not in the original Godzilla movie, Coop," said Jamie, "He was the bad guy in that, but Godzilla is normally the good guy, so what that thing said didn't make sense."

"Hold up," said Kira, looking at some equipment in MEGAS' cockpit, "Look at that energy reading! It's huge!" "Only Godzilla could make something like that!" yelled Jamie in excitement. "Well, guys, it looks like we're going to have to head over there," said Coop, "Maybe we can help him out! Come on...Wait, that it! Gyarados! You're a Gyarados! He's a Pokemon, guys."

Jamie replied, "Let's get going. We're wasting too much time already and that Gyarados is already ahead of us," and so, Gyarados and the people piloting MEGAS went off to find Godzilla. --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:13, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

As three white blue beams from out of the sky strike a building, which then crashed down avoiding casualties, three Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a Red-Eyes B. Dragon, and a Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon nosedived out of the clouds and attempted to attack Godzilla and the remnants with him. Red-Eyes got injured and crashed atop a petrol station, but the three Blue-Eyes merged their might together and formed the ultimate blue-eyes to initiate their attack with Shining Dragon; however, the combined the Dragons aren't a match for Godzilla and were destroyed.

With only Red-Eyes and Shining Dragon left, they managed to fly off but then Red-Eyes evolved into the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and both Dragons merged once more to attack, but they ended up in a beam struggle which destroyed most of the area. Red-Eyes and Blue-Eyes then summoned up the power of Monster Reborn to resurrect Ultimate Blue-Eyes, and then they sacrifice themselves to summon The Winged Dragon of Ra by combining their might and strength.

Now things are about to get intense, as the Egyptian God and Mutated Radiant Monster square off. The explosions are loud enough to be heard from 7 miles away, and the tiring battle managed to scare away spectators and keep reinforcements at bay. The local troops started to evacuate as Ra went into his Phoenix Mode, and, with everyone safely out of the way, Ra managed to scorch the entire place, however... --User:Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson | Talk Page | My Contributions 05:14, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

It is now midnight. The battle for today is done. There have been casualties, but that does not bother the Crystal Eye. The being will kill all. Starting with Ra. Jellybelly111 (talk) 11:36, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

All of the dragons left into a dark cave chanted, "I will praise what you have done today and so do my fellow Makuta," and then all of them simultaneously melt in front of Teridax and out came Chtulhu! After eating a basilisk, he came out to find Godzilla with Makuta Teridax and a large moth flew by. Chtulhu made the Kracken go to sleep for a short decade while Godzilla slaughtered most everyone in the arena leaving Teridax and, behind the shadows, Bahamut and his arch nemesis, King Ghidorah. Godzilla went after him to shred him apart once more. There were no power ups, no allies, no weakened Ghidorah, just Godzilla and the golden dragon. --Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 16:18, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Godzilla and Phoenix-form Ra stared down each other when suddenly Ra disappeared, and standing behind where it had been was the Statue of Liberty, having passed as a simply harmless statue while under the gaze of all the monsters, ignored during the battle. It was actually a gigantic metal Weeping Angel, who had just sent Ra back 5000 years to Ancient Egypt. Godzilla, now aware of the danger it posed, began charging up an atomic beam, but the statue was consumed in a golden flame and melted into scrap. Phoenix Ra flew down from the clouds, having gone into hibernation after being sent to Ancient Egypt, and waking up 5000 years later to take revenge on the statue. Then a hand of shadow reached out of the shadows and grabbed the older and weaker Ra, pulling it into the shadows, where Makuta Teridax absorbed its energy and powers.

"Light and Shadow...have," he said as he stepped forth to face Godzilla, now pulsing with golden light energy and dark red shadow energy. Suddenly he turned and shot a blast of light-shadow behind him, where a surprised Cloverfield monster took a direct hit and exploded. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 14:52, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Godzilla then roared and attacked Makuta. Thrown back by surprise, the beast of shadow fell to the ground, crushing a pyramid. He struggled as Godzilla charged his laser blast, but it was no use.

The last thing Makuta Teridax saw was a blue blast of light... Kermit has been turned to the dark side (talk) 17:06, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

It was night, dark, rocky, wet, and terraced...where it was was, well...not home; meanwhile, some kid calling himself Raz had contacted both me (Big O) and my friend, Gundam, talking about how the monster and bots had to work together. Being a professional negotiator, I could see that this would be more on my territory, so I called a truce with my opponent, then decided to gather some friends for the journey to a rendezvous point Raz gave us. After hearing some shouting ahead, the duo followed it to see that below the cliff they were standing on was a battle where on one side was a robot with a face on it's chest wearing sunglasses and a head wearing a broken helmet, and its opponent was a monster that look like a shark with tentacles. 

The “Sharktopus” had managed to get one of it's tentacles around the two faced robot's legs and pulled it to the ground, then started to drag it towards its teeth, but the robot didn't seem happy at all at being pulled down and wasn't going to let the Sharktopus get two points in a row. Two drills then appeared on the robot's wrists to drill away at the tentacles around it's legs and causing the monster to immediately bring back all of it's remaining tentacles, fearing they would be drilled off too.

“Eat that you stupid fish-face,” boasted the face on the chest, “because when you hear people talking about team Dai-Gurren's leader, they're talking about me: the mighty Gurren!”

With that the two faced robot lugged forward with it drills on it's right wrist now merged into one, ready to drill the monster to pieces and, in desperation, the Sharktopus brought it's remaining tentacles together before lunging forward to push the attack away, but the Sharktopus was quickly drilled into nothingness. Teridax122 (talk) & Tsuru23 (talk) 12:23, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

SCP 676 fell from the ship to notice he was not where he was. Hastily putting his body together, he heard a voice. A kid name Raz was giving him coordinates to where he could find the one called Godzilla. Walking toward the place Raz gave him, he consumed more and more until he had so much power that he was as big as Godzilla. Growing six arms, cannons, and wings he was ready for the fight that would end up being his death. Teromine12 (talk) 19:41, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Acknowledging Ra's failure, the other Egyptain Gods, Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon emerged from the Sky with Thor, Lord of the Aesir, Loki, Lord of the Aesir and Odin, Father of the Aesir. With the three Nordic Guards in their corner they went out to search for Godzilla and SCP 676. The gods managed to find SCP 676 and together they searched for Godzilla before finding him next to the Australia frigate HMAS Perth. Obelisk went to punch Godzilla before it finished killing the crew, but Godzilla managed to feel its vibes and whacked Obelisk with his tail.

SCP 676 blasted Godzilla with his cannons but the kaiju dived into the water before it could be struck, which led to Thor and Slifer diving into the water after it, but Slifer was then bitten on the neck by the Dragon of Xian. Slifer shrugged him off and flew out of the ocean while Odin split the water in half with Loki, and then they shot orbs into it but the Dragon of Xian managed to fly past them, luring Slifer and Thor into the centre of the city of Perth where the Pyramid of Light was summoned and he locked all gods inside. SCP 676 was then left alone with the Dragon of Xian and Godzilla, what will happen now...--User:Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson | Talk Page | My Contributions 23:21, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Malimors was getting really angry because things were getting out of control. He gave an order, and all the alien's allies went of towards New York; away from Godzilla! Many more landed directly in NYC and started destroying everything; Hedora was there, and so was Boillante, there was Destoroyah and The Giant Claw, Cloverfield and many more.

Raz's order sounded clear and crisp as he ordered all his allies, "Head for London, where the KARED (Kaiju And Robot Earth Defence) is organizing itself!"Stephan222 (talk) 23:34, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Teridax awoke and immediately cursed himself. He was reduced to a mere spirit now that he had lost his physical form to the lizard! His thoughts immediately turned to how he could manipulate the situation for his own advantage. He realized that the leaders of the KARED could easily be converted to mindless slaves now that he could possess them. Ftaghn (Talk) 01:51, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

Coop, Kira and Jamie took a bit of a break from trying to find Godzilla, because their search was currently being fruitless and they still couldn't find where Godzilla was, mainly because the energy source they detected was actually a large robot named Bender. When Kira asked what his Earth was like, Bender replied, "Eh, nothing much, lady, but I really like it here, I'll tell you that! There's so much more to do now that I have more free time, and if anybody wants me to get to work, they can kiss my robot a-"

Right before Bender could finish his sentence, Raz had found a way to contact him, Gyarados, and the pilots of MEGAS and tell them what was going on. When Bender asked why Raz should be trusted, Raz replied, "You should believe me because I was one of the Weekee's victims and was in a classified tournament a long time ago where there was this huge battle between all sorts of strange people like a gecko with a TV addiction, a crocodile with a backpack, a living glove with a bouncing ball, an anime fan with beam katanas, an ape with a tie, etc. Out of everyone else, only I triumphed after fighting a man named Jack Cayman in order to win, but the Weekees sent everyone, myself included, to the Cosmic Graveyard, along with our respective universes, and Malimors hid this information from his brother, the real leader of the Weekees, Bonivita, so that he could prepare for when Bonivita did the same thing here. If we fail to stop Malimors, we not only lose this Earth, but every universe connected to this entire war; if we win, and we defeat Malimors and destroy the Cosmic Graveyard, then my theory is that the universes will come back, and the people who died in the tournaments and the wars will be restored."

Everyone unanimously agreed to help Raz except for Bender, who was still very reluctant to listen to reason until Raz offered him a bribe, and then everyone agreed to start heading to London! --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:06, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

"Ok, now we have some Yu-gi-oh! monsters fighting Godzilla" George said as Goldas face-palmed.

"We somehow need to contact Godzilla's owners..." Goldas said, "Earth needs to realize Prime, Godzilla, Gundam, well, half the massive things attacking earth, are on the same side!"

"We do know about this 'Cosmic Graveyard'" George said, "Maybe we could somehow begin converting units."

"Wololo" Goldas smiled, and pressed a button, releasing 5 more Aefian Mecha, heading towards the earth-our-story-is-taking-place-on (Earth OSITPL)

(OOC: Im goign to make a blog post, so we can put in stone who is on one side and who is one the other.) Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 04:53, August 3, 2013 (UTC)


The chaos continued while no one noticed even more fighters getting plastered by a humongus metiore. Chtulhu, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Bahamut, and KARED robots killed off all of the Yu-gi-oh monsters at the same time. It was only those few left and Teridax and the aliens' plans were working, so it all came down to this... With all of the contestants left, they prepared their weapons and-

Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 19:25, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

Tokyo, Japan

The final battle would, fittingly, be in Tokyo, so he knew that was where he should be. With a strange whirring noise, a shape slowly came into existence in an alley and it turned out to be a blue police box. A bald man who looked like he knew what he was doing stepped out of the box and looked up where storm clouds where gathering, a bad omen if he'd ever seen one. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and steeled himself. Too much had been lost in the previous battle and that kind of disaster couldn't be allowed to happen again. So in the name of peace and sanity, the Ninth Doctor prepared for a battle to the finish.

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 19:54, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

Tokyo, Japan

The Ninth Doctor was about to attack when Godzilla stepped out and roared at him. Then, a small spaceship came, and started blasting at Godzilla over and over again. Godzilla, with a roar, swiped it out of the air, where it landed next to the Ninth Doctor. It was no one but a boy! He then looked at the Ninth Doctor with a frown on his face. "And who may you be?" The Doctor said. The boy said nothing, only pulled out a gun and aimed it at Godzillabefore saying, "Ender Wiggin." Pandasword101   1:46, August 3rd, 2013 (Pacific Time)  :)

Despite what was happening, Bonivita was confident since his skills far surpassed his brother, and his double agent, Phobius, had informed him of everything that Malimors had done. Bonivita went to the Cosmic Graveyard to see a disturbing sight--the fallen combatants, from Mothra to the Sharktopus and King Kong, were all trapped in limbo. It would appear that the Cosmic Graveyard cloned dead combatants and these frozen copies were like trophies, but Bonivita was confused by one frozen person, however.

It was Raz, the Psychonaut, whose body was frozen along with the others; however, it seemed that he was mentally aware of his imprisonment there, as he could see the head moving. Just when Bonivita was about to act, he was stabbed by a large blade controlled by Dr. Loboto who had built a robot from Phobius' body and replaced his brain with a cockpit. "All things are going as planned," said Dr. Loboto, "While Malimors is fighting outside, most likely against Godzilla, I will contend with Optimus. He interests me greatly, and, now, with my Brain Gladiator, I'll be unstoppable!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 21:23, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

With an anticlimactic swish of a tail, Godzilla tripped the thing and blasted it into bits and pieces. Once again, hopefully uninterrupted this time, it was just him and Chtulhu, but then Teridax consumed the other monsters and turned them into his shadowed creatures, just like the shadowed Matoran.

Chtulhu slashed at Godzilla and the latter bit back but barely the other monster. Chtulu then blasted his shadowy breath and made Godzilla fall asleep, but the moth that Terdax saw earlier came back and brought a large crystal claiming that it was the crystal of the Gods and would make Godzilla a god. Chtulhu then slashed at Godzilla but was blasted with even more atomic breath. As Godzilla was blasted back by Chtulu, a beam war started. It ended with Chtulhu getting blown up, but Godzilla did not escape uninjured. --Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 01:35, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Soon, several portals appeared in Tokyo, and kaiju were pouring into the city. If they couldn't be stopped, KARED was doomed!

Over the intercom, a voice came from HQ in London. "Epic Hero, forget London and get your *ss over to Tokyo. We've been set up!" The Jaeger turned around and began heading towards Japan.

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 01:47, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Godzilla's allies were beginning to arrive in Tokyo: Iron Giant, King Kong, Gamera and some few others were there, but King Ghidora, who had been repaired with a mechanical middle head to replace the one destroyed by Mothra, was also there. They had to face off against the new and improved Ghidora, Hedorah, Ebirah, Battra, Megagaurus, Kitten Kong, Space Godzilla, Destoroyah, a Mecha Godzilla, Kumunga, giant ants, Kamicurus, Clover, Gyaos, Barugon, Legion, Zedus, Keizer Ghidora, Gigan and others. Stephan222 (talk) 02:52, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Bender was tired, and, having been led to London only to find no one there, he, MEGAS and Gyarados were impatient; however, when they arrived in Tokyo, their next stop, they found Optimus seemingly talking to both the Doctor and Raz, who managed to create a psychic projection of himself. "Forget ale!" cheered Bender to which Kira rolled her eyes, "I've got to find me some sweet sake!"

Raz noticed their arrival, and he was overjoyed since it meant more support for the cause had shown up, and he stated, "Okay, I have done some psychic data-crunching, and with their help, we should stand more of a chance." "We will require much assistance, so you couldn't have arrived at a better time. Welcome to Tokyo," greeted Optimus, "I am Optimus Prime, a founder of the Kaiju And Robot Earth Defense. The creature standing over there is Godzilla, and what a mighty fighter he is, and, thankfully, with all of us working together, we can combat the forces of Malimors flawlessly."

"So, where's the sake?" asked Bender as everyone around him face-palmed., "Don't hold out on me, bub, because I came here for some sweet-ass sake, and I'm not leaving without getting drunk!" --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:31, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Then, out of nowhere, Hottie and the Department of Hotness arrive and Hottie, while flying on Wexter with Axe Cop, fed Godzilla a coconut from the Axe Cop universe while at the same time ate a piece of coconut herself. After the two ate the coconut at the same time, they perform "Coconut Fusion", which is similar to Fusion from Dragon Ball Z, merging the two into "Hotzilla", who resembles Hottie but is the same size as Godzilla, and with green skin, fangs, claws and a tail. Hotzilla then transforms into Super Hotzilla Goddess, or Super Hotzilla for short, which is simiar to the Super Saiyan God transformation from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Axe Cop, who was still flying on Wexter, then fed Super Hotzilla a grape from his home universe, thus giving her the ability to perform the Grapeo-ken attack. The rest of the Department of Hotness then proceeded to assist Super Hotzilla in the epic battle. Super Hotzilla then breathed fire on Axe Cop, and transformed him into Axe Cop Fire. Axe Cop Fire then breathed fire on all the good guys to give them powers like him. --Creator4984 (talk) 11:57, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

In a flash of light, Q, the reality warper from Star Trek, who had recently been caught in the middle of a clash between every sci-fi spaceship known to the cosmos, appeared on a street in Tokyo.

"I'm back, and I'm whole," he said, relieved after his previous ordeal, "And I've finally gotten rid of the last traces of that wibbly-wobbly-induced abomination—," then he looked up and saw Super Hotzilla and Axe Cop Fire and his shoulders fell. "Do I even want to know?" He raised his hand and snapped his fingers, and in another flash was gone. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 04:19, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

King Ghidora moved forward to Godzilla x Hotty, who suddenly separated, and Ghidora used his mysterious pulling force to drag Godzilla to him. Optimus and Iron Giant found themselves beset by big bugs, Battra, Megagaurus, Kumunga, giant ants, Kamicaurus (however you spell that name), and to top it off, some Destoroyah creatures! Space Godzilla lumbered up, and with him were Boillante and Hedora. They then moved in to attack Bender. Malimors had struck! Stephan222 (talk) 04:24, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

"I think my brain is imploding," George said, one hand to his head and the other straightening his mohawk.

"I know," Goldas replied, "This is somewhat ridiculous...I'm sending more of the robots to smash more of the giant bugs," and. right on cue, the Aefian robot ripped apart Ghidora, and then high fived Optimus.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 08:41, August 4, 2013 (UTC)


"I don't think this will work," said Optimus, "even if I do turn into a car." The Doctor, who was measuring the opening of the TARDIS, replied, "Well, this is the only way into the Cosmic Graveyard so that you can handle that guy Bolobo! Okay, back up about… two hundred meters, then drive as fast as you can and bust through the opening, and try not to bust up the doors too much, having doors to close can be useful if you land in the middle of a Dalek convention!"

Optimus transformed into a car and went into reverse and went back as far as he could, then started going forward, 100, 200, 300 kilometers an hour, but, when the Doctor realized he was directly in Optimus' path, he muttered, "Oh dear," and quickly leaped out of the way moments before the Tenth Doctor would have been born.

The car smashed through the doors of the TARDIS and came to a stop before it could bash up the controls in the center and The Doctor ran in and grabbed up an object before yelling, "Hey, Wiggin! Kid!" Ender Wiggin ran up; he was a tad scratched up and his uniform was stained with kaiju blood, but otherwise he was alright. "Find the KARED leaders and give them this" the Doctor ordered as he handed Ender an object which looked like, and indeed was, a modified De-mat Gun called the Moment, a super weapon and a last resort.

As Ender ran off, the Doctor nodded and headed into the TARDIS to fade out of existence with that same whirring noise, and seconds later, the dead Clover landed in the alley, nearly crushing those Hottie girls underfoot.

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 19:53, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Then suddenly out of nowhere, Ballistamon from Digimon Xros Wars appears, and then he approached Hottie and asks him if he can join the Department of Hotness and Hottie replied, "Yes." Hottie then gave Ballistamon a piece of coconut and tells him to only eat it when only herself and Godzilla eats a piece at the same time. After eating a Power Berry, Hottie flew up to Godzilla and feeds him a whole coconut, with Hottie and Ballistamon quickly eating a piece of the same coconut at the same time, giving them the power of Coconut Fusion with Hottie and Ballistamon, merging all three into "Hotzilla X2", which resembles Hotzilla but with Shoutmon X2's chest armor and forearms!

As soon as Hotzilla X2 was formed, she then transformed into Super Hotzilla X2 and punched Cthulhu right in the face, and Cthulhu tried to fight back but is clearly no match for Super Hottie X2. Meanwhile, Axe Cop meets up with Optimus Prime and feeds him a lemon from his home universe, the lemon then transforms Optimus Prime into Optimus Prime With Lemon, giving him a massive boost of power, golden armor and a lemon wedge in his axe. --Creator4984 (talk) 4:23, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Optimus looked at his surroundings. Now that he and the Doctor were in the Cosmic Graveyard, they could get a better picture of just what the Cosmic Graveyard was truly, and he saw that there were so many combatants trapped in limbo here but some of the people were not even recognizable.

"This place is like a trophy room," said Optimus, looking at the black and white King Kong who was frozen in place, "So there were two King Kongs?"

"Yeah, and one was disposed of by my genius!" answered a creepy voice that echoed throughout the Cosmic Graveyard, and, when the Doctor and Optimus quickly turned to see Dr. Loboto in a large mech made out of a technorganic alien, Optimus said, "Razputin told me much about you, Dr., you have an obsession with brains?"

"Indeed I do," said Dr. Loboto, "Malimors spared me because of my "mad ingeniousness," and I intend on operating on your metallic mind to show that no one, not even a little brat, can truly end Dr. Loboto!"

"Where is your master?" asked Optimus Prime as the Doctor snuck into Malimors' chamber, but Dr. Loboto was done talking and replied, "I think you've asked enough questions, Prime! I will master the minds of creatures AND robots very shortly, and I will start with you!"

As Dr. Loboto got the Brain Gladiator up and running, Optimus got his weapons out...this was going to long, tiring battle from the looks of things. --ScorpionTail (talk) 20:51, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Malimors had appeared in Tokyo and the technorganic Kaiju stood behind his monsters to watch the Iron Giant kill Kumunga and the Kamicuras before getting broken into pieces himself by energy beams from Battra's body. Nearby, King Kong was battling Kitten Kong, the pair of them using their brute strength to fight the other. The aefen Robot killed two destoroyah creatures, but Space Godzilla came behind him and destroyed the mechanical masterpiece. Meanwhile, Godzilla was facing a huge mutated adder. "Look into my eyessss...... they are the poolss of eterrnity..... sink into them and you will find peace..........." Godzilla's arms dropped to his side as he stared into the eyes of the creature. Stephan222 (talk) 21:11, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Ender watched over the battle from his spaceship, fiddling with the Moment the Doctor had entrusted him with. It was very different from fighting in space because, here, the enemy's gate wasn't always down. He had been commanding in space for so long, he was having difficulty figuring out how battles worked with gravity. As he pondered this, something strange happened. There was a flash of light, a tear in reality like the one Gandalf had made so long before to summon forth the Fellowship appeared. As Ender turned to look, a short, strange little man in brown stepped forward, followed by some giant eagles and tree people. Radagast, the eagles and the Ents had arrived.

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 21:16, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Gurren Lagann, who happened to be a member of the Department of Hotness, kicked the huge mutated adder in the face and broke Super Hotzilla X2 out of the trance. Gurren Lagann then merged with the Arc-Gurren to form Arc-Gurren Lagann and fought the huge mutated adder alongside Super Hotzilla X2. Axe Cop, while flying on Wexter, threw a coconut in Super Hotzilla X2, thus making the fusion last longer.

With the help of his magic coin, Linkara grew to giant size and joined the fight alongside Super Hotzilla X2 and Arc-Gurren Lagann. Other members who joined the fight were the Gokaigers piloting the Gokaioh, Kamen Rider Decade in his Decade Complete Form Jumbo Formation, and Pac-Zilla AKA Pac-Man after eating a Power Berry that make him large. Super Hotzilla X2, Arc-Gurren Lagann, the Gokaigers, Decade, Linkara and Pac-Man then precede to clobber the huge mutated adder. The huge mutated adder tried fighting back, but it was clearly outmatched. --Creator4984 (talk) 8:45, August 4, 2013 (UTC)

Inside Malimors' chamber, the Doctor looked around. "Not bad," he casually commented, then adding, "though only as big on the inside as it looks from the outside. Shame."

He took another step, then felt the floor tile he'd stepped on sink an inch into the floor. "Oh, come on," he moaned as he turned towards the side of the room where the lights began turning themselves on, revealing two giant cages, each with a horrifyingly ugly monster.

"This is a recorded message to anyone who has attempted to infiltrate my chamber during my absence," said a recorded message, "I am currently in Tokyo on personal business, and this is the last thing you will ever hear...except, of course, the hungry roars of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal," one of the cages opened, "and the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!" and the other cage opened. The two beasts lumbered out towards the Doctor, roaring hungrily... —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 01:10, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Arc-Gurren Lagan found himself facing two monsters; Hedorah and Destoroyah, but no matter what attack he tried, it did not work. "Even Godzilla cannot fight those creatures," shouted Raz, "Stop!"

No matter what Arc-Gurren Lagan did, he could not harm them; it either bounced off or went right through, without leaving a trace. Space Godzilla lumbered behind him and struck him down but then the Ender Dragon flew down, killing him. Ultraman then appeared, and using his hand, aimed his beam at Space Godzilla. Rodan flew in and Anguirus and Junior appeared, but KARED was still outnumbered.  Stephan222 (talk) 02:47, August 5, 2013 (UTC)


Optimus and Dr. Loboto duked it out in the Cosmic Graveyard, guns blazing and weapons charging, and the Brain Gladiator appeared to be a force to be reckoned with, one Optimus would need all of his power to defeat.

"Just give up, robot, it'll make things easier for you," said Dr. Loboto, firing a cannon from within the Brain Gladiator's shield.

"I will not give up!" yelled Optimus, "Your ego will be your undoing, Loboto."

The Brain Gladiator took a swipe at Optimus with its sword that barely missed and Optimus tried to capitalize on this mistake by breaking its left arm in two; he was successful, but not for long, as the arm was magnetically reattached!

"There is a reason why the Brain Gladiator was made from the remains of Phobius," said Dr. Loboto, pressing a big red button in the BG's control terminal that caused the robot's eyes to glow red, casting illusions of Optimus' greatest fears!

The loss of his world, his comrades...he was seeing all of it right in front of him, but something caught his eye and it thankfully wasn't an illusion. He knew this because he saw it in his peripheral vision before the illusions were cast, and he could tell it was important, which gave him an idea...possibly a crazy idea, but an idea nonetheless. --ScorpionTail (talk) 02:58, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

While the terrified Optimus continued his battle, the humans rode their car through the rubble looking for the Tardis that disappeared out of sight, and they finally saw it a hundred feet ahead. MAKUTA Teridax shrank to fit in it within seconds and went back in time. Before they knew it, half of the combatants and all of our human heroes were killed to never exist in the first place. Godzilla was left with MAKUTA, Optimus, and others. --Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 04:07, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctor looked up at the two monsters approaching him, thinking about how intelligent they might be, how aware of their intended purpose they likely were, and how much “convincing” it would take to turn them on each other while he continued his investigation of Malimors’s chamber. That’s when a bright white glow radiating rainbow colors erupted in front of him for a second, replaced immediately by a man with spiky blue hair in a dark burgundy overcoat.

The man who called himself Seth when the Doctor inquired took out a dark-colored metal device with a handle and a portrait-oriented screen, as well as a black card with red markings and a picture of some creature on it and, lifting the card over his head and shouting, “Rise, Black T-Rex,” he swiped the card down through a slot on the device. The card disappeared in a red flash, and a huge glowing mass of red energy began growing in midair, sprouting two legs, a tail, and a huge head, and as the glow faded, a black Tyrannosaurus with glowing yellow-orange streaks down its sides was revealed—but it wasn’t your average tyrant lizard: instead of being 40 feet long and 15 feet high, this monstrosity was at least 120 feet long and 50 feet tall at the hip! Seth took a second, light orange card and swiped it in the device, saying, “Feel Fire Scorcher!”

The Black T-Rex formed a fireball in its mouth, “holding” onto the top while it quickly and effortlessly swelled to a diameter of 40 feet before launching it at the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, which it hit squarely, erupting into a massive fiery explosion. The Doctor took his opportunity to slip away and continue his investigation of Malimors’s chamber. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 04:19, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

The Spirit of Mothra flew through the air with a crystal and, within seconds, Teridax was small enough to fit in it, and Mothra told Raz telephathically that it was yet another last resort weapon. Kitten Kong struck King Kong down, but Ultraman shot a ray from his hands, killing the oversized cat. Meanwhile, Destoroyah merged into his final form and fired his oxygen destroyer ray at Anguirus, immediately killing him. Rodan was fighting Megaguirus and Battra, but plummented to the earth dead and soon Hedora, Space Godzilla, Keizer Ghidora and Destoroyah were left to face the few remaining KARED members.

"All of Godzilla's greatest foes... This looks bleak." Raz said.  Stephan222 (talk) 04:28, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Optimus could see it: the indigo crystal floating in the center of the room, and, with his right arm being close to the crystal, he could tell whatever it was had a powerful magnetic pull since he could feel it right at that moment.

"Dr. Loboto," said Optimus, "I give in; you may attack at will."

"Like I said, Optimus," chuckled Loboto, "I will master both organic and technological minds so prepare to get blown up like a defective droid, you walking dumpster!"

Dr. Loboto used the Brain Gladiator to attack Optimus with its sword, but Optimus counterattacked by grabbing the BG's arm again; however, unlike last time, Optimus threw the Brain Gladiator toward the magnetic crystal, and, upon contact, the Brain Gladiator began to short circuit!! In a state of panic, Dr Loboto teleported out of the mech before it exploded to create a big hole in the center of the room, and the hole led to what looked like the inner working of the Cosmic Graveyard, perhaps even to the Cosmic Graveyard's source of power.

With Optimus confident in the Doctor's abilities, he quickly jumped into the hole, creating a loud thud when he landed that shook the whole area; however, Optimus made a mistake: Dr. Loboto wasn't finished yet, and, with a new mech called the "Brain Wyvern", the battle's second phase had started, much to Optimus' surprise. --ScorpionTail (talk) 04:43, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

It was recently revealed that all the bad guys (in this very story) were in league with the Guild of Super Evil. Meanwhile, Hottie, Godzilla and Ballistamon once again perform Coconut Fusion and become Hotzilla X2, and Flame Princess and Axe Cop combine (but not with Coconut Fusion) to form an even more powerful version of Axe Cop Fire. Then, Apple White from Ever After High takes out a solid gold axe from the Axe Cop universe, sucks on the lemon from that same universe, takes a sample of Axe Cop's blood she found on the ground to smear a little on her forehead, and tells Wexter to breathe fire on her, thus transforming her into "Axe Princess Fire With Lemon", gaining all the powers of both Axe Cop Fire and Axe Cop With Lemon.

Meanwhile, the Mane Six, while wearing the Elements of Harmony, each eat a piece of coconut at the same time and perform Coconut Fusion, thus merging into the super pony "TwiFlutterjackity Piedash". Nearby, Dr. McNinja sucks on a lemon and becomes "Dr McNinja With Lemon", giving him superpowers and a lemon wedge in his katana. At this time, more things are blown up, everything is on fire, and it is night time. --Creator4984 (talk) 1:08, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

"Right then," said Goldas, frowning as the last of the Aefian robots were destroyed.

"I think that counts as a back out?" George smiled.

"Not quite since we still have Godzilla."

"What do you mean?" George asked, as his brother pressed a button. Suddenly, bits and pieces (the undamaged bits) went flying towards Godzilla in an Iron Man MK 42 fashion. Godzilla, who had skipped the Mecha Godzilla phase, and also deformed from the rest of Hotzilla x2 became ULTRAGODZILLA!

"And now, we wait," Goldas smiled.

Gold Out! Tag:Golden Flame Zero 06:02, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

The Ender Dragon and Keizer Ghidora sent Princess Fire with Lemon to the Cosmic Graveyard with the Keizer attacking from behind and the Ender attacking from the front. Ebirah came out of no where, and started fighting TwiFlutterjackity Piedash, while Battra finished it off with an energy blast. Ultraman killed Battra, but his ray could not harm Hedorah or Destoroyah, the current greatest threats. Stephan222 (talk) 14:27, August 5, 2013 (UTC)


It was time for Godzilla to finish this off and kill his two most powerful foes. Destroya fought hard but was no match for this godlike Godzilla. His Atomic Breath still did little, but it did a spiritual dash through Keizer and Destroya. It was time for Takanuva to end the rain of terror and it was time for him to shine more than ever and finish MAKUTA. The sky went black and it would never rise again. No matter what, sunlight will never appear again, nothing can bring it back, nothing at all. --Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 16:59, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

While darkness enveloped the sky and the remainder of the Department of Hotness and a group of unwitting American tourists were accidentally trampled underfoot by Godzilla, Ender watched and he knew that Hedorah and Destoroyah could easily end this battle and KARED would be doomed. To let Malimors win was unacceptable, but the alternative was very frightening indeed. He had to stop them, but he knew that the Earth might be destroyed as a result. He took a deep breath and flicked the switch, making sure it was the weakest blast possible, and fired the Little Doctor to utterly destroy Hedorah. But only half of his plan worked - somehow, Destoroyah sidestepped the blast. So this was what it had come down to - a suicide blast. Ender took a deep breath and reached for the Moment, knowing he would never see Valentine or Bean or Petra or any of his Battle School friends again, but he knew he had to do this, so in the name of peace and sanity he piloted the spaceship towards Destoroyah, then he pulled the trigger and-

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 17:06, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

There was a huge explosion!! As Ender was sent to the Cosmic Graveyard, so was Destroyah, and Malimors was greatly displeased because his forces were declining in number. In a fit of rage, Malimors appeared and isolated Godzilla from the rest of his comrades for a one-on-one battle between the tyrannical technorganic Kaiju and quite possibly the most powerful Kaiju in the world!

Meanwhile, Optimus was busy firing as Dr. Loboto and his Brain Wyvern, and, while this was truly a sight to behold, it wasn't Dr. Loboto that got Optimus' attention but the commotion coming from above. It seemed that the crystal was what kept the monsters and other characters in limbo and, now that it was gone, they were running around looking for a way out. The evil Dr. Loboto was still fiercely attacking Optimus with the blades attached to the Brain Wyvern's wings and he missed each time; however, during one attack, Optimus could see what he had hoped to see: what looked like the source of power for the Cosmic Graveyard. Optimus Prime only asked one question to himself. How was he going to reach the power source before Dr. Loboto destroyed him? --ScorpionTail (talk) 17:57, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Optimus fired his ion-blaster and the power source blew up, destroying Optimus Prime, Dr. Loboto, the Brain Wyvern, and the Cosmic Graveyard! 

Malimors was battling Godzilla when, suddenly, he found himself surrounded by the countless victims that had been resting in the Cosmic Graveyard! From Hottie to Rankor, the White Witch to Mothra, they were all there...except one: Optimus.

"Kill him!" "Destroy him!" "The Murderer!" "Kill the evil one!" rang out shouts on all sides. Wherever he turned, Malimors found himself facing someone he or Bonovita had boasted of conquering, and the Technorganic Kaiju's mind was racing as he wondered if he could escape them, but he had forgotten Godzilla..... Stephan222 (talk) 21:33, August 5, 2013 (UTC)


The Doctor was running. He guessed Optimus had found a way to destroy the Cosmic Graveyard, because the world outside Malimors’s chamber was exploding, and the building was shaking and collapsing around him. He’d had a chance to copy all of the content of Malimors’s computers, in the process ensuring the villain couldn’t return to his hideout by jamming the systems…with a jar of raspberry jam he’d found in the fridge. He ran back into the outer room, where the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaarrrrgggghhhh froze and faded, its animator apparently having suffered a fatal heart attack when the ceiling of the room in Malimors’s chamber he’d been working in had collapsed on him.

The Doctor found the TARDIS sitting just inside the front door, beyond which was a white explosion. He jumped in, then turned to Seth to ask him to come with him, but Seth pushed a button on his device and the Black T-Rex turned back into a red glowing mass of energy that condensed back into the card and jumped to his waiting hand. He then pressed another button and disappeared in the same rainbow-tinted while glow eruption he’d arrived in, so the Doctor closed the TARDIS door and dematerialized. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 22:05, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly, Malimors walked in and surprised the Doctor, raising his gun at the Doctor's chest. "Finally, you will di-" shadows came out to grab him and when they left his body after covering it, Malimors was even larger, had more spikes, and was black. "-be perfect for my master's trap" he said in a monotone voice. --Who is the mysterious Bioniclezilla76? 22:46, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

Malimors gazed up at Godzilla as he readied his energy beam when, suddenly, he heard a voice say behind him, "And now you die." Malimors turned to see a man who had a device just like the Doctor's, but he looked different. The Eleventh Doctor smiled and said, "By the way, thanks for giving my TARDIS back." As Malimors was incinerated, he grinned too, and the Doctor was unnerved by that smile, as if the kaiju was hiding something, and the kaiju stated, "This isn't over, Doctor. You were there."

As the Eleventh Doctor thought back, he remembered when his ninth self had seen Malimors transformed into a demonic entity of shadows and made the connection: of course - a clone! The Ninth Doctor silently cursed himself for being so stupid to think Malimors hadn't taken that precaution and replied, "Okay, spikey. Who's your master?" Malimors smiled, and then he said-

Do you believe in dragons? ;D :D 00:54, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, Uni-Man used one of his unicorn horns to wish the members of the Department of Hotness that was crushed by Godzilla back to life and then Uni-Man also used another one of his horns to wish Optimus Prime back to life. Nearby, Hottie, Godzilla, and Ballistamon performed Coconut Fusion once again, only this time Axe Cop joined the fusion as well and all four were then merged into "Hotzilla X3", who resembled Hotzilla X2 but had black hair, is dressed like Axe Cop, and wields an axe.

Pac-Man, after eating a Power Berry, then flew to Hotzilla X3 and threw a lemon in her mouth so that the lemon, combined with the Super Hottie Goddess transformation, transformed Hotizilla X3 into "Super Hotzilla X3 Goddess With Lemon," or Super Hotzilla X3 for short. Meanwhile, Wexter assists The Doctor by breathing fire on him, transforming him into "Doctor Fire". --Creator4984 (talk) 9:31, August 5, 2013 (UTC)

The new "Doctor Fire" coughed again before saying, "Would've preferred to have a sonic lemon screwdriver." All the same, he got in his TARDIS and tried tracking down the TARDIS of his predecessor's predecessor, and, locking on, he took off at top speed through the Time Vortex.

"Okay, spikey," the Ninth Doctor said to the shadow-posessed Malimors clone, "Who's your master?" Malimors smiled, and he was about to speak but then the TARDIS lurched as it collided with its future self, the two fusing together, the two designs conflicting with each other to the point of the desktop theme defaulting to the leopard skin layout!

"Doctor Fire" also appeared, whipping out his sonic screwdriver (which he'd taped a lemon to) and pointing it at the shadow-posessed Malimors clone, but when he clicked it on, some lemon juice leaked in, causing it to short circuit and explode in a shower of sparks while also triggering the random appearance of TwiFlutterjackity Piedash in the TARDIS.

Shadow Malimors looked over at the amalgamation super pony and smiled before saying, "Good, now that you're here, we can officially begin, so prepare yourselves to meet my master!" The leopard skin TARDIS lurched as it began to be dragged through space and time towards an unknown destination. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 02:11, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

"Hmmm" said king Goldas, "I think this is a slight problem. There is no sun, yet I have a solution."

Mothra brought him a crystal, and the Shobijin sang over it before Goldas hurled it towards the Milky Way, and the inhabitants of Earth then heard: 

"Citizens of the far off planet of Earth, behold your new and improved, high tech, sun, with a superior modern design and flawless workings! This mechanical masterpiece, from the technicians of Aef, will behave like a superior, enhanced version of your former sun!"

Malimors stepped behind him, and said mockingly, "Ah, the Tardis has brought me to my destination. Now I will deal with you, my king!" Stephan222 (talk) 02:38, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

Time had frozen completely still, with Godzilla looking around with much confusion. And then he saw it: the consequences from the Cosmic Graveyard getting destroyed were now taking effect. As it turned out, the clone Malimors was just an illusion created by the Cosmic Graveyard's destruction along with several other things associated with that, and now Godzilla could see his friends were leaving to go back to their respective universes. Godzilla could even see what looked like the return of sunshine, so it seemed like whatever the Cosmic Graveyard's destruction was doing was definitely good.

All of the dead, villainous monsters and robots lay scattered across the land, and when time unfroze, and with a telepathic "thank you" from Razputin, Godzilla looked to the sky and roared in triumph. Godzilla was the victor, and when he himself returned to his home universe, the entire cosmos would know it! --ScorpionTail (talk) 03:22, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

As the TARDISes split, Doctors 9 and 11 waved their goodbyes and both the 11th Doctor and TwiFlutterjackity Piedash disappeared to be put back in their proper places and times. The Ninth Doctor turned around and looked about at his TARDIS.

"Now, one last thing...How the heck to I turn off the leopard skin desktop!?!" —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 03:30, August 6, 2013 (UTC)

The world, all the universes, everything was saved! Optimus had died for it, the others had fought for it. Through the smoke of the remains of Tokyo, Godzilla stood as a champion, triumphant over every enemy that Malimors could think of. 

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