In the Name of Peace and Sanity

It had to be done. The Doctor, standing alone at the TARDIS console, put his finger on the button and triggered the signal. He knew that, in a moment, the great ships from all of time and space would be drawn to him; those who had caused unfathomable death and destruction, as well as those who had saved countless Daleks.

He’d soon be joined, not just by the ships, but by their captains and crew as well. Figures of legendary evil like Darth Vader, and the Borg Queen, would soon appear, along with swashbuckling freedom fighters like Han Solo, and Mal Reynolds. Brave men like James T. Kirk, and Bill Adama had also been called. The last great Hauran in the cosmos had arrived with his fleet of nearly indestructible Dreadnoughts manned by Lost Gray Jedi tribe members to destroy evil.

The Doctor’s hearts broke as he contemplated the betrayal of everything he’d ever stood for. It went against his very name, but he met this, his greatest challenge, with resolve. It must be done for peace and sanity. And so, he waited. But not for long...

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One by one the great ships gathered to him. The Borg were the first to arrive, trailed by the Millenium Falcon and the mighty flag ships of the Federation. A massive Star Wars Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace just behind the Serentity, casting its dark shadow across the length of the vessel.  They were all coming, coming to him, he thought. The Doctor couldn't help but let out the faintest laugh. 01:51, May 23, 2013 (UTC)A.Avalon

The Doctor tapped his fingers together as he watched the last of the summoned ships come sailing into range. Then, lest he keep his guests waiting much longer, or continue to subject himself to any more time pondering his inevitable final action, the Doctor’s fingers flashed across the TARDIS console, hitting a red lever, an orange switch, three yellow buttons then a large mauve one. Blinding energy cracked as a time-energy field formed a perimeter around the vehicles; this should capture their attention, he thought, not that he needed it for very long. The energy field, he knew, was a marvel of Time Lord technology, impenetrable to any object save the originator of the field; like a spider impervious to the stickiness of its own web and the poison in its own mouth. The Doctor looked out at all the ships hovering within his web; no, it wasn’t fair, but it was right and just … and what is just is not always fair, he decided.

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Suddenly, a hole in space-time appeared, and the TARDIS warned him that something was coming to help. The hole was a nthing tall, and a nthing wide and was there for a billionth of a billionth of a second deep. Soon, a ship appeared which looked like a giant white boot. As the hole closed, there were several pounds of bacon that floated across space; at the same time, seven shopping carts in a V-formation was heading for the Death Star; at that exact same moment that happened, several shop dummies appeared, floating towards several Borg ships. The Doctor seeing this, calculated what were the chances of this all happining. The TARDIS calculated all of this while trying not to turn into a teapot. It soon came up with the improbability of 2 to the power of 2,693,412,900,042 to 2 against.

The Doctor soon saw the round white ship floating before his TARDIS. He smiled as he felt the odd stacked for him and his fellow help. The ship floating there next to the TARDIS, with the Infinite Improbability Drive, was the Heart of Gold. Soon, the Borg, being calculative and all that, figured out how to defeat the web, using a simple blast. It soon hit the Tardis in the exact area, surprising the ship for a moment, causing the web to disapate. The Doctor seeing this, knew that this was bad.

TimeTravelinc 12:34 PM, May 22, 2013 (EST)

The Doctor realized he had to act soon. He quickly looked around the TARDIS console. Was there a button that would save his ship from the others? He looked at the gadgets, but few of them could do what he wanted them to. Opening the TARDIS would not help ... if only he listened better in his classes on Gallifrey ... but wait! He quickly pulled a large, red lever, and a Time Lock formed around the TARDIS. Nothing could go in or out of it. But how could the Doctor attack the other ships? Either he would have to not, or he would have to take down the Time Lock at the possible expense of his life ...

On the lead Hauran Dreadnaught

The sheer size of the Death Star troubled Count Hans Albert von Stroganov, the last of the Haurans, a humanoid, Force-adept race. The Lost Gray Jedi tribesmen and tribeswomen were manning his 10 massive Dreadnaughts, made of Gorbic Alloy, the second strongest material in this universe. His ships, almost conical in shape, were long and thin, wider than tall.

"High Commander Jekus, what do you expect the outcome of this battle to be?"

"Mutually assured destruction, my Lord."

"Then let's go out with a bang. Fire all electrobeams at the Trade Federation flagship!"

The blue beams, similar to the Master's lightning but on a much larger scale, hit the central sphere of the enemy flagship and it exploded in a jet of fiery ashes. The firefight had begun. Soon after, there was only two remaining Hauran ships, the flagship and the Exetor, the second largest ship in the fleet. This scarcity of Dreadnaughts was due to the Daleks that were individually assaulting the docking bay on each shipthe weakest point available. 20:06, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, in the Millenium Falcon

Han Solo was confused. "Where am I?" He thought to himself. Chewie growled. A blue box floated in front of him. "Now what is this?" He spoke aloud. Chewbacca growled, this time louder.

"Chewie, be quiet. We could be in danger."


Suddenly, a cube turned towards Han.


He cried. But it was to late, the blast rocked the Millenium Falcon, sending Han flying.

"Chewie! Pilot!"

Of course, Chewie was not as good a pilot as Han. But he was good at playing defensive. In the distance, a ship appeared. 

"This is UNSC Captain Thomas Lasky of the Infinity. Report!"

"I read you Thommy."

Replied Han who had crawled to the cockpit.


Said Chewy as he dodged the Borg's projectiles.

"Who are you?"

Yelped Thomas as he maneuvered his bulky ship out of the way of Borg lasers.


Replied Han. Han took the controls from Chewbacca and fired an explosive at the Borg.

"I hope this works." -Jack

The Doctor scanned the Death Star with his sonic screwdriver and analyzed the info he got. He couldn't use the TARDIS, the screwdriver was overpowered, and he couldn't think straight. It seemed hopeless ... He flashed back on everything he could remember: The Daleks, Cybermen, Time Lords, Silurian, EVERYTHING! Then he figured it out. "My name." he mumbled. He yelled his life story to the ships and then said his name. They ran off, but not for long.

-Pauseen Phasefaller

The Doctor turned his attention to the others. The Borg were not succumbing to the attacks of the Infinity and the Millenium Falcon. The Doctor watched as the Millenium Falcon exploded.

"Better the Borg do it than me."

He muttered aloud.

"Poor Han…"

He added. Wait, what was that? Drop pods were shooting from the Infinity aboard the Borg ship.

John-117 was a Spartan. He emerged from a drop pod, accompanied by three O.D.S.T. troopers.

"Let's bring the fight to the Borg."

A Borg turned the corner.

"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

John fired a shot from his plasma pistol into the cybrogs head. More Borg turned the corner, resisting the plasma. They had adapted. John ran past the Borg and found the center of the ship. He dived into the control room, lobbing a grenade at the Borg Queen who was blown to smithereens. He heard the shouts of O.D.S.T.s in the distance and knew he was doomed. He turned to the core of the ship with his plasma pistol and fired an EMP at it. The ship began to float uselessly. Then it exploded. Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his crew had arrived.


Han Solo watched from the deck of the Infinity, floating alongside the Enterprise, as the Borg ship evaporated before his eyes. He just had witnessed the destruction of the Millennium Falcon and his lifelong friend Chewbacca while he was aboard the cube, attempting to destroy it from the inside; when John and his troops arrived, he had stood side-by-side with them, fending off against the Borg in futility… until in final desperation, the troops attempted to radio the Infinity and suggest that the massive ship end the struggle with a suicide run into the cube; but the Borg had jammed their communications signal. One of the troops then bid Solo pilot a Borg sphere to the Infinity, to request that the Infinity ram the cube. Hotwiring the sphere was surprisingly easy for Solo; even the thought of going down in the Infinity to finish off the cube which killed his friend was surprisingly easy for him; but now, with the deaths of his friend and the troops he fought alongside avenged without his own contribution, Han turned his sights to the floating blue box that had brought them all here in the first place. Revenge flickered in his eyes as he muttered, glaring out at the TARDIS, “Those doors must be some kind of airlock…”

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The Unusual Battle

As the cavalcade of starships waged a torrential battle, the Doctor felt unusually queasy. He had lived through eight different lives of battle, conflict, murder- and those were just the high points of those lives. For some reason... this battle seemed unusual, as though it foreshadowed an even bigger conflict yet to come. This Eighth Doctor had heard  whispers of war on his homeworld, then experienced it firsthand- The Time War. It was still raging on Gallifrey, and the Doctor had retreated to ponder how he could ensure the safety of the Time Lords, knowing the next time he returned, it would be his last chance to stop the battles before "The Final Sanction". Dressed in a blue greatcoat with a satchel that was bigger on the inside, he plucked out his Mark V sonic screwdriver, a slim stick of metal with a wooden handle and a tip adorned by six metallic prongs and a glistening blue diode in the shape of a teardrop-molded chandelier bulb. It was like he held a futuristic version of a wax candle, showing his Edwardian sense of mannerisms. His TARDIS console room, similar to a Victorian house had a monitor showing the different sides fighting  in the great battle, but the reception was fizzling out. "Blasted screen is on the blink. Devil of a time to stop working. The Borg must be trying to knock out my visuals. They might be crafty, but they should know better than to fiddle with a Time Lord... especially one who they've rightfully angered..." The Doctor knew he could boost the frequency with his trusty screwdriver. The wily Doctor pointed his all-purpose tool at the fritzing monitor. He pushed a button on the side and it began to pulse.


The screen roared to life and showed the Borg advancing upon the TARDIS at blinding pace!! The Doctor's eyes went wide with fear and anticipation of the massive firefight to come. A bit old and contemplating regeneration, Eight had feelings his current life was going to reach a close very soon, but not like this! He feared that being reborn in battle would spark a deadly change in what man he'd become in his next life.

"Blast! Are they going to make me use... this...? No... I won't do it! I am the Doctor! A DOC-TOR! Doctors are not, and will never, NEVER be killers! They are healers! How can I abandon my principles with the flick of a wrist!?"

The Doctor's eyes turned to a Dematerilization gun- DeMat gun for short- he had been given by a friend on Gallifrey in case of an absolutely dire emergency. It did not have a trigger like a phaser, blaster, or any other convention handgun. It required a Key of Rassilon to operate. Once placed in a special lock housed in the firing mechanism, the gun would roar to life and shoot out a beam that removed object from time and space entirely. Victims would be beyond dead... Completely erased. How could the Doctor bring himself to do that?  

Yet elsewhere... another foe of the Doctor lurked. He had a similar version of the DeMat gun. It was a gattling minigun he had fashioned as his ultimate weapon- 12,000 rounds per second, no reload, and no recoil that would "delete" the gun after firing. A limitless cartrige of death waiting to raise hell upon Mutter's Spiral. Borg, Cyberman, Dalek, Hauran, and Time Lord technology combined to form the ultimate doomsday blaster- the Nihilus Omega. (N.O.)

And it rested in the twitchy, scrabbling fingers of none other than Koschei... or as the Doctor knew him...

The Master. 

--Thunderush (talk) 06:42, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Enter The Master

As he caressed the DeMat gun with his fingers, he remembered when, so long ago, he had defeated the doctor. he remembered the pathetic wails of the man who had saved another species and had failed in saving his own. he remembered how he had died in the doctors arms, and how the doctor forgave him. in the end of it all, the doctor had passed his own regenerative energy, a good bit, into the master, trying to bring him back. The master frowned; it had worked. But there were side effects. the master would never regenerate again.

The doctor wouldn't call so many starships all at once without a reason. If this was war, it was war. But the master would hear him out, at least reluctantly, before erasing him from time. But something inside him told the master that the doctor was nearing his end anyway; they all were. And the doctor had something to say before they were all sucked into the abyss.

Something about his name...

The stolen starship halted abruptly, the master almost lost comtrol. Captain Jack's spaceship wasn't normally this jumpy; the invisibility field quivered. 

The feat had been easy. Jack would never die, but then again, he could never fight back if he were only a head. Now he was bound in a vessel that kept him alive, now just a face, the face of Bo. His vessel was facing a window, so he could see the destruction.

A spaceship far away burst into flames. the spaceship moved again. The master held his gun tightly. He would KILL the doctor this time. No, he'd do worse. Anger swelled inside his head. he was frightened, though, although he wouldn't admit it. deep inside he knew that this wasn't just anyone. This was the doctor and his trusty T.A.R.D.I.S.

demons run when a good man goes to war.

~Pari Tawale~ 8:00 p.m (India); 23rd May.

The Enterprise-D sat back and watched the carnage happen. What could they do? They were supposed to be on a mission of peace, and their greatest enemies were on the verge of being destroyed. Captain Jean-Luc Picard looked on the screen and saw a blue box in the distance, floating on the edge of the small gathering.

He noticed a faint purple glow eminating from the box, what he identified as a Time Lock. Before he became captain of the Enterprise, he remembers being part of a Federation team trying to develop Time Locks for use by the United Federation. However, only one race in the universe ever perfected it, and they decided to leave it that way. He ordered Worf to hail the vessel. A Time Lord was in there, and if everyone was there for a reason, then that reason would most definitely be with the Time Lord in there. The hailing continued. The Gizzys Attacked! "Ratssssss!" Cried the gizzys!


What was that Time Lord planning?

TheTARDIScontroller (talk) 14:40, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

The Last Hauran This Side of the Medusa Cascade Takes A Night on the Town

"What the hell is going on out there?!? Find a weakness in those Dalek abominations!"

"Yes, of course, my lord Count Stroganov. We have calculated that a concentrated electrobeam will instantly obliterate a Dalek abomination."

"Then concentrate all elecrobeams and have the gunners target anything Dalek!"

The Count von Stroganov begins to walk away, in the direction off the bridge.

"Might I ask where you are going, my lord?"

"I'm taking a night on the town, High Commander Jekus."

The Count smiled and gave the confused Jekus a thumbs-up and walked backwards out of the bridge. Once he had exited the bridge, he contacted N.P.F.U.A. (Normally Prohibited Firearms Usage Agency)

"Ready the M.A.D. device for launch."

"Yes, sir."

The Mutually Assured Destruction device would launch an electromagnetic wave from the energy encased inside a Hauran to destroy everything within a 2000-mile radius. This would kill a Hauran. This 2000-mile radius includes his ship and crew. It is the Final Option.

-Count Hans Albert Ivan Vladimir von Stroganov MMMCCCLXXCCCXXVIII

The Doctor sighed. He knew what he had to do, he deactivated the Time Lock. If he was going to resolve this it would be IN THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR. He dropped the De-mat gun and attacked the controls, flying the Tardis right into the heart of the battle. The Master saw this and smirked, he flew his ship directly into the path of the TARDIS.


Meanwhile on the Heart of Gold, Chewie was confused on what had just happened. One minute, he was on the Millenium Falcon, and the next, he was on some fancy ship, with a odd alien. "2 to the power of 2,721,656,420.5 to 1 against and falling." the computer said. At that level of Improbablity, it could alter anything in time and space especially say, Two Tardises about to colide with each other. That's exactly what happened, as the Master's Tardis automatically de-materilalized into a later time.

The Doctor however, felt his physical form change, as he tried to head for the center. Suddenly, the Tardis started to materialize into the Enterprise-D, and the Doctor soon changed into his 5th Regeneration. Realizing that, he went into the wardrobe room and quickly changed into his cricket gear. "Well, this should be interesting." he said. Then he exited the Tardis, seeing that he wasn't on a planet, or on any ship.

Elsewhere, Luke was flung back out of a wormhole, confused on how he got here. As he checked to see if his X-Wing was damaged, R2-D2 warned him of oncoming danger. Coming towards him was a Mothership.

TimeTravelinc 3:05 PM, May 23, 2013 (EST)

Meanwhile with the Doctor, he quickly grabbed back onto the TARDIS and climbed in. The Doctor was confused because of post-regeneration trauma. He could not remember what he was doing, where he was, or even who he was. One thought, though, was on his mind: "The Master is back. He must be defeated." But he didn't know what that meant.

Then another came to his mind. "Get to the Zero Room, quick!" Without thinking, he ran through the halls of the TARDIS. One door had a "0" on it; the Doctor went into the Zero Room. Suddenly his memories came back. Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians, Slitheen, Axons, Zygons, Weeping Angels...everything (besides the Silence of course...). He ran out of the room; but, because his mind was distracted by the new memories, he ran out the TARDIS doors. He floated away from the TARDIS...even if he did have a Respritory Bypass System, he still was defenseless and, more importantly, could easily be killed. How could he get back to the TARDIS? - 19:59, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Hierarch Artanis looked at his navigation screen and saw the small X shaped fightercraft exit a rapidly expanding wormhole on the edge of the system.  The Templar in command of the main weapon, communed with their leader.

"Rift beam is still warming up, Hierarch.  Even so, that craft may be small enough to evade our main cannons.  Recommend mass recall of the Golden Armada."

"I feel, a goodness.  Hail the craft, this man is not our enemy.  Not today."  Artanis answered psionically.  When Luke opened a channel, he identified himself.  "Unidentified Terran fighter, This is Hierarch Artanis commanding the Shield of Auir!  We have answered the call in the darkness, as have you, but surely you did not come alone?"

"That's a negative, Hierarch.  My boys will be in system soon!  They're right behind me, point us where we're needed!"

Just then, the greater bulk of the New Republic Fleet entered the system as the wormhole dissipated revealing hundreds of millions of bio-organic ships, already in the ranks of the unfortunate New Republic Fleet.

"Blast! Yuuzhan Vong!  ...Wait." Luke cursed as he felt these creatures tremor in the Force, something the the Yuuzhan Vong could not do.

Artanis bolted upright on the bride of the Shield of Auir.  "Zerg!  Engage the mass recall!"  The Khaydarin crystals on the Mothership pulsed with energy as it pulled the Golden Armada from Shakuras.

Both heroes were close; but still wrong.  It was not Zerg nor Yuuzhan Vong.

Hive Fleet Leviathan had joined the battle.

Instantly, the Hive Fleet destroyed the Dreadnaughts remaining, preventing the end of the battle by mutually assured destruction.

TaelZenith 13:32, May 23, 2013 (PST)

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, and Doctor

Captain Lasky looked over the bridge of Infinity "Am I seeing what I think I am seeing!" Nine blue boxes flying thtough the sky.The Paradoxes being created were too much, every Doctor until the end of this battle was here, all with the same memories. The Doctor hadn't regenerated, the Fifth Doctor had been reborn with the same clothes and memories. If there were Nine Police Boxes, that meant this battle took place over a long time... or perhaps... The Doctor was to regenerate again, SOON. The Eight Doctor was in shock, who or what was he going to become, as The Master's Tardis phased within the control room ,he was about to find out.


Meanwhile, the Doctor was still floating outside of the TARDIS, racking his mind on the problem at hand.  He was in immediate danger, as crossfire flared around him, knowing that soon they would notice him, and attack in his vulnerability.  He helplessly watched as the Master stepped out of his recently materialized TARDIS.  He had to get back in, and quickly; even if he had not had a plan, he had to stop him.  The Doctor was just feet away from his own TARDIS as he extended his arms as far as he could.  Just then, he felt himself being pulled in the opposite direction of his TARDIS.  He shifted his body enough to be able to see the Death Star looming ominously behind him. 

“Oh, Dear.”

- 21:59, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctor was pulled into a hanger.  He was puzzled: Was he saved, or just brought to the ship for an alternative demise?  The ship seemed devoid of people, and it was quiet… too much quiet he knew was not for his own good.  The Doctor knew something was wrong, but just did not know what was wanted from him.  The Doctor was impressed by the size of the spaceship, and was surprised by how he had never known of its existence.  He did not have time to think, though.  He could not simply jump out of the Death Star, for he knew he would be in the same situation he was in before.  The Doctor figured he had to find the controls to the ship if he wanted to prevent the Master from causing more destruction than was already necessary.  The only action he knew he could do to achieve this was to run; run, search, and encounter. 

Darth Vader smiled a crooked smile beneath his mask as he waited for this encounter.

- 22:30, May 23, 2013 (UTC)

Aboard the U.N.S.C. Infintiy, Thomas Lasky confronted John A.K.A. Master Chief,

"Who the hell was beamed aboard?!" Exclaimed Lasky.

"He calls himself Han Solo," Master Chief said. Lasky turned around, exasperated. Talking to John was like talking to a machine.

"What the hell is going on?!"

Yelped Han, interrupting Lasky's thoughts.

"You were transported aboard. I don't know how. This is my ship, the U.N.S.C. Infinity."


"The Infinity. We were transported here…"

"Us too!"


"My friend Chewy. He died."

"Sorry to hear that."

Suddenly, the ship's AI Roland interrupted.

"Sir. You won't believe this. This place, is an alternate dimension. Someone, or something, somehow, created it. A bubble universe, and they transported all of us, from different universes, here."

"Roland. That's unbelievable."

"I know sir. I've spent the past few hours confirming it."

Hours to an AI we're centuries. Roland was not wrong.

Darth Vader sat in a throne. Overlooking one of the wide bays of the deathstar. Suddenly, a faint outline appeared in the air, growing denser and denser. "T.A.R.D.I.S." Vader thought to himself. Out of the ship emerged someone. A timelord, Vader speculated.

"You're not the Doctor."

They said simultaneously.

"I'm the Master."

Said the Timelord as he raised a weapon. This wasn't the timelord from before though. He had bright blond hair and wore a hoodie. This was not the Master Vader had allied with.

"Pleasure to kill you."

Master fired a blaster, likely pilfered from a storm trooper, it caught Vader on the shoulder. That w

on't happen again, thought Vader. Vader dodged the next few shots and deflected the others with his Lightsaber. He grabbed the Master with his force choke. The Master began to lose breath, but suddenly, the Doctor rounded a corner.

"You aren't one of the ones out there."

Said Vader temporarily distracted from the Master. The Master slunk back into his T.A.R.D.I.S. this Doctor had a pinstriped suit and a trenchcoat. He had brown, messy hair.

"I'm here to stop me."

The Doctor mumbled.


Questioned Darth Vader.

"I am about to do something terrible, well, past me, well, wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey-stuff. Anyways, he teleported you all here to this alternate universe to kill you. All of you."

"Why would he do that?" Vader was curious.

"He did it in the name of peace and sanity." Replied the Doctor. "But not in my name. Well, our na

me." Added the Doctor.

"We may, both want to stop him." Said Vader.


A Doctor in the Death Star

The Eighth Doctor begin a mad dash across the halls of the gigantic Death Star. After twenty minutes of panicked running, he found  what appeared to be a map of the Death Star. Sifting through the data banks, he found a supply dock where cargo and ammunition-filled ships for the Empire boarded the superweapon.

In the Cargo Bay, he was relieved to find that his TARDIS had been intercepted from deep space by the Death Star and was waiting for him. At the same time, the Death Star personnel had been stretched thin due to the inclement battle requiring as many soldiers as they could churn out. A mere two Storm Troopers stood watch before his blue box. The Doctor rigged up a quick distraction by using his sonic screwdriver once again. This time, he aimed for the control box on the tractor beam, reversing its polarity. Instead of sucking in objects, the tractor beam started to rip them out of the Death Star and hurl them into deep space. Several crates rumbled out of the open bay door, forcing the two guards to scramble for their lives and take cover behind a sturdy wall. However, the Doctor's TARDIS was also flung out of the bay, leaving him little choice but to jump out and take flight after it as the tractor beam flung him into the vaccuum of space. 

The two frazzled Stormtroopers made haste to get the cargo bay under emergency lockdown.

As the Doctor fled from the Death Star after his TARDIS, he switched  to his respiratory bypass system to avoid suffocation in open space. He swam through the airless vacuum and clawed his way to the TARDIS doors as it rolled away, right before it ended up in the midst of the chaotic firestorm of enemy spaceships. The Doctor plucked out his TARDIS key and inserted it into the lock, making his way back into his own ship, safe and sound for the moment. He switched back to his normal breathing and took a sigh of relief, knowing he'd almost been scorched by that deranged Stormtrooper's futile gunshots. Eight manned the TARDIS console and set it to fly away from the battle, where he could regroup and think of a strategy to end it peacefully, unaware his mortal enemies, the Daleks, were presently invading the Death Star.

"Like I said- Not even a paint can."

But before he could get too far away from the warring ships, Eight heard an ominous noise ring out from his TARDIS:

"GOOOUNN! GOOOUNN! GOOOUNN! GOOOUNN!" The Cloister Bell had started tolling. His TARDIS rumbled and crashed around. A second TARDIS has landed inside his, creating a paradox. In disbelief, he saw it was his own police box. He watched the doors creak open. Eight watched a shadowy figure step out. He had an unusually dark presence about him, unnerving the veteran incarnation. 

"No... You're..."

"Yes. You know who I am. But I cannot exist with you still alive. I am sorry, truly I am. But you are too weak to fight this battle any longer. We have to become stronger. I am sick of your blind mercy. It will not save Gallifrey, like you believe. You failed to stop the war. And for that, you have to die... so a stronger man may replace you... So can do what you don't have the courage to do."

"How dare you... I've poured my blood, my sweat, and so many heart-wrenching tears into that war! And out you come saying I have to die?! I love my people, and I want them to survive, even if it means my death!"

The sillhouetted man let out a grunt. "That's exactly what makes you so flawed, Doctor. You love something that has become to hideous to endear! Haven't you seen them grow into demons? If you are too shortsighted to understand, then I will make you see the truth!!!

The man leapt forward from his TARDIS and plunged a trench knife into the Eighth Doctor's side, then ripped it out menacingly.


Doubled over and wailing in pain, Eight's legs buckled and he hit the floor. A trail of blood spilled out profusely. The Doctor began to sob as he realized the knife had tampered with his biology. He would have to regenerate to save his life, but the knife had implanted a virus to ensure the next body he assumed would transform him into the very man who had dealt the lethal wound, uncharacteristically dark and ruthless. He would not be The Doctor anymore. This affront to his name hijacked his console and swapped the positions of the TARDISES so that his would appear on the outside, giving him full control of the machine and leaving his dying predecessor a helpless lump.

--Thunderush (talk) 01:41, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

A Broken Promise?

This man piloted the ship back to the Death Star in a mad fury. As it materialized inside the Empire's ultimate weapon, a new Tardis appeared, and out crawled across the Eighth Doctor. He cluched his bleeding side. Out behind him stepped a man in a black leather trenchcoat, he had grey hair and a cold stare. When The Doctor took his name, it was a promise, to himself and the universe, this Doctor had broke the promise. The Eight Doctor cried out "NO! He is the Doctor that comes after me! If I regenerate I will turn into him! I don't want to turn into him!" The John Hurt Doctor kept his cold stare. "I become me here, and so shall YOU."


"I have to avenge him!" Cried out Han.

"That's to dangerous!" Wimpered an O.D.S.T. trooper.

"I'll go with you." Spoke John.

"Awesome. I have a plan. You see that ship there? 'The Heart of Gold'? It has an Infinite Improbability Drive. We're going to take it. You know the probability of breaking a timelock?"

"Impossible." Said John.

"That's what we're doing." Replied Han.


The Eighth Doctor was dying, the next regeneration of him coldly staring at him. In a doorway, the Tenth Doctor skidded to a halt, searching for him in desperation. Once he saw the Eight version of himself, he yelled a giant 'no',  and sprinted towards the Doctor, collapsing in pain. Atron energy started to glow from the Eight Doctor's face. The Tenth Doctor held him in his arms, looking down at him, filled with anger. "Who are you?" the Eight Doctor asked, curious.

"I'm you." the Tenth replied, "The tenth incarnation."

The two Doctors entered a room, with the Tenth barricading the door with the sonic screwdriver. The Eighth Doctor looked around the room which was darkly lit, with only glimmers of light making it possible to see. The Tenth Doctor used the sonic screwdriver to light the way, making it slightly more possible to see. Millions of TARDISes were lined up, some in their original, cylenderical state, and some with the Chameleon Circuit working. Various other machines were stored inside, too, along with a 1980s DeLorean which had various scientific bits of machinery attached and a three-legged capacitor inside. Next to the DeLorean was a phone booth with some sort of ariel on top, and what seemed like a sleigh with a large disk on the back, with many lights and levers on the front. "What are all these?" the Eighth Doctor asked, looking around. 

"From the looks of it... " the Tenth Doctor replied, "It seems like when all the starships got pulled in, it brought along all the time machines left in existance, too. We've got some of Gallifrey, some of Earth, some of Skaro."

"So it's a room full of time machines?" the Eighth Doctor replied.

"Not only that," the Tenth Doctor smiled, "But Han and John have a plan to break the Time Lock which, more or less, will create the biggest black hole known to reality. So, no, it's not just a room full of time machines. It's a room full of advantage."

FezHead 19:22 PM, May 24, 2013 (GMT)

The Thirteen Doctors

Suddenly, others walked in. The Doctors were worried that Han and John were about to trap them, but they were not Han or John. "I recognize most of them!" said the 8th Doctor. "Those are my first seven incarnations." "And that's the ninth," added the Tenth. Three others walked in; the two Doctors assumed they were the 11th, 12th and 13th Doctors.

"I can't believe I will become any of you!" shouted the 1st Doctor. "We must stop this old plan. Together. A Time Lord has power that all others envy, but if we want to win, we need as many incarnations of a Time Lord we can get."

And all the Doctors realized they had to do something.

- 18:53, May 24, 2013 (UTC)

"Captain Lasky! The Energy readings are off the charts!"                                                                             "What kind of Energy?!" he replied.  "All of them!"  The amount of Paradoxes and Anomolies were to much for this pocket Universe to take. An awesome plume of energy ripped through the battlefield slamming Straight into the Battlestar Galactica, sending it on a collision course with the Death Star. 20:42, May 24, 2013 (UTC)Hughcri151.227.220.145 20:42, May 24, 2013 (UTC) 

Suddenly, the Tardis warned the Doctors of the oncoming rift... inside herself. "What's going on?" Nine said, confused. Several of the Doctors started to mess with the console, while the few of them scanned the area with their screwdrivers. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Wormhole appeared before them. Soon four people fell out, and a few minutes later, the portal closed. "Argh! I wish these landing weren't so bad Q-ball." the man said. He was a african-american and wore a suit. "I agree Remmy. That hurt." Another man said. He was wearing a jacket over a flannel shirt, over his shirt. "Mr. Mallory, can't you get that thing to land in the right place?" A british man said. "Professor, can you get off me." a young woman said.

In the young man's hand, was a device with numbers counting down. "Young man, you should be lucky that you landed in the Tardis, and not in space." One said. The four inter-dimensional travelers looked up to see all Thirteen Doctors standing before them. Unfortunately, they didn't know who or what they all were. Suddenly, the Cloister Bell rang, and the Tardis shook. "Oh, no." All Doctors said.

Suddenly, The Heart of Gold reached normallity (finally) which released a blast that suddenly re-enforced the bubble universe, and caused a few ships to short out for a brief moment. The Tardis however absorbed the energy, allowing it to be instantly refueled. That suddenly repaired some, but not all, of the paradoxes. All of the Time Lords looked at each other, then back at the Tardis. "Ah, Crises averted. Splended," Four said. He then reached into his pocket, and pulled out a bag. "Speaking of splended, would any of me like a jellybaby." Back in the Heart of Gold, Zapod was knocked out and Chewie was piloting the ship. "Rawr." "No problem buddy, always happy to help." Eddie said. -TimeTravelinc 6:43 PM May 24th, 2013 (EST)

Aboard the Super Star Destroyer Bane, Grand Admiral Thrawn peered out of the viewports at the purely massive battle occuring before him.  He had been honored to accept control of Death Squadron from Vader himself, and the Imperial fleet had sucessfully held it's own against the manifold ships before him in battle.

Until now.

The massive wormholes that had begun appearing were instant wild cards that had destroyed or shorted out multiple different ships in the battle.  Thrawn feared one may cause damage to Death Squadron any moment.

Clasping his hands together behind his back, Thrawn knew he had to consider his options very carefully to win.  Thinking for a moment, he realized nearly half of the ships here were from Earth.  Crossing to his private chamber just aft of the bridge, he pressed a button on a console and spoke aloud to his computer.

"Bring me all known information on the planet known as Earth."

Settling into his chair, he brought his hands up, and smiled.  Culture, yes.  He would use their culture to defeat them.

*     *     *

Meanwhile, in a computer bay starboard of the Admiral's escape pod, a strange, tuxedoed man knelt on the floor.  He had been very carefully inserted on the bridge of this awesome ship by his organization in order to aid a man (or was it a series of men?) in bringing peace to the galaxy, and Earth. The man went, apparently, by the codename of "The Doctor."  His mission had been codenamed "In the Name of Piece and Sanity."  His current objective?  Sabotage the ship's reactor and escape.

Raising his Walther PPK, 007 cocked the weapon.  He had a mission to accomplish.

--Master Tej (talk) 03:46, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

Silent Behemoth

Then Master Chief says " We need help ". He calls the U.N.S.C. along with the Arbiter's forces to come. Han calls the Rebellion. Then the covenant comes. They decide to team up with the empire to destroy the humans.


Grand Admiral Thrawn, growing progressively anxious and fearful, turned his full attention to the Death Star. The dead silence on it's end of communications persisted for over two hours.

Thrawn pondered this situation in his head. "If the operators are failing to identify as allies... they're no longer being manned by our men. Someone else has infiltrated the Death Star... But they're not smart enough to know how to hide their presence by remaining ignorant to our protocols. A rebel force, perhaps? Then I shall exact a due price for their folly. But first, I shall play innocent to goad them into my trap..."

"Death Star Command, your IFF codes are not checking in properly. I assume this is a malfunction. Please, I know this battle is wearing down on our minds, and it can be particularly taxing on both ends."

"I repeat, can you stay in contact with us? The Empire needs the Death Star to cooperate so we can coordinate our next move."



"Who is this? Identify yourself!

"I am a god. I am Davros, lord and creator of the Daleks!

The Death Star is indeed under a rebel authority, so to speak. The Daleks and myself rebel at creation for the travesties it entails. I allowed you to believe you were safe on board your minuscule Star Destroyer, but now the illusion falls."

A bright flash encircled the two broken focusing crystals on the superlaser. Millions of technorganic insectoids began to work diligently to repair the damage. Within thirty seconds, the crystals were fully restored, and the creatures vanished.

"Now, I shall teach you that I am not a mere myth! FIRE THE REALITY LASER!!!"

The laser began to charge up outside the Death Star. Its color had turned from the jaded emerald to an intense, blinding neon surge of energy.

All ships in the vicinity of the Death Star stopped firing and retreated.

Inside the Death Star, the Doctors and company felt tremors coming from the floor.. Suddenly a pair of time travellers appeared from one of the bay's time vessels.

In all the commotion, Han walked up in astonishment. "Who's this chicken-skinned shrimp?" he shrewdly questioned.

"The name's Marty McFly, and that's Doc Brown -- and I don't care if you call me chicken."

Doc Brown and Marty found themselves gazing at the battle outside.

"...Uh, Doc. We really messed up this time..."


--Thunderush (talk) 07:24, May 25, 2013 (UTC) 

A Change of Plans<center>

Thrawn watched with horror and fascination as the neon blue beam of energy protruded from the area of space above the Death Star's primary focusing crystal. It moved curiously slowly, much slower than the Death Star's original beam of energy. It also seemed to change width at times, expanding into a cone, then retracting back into a solid beam. Instantly, his brief study on Earthly culture forgotten, he began directing his ship.

"Redirect all power into the engines! Go to emergency power on life support! All ships take evasive action: get out of the path of that beam!" he yelled. His orders were instantly and precisely carried out. Lights dimmed, turbolasers stopped firing, and shields even came down. The ship lurched beneath their feet as it rotated out of the path of the beam from the Death Star.


Entering level 467, as directed by M, Bond raised his Walther. The area around the reactor was somewhat unguarded, a product of the ship sending out boarding parties to take other ships in the vicinity. Bond spotted his target, just in front of him. One of the Empire's white armored soldiers. With pinpoint accuracy, he fired the PPK, and the bullet collided with the man's neck just below his helmet, at the seam in between pieces of armor. He crumpled to the floor.

Crossing the deck, Bond holstered his Walther, and then took the man's blaster. Finally, he obtained his target. The thermal detonator on the man's belt. Standing again, Bond straightened his tuxedo, and set off.

"Q? I've got the detonator."

--Master Tej (talk) 20:38, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

<center>The Battle Continues

The Bane never had a chance. The beam met them before anybody aboard could scream. And Thrawn would never know what hit him.

Captain Picard turned to Worf. "Reccomendations?" "Sir," said the Klingon, "we can not just sit here like spectators or we will be destroyed. Recommend we engage in battle with the vessel known as the Death Star." Data turned to face the captain. "Sir, we don't stand a chance in this battle. The Enterprise is helpless against most of the vessels engaged here. Recommend we attempt to find an escape route." Picard nodded. "Indeed. There is nothing we could do." Worf growled under his breath. "How can we get out of this pocket universe, sir?" Picard sighed. "That I don't know. But I know equally well that I can't let this vessel and her crew be destroyed. Find a way, ANY way, to get out of here!" There was a flash of light. "Fear not, mon capitan," said a voice that Picard knew far too well, "your saviour has arrived." Picard turned around. "Oh dear, THAT'S all we need!" Q stood next to his chair grinning widely. "Pleasure to see you again, Captain Picard."

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 21:41, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

The battle continued to rage, it was entering its second day. Over half the ships had been decimated, the Cyber-Dalek legion spread through out the pocket universe, cleansing all in its path. Doctors one to eleven watched over the madness "This place is a bigger graveyard than Trenzelor" Number Seven approached Eleven. "We have finished all the necessary upgrades" All the Doctors returned to there own Tardis' and prepared for battle. -hughcri-

User:General B.H. (talk) may 26, 2013

Then when the battle pressed on the unthinkable happened the rebel fleet arrived in our heros aid the battle was epic. Storm troopers came and fired at Han and Master Chief. Master chief dodges the attacks with ease then soot down two storm troopers. Han dodged a shot and blasted two storm troopers. Then Master Chief threw a granade decimating three storm troopers. Then two elite minors and one elite major charged Han blasted two of them ( including the major ) and one minor threw a plasma granade at Han. Han dodged it and Master Chief shot him down.

"The Empire is working with the covenant." Han furiously said. ...

Captain’s Log, Stardate 2381.74. I am happy to say that I have once again resumed command of the Intrepid class starship Voyager. Chakotay readily relinquished control for this assignment, and I am very happy to also have Tuvok aboard as head of security. The mission we’ve been given is of the utmost importance: respond to a signal in an unknown quadrant of the galaxy and aid any Federation ships there. We’ve been given 3 curious people to accompany us – One goes by a letter designation of “M,” and claims to be head of 21st century English intelligence. The second is a man who doesn’t go by a letter designation, but rather the name “Tanner.” He is M’s personal bodyguard. Finally, the last goes by “Q.” He’s a young man in his 20s or 30s who insisted on using a computer from his time, as opposed to the ones we have here. He’s quite fascinating.

- 20 minutes earlier –

The Voyager dropped out of warp directly next to a strangely shaped ship with a very large engine block of 11 engines on the end. The ship promptly exploded, and debris very nearly hit Voyager.

“Shields up to full!” Janeway yelled. “I want the battle, onscreen!” she said. The massive battle, over 2 days in the making, appeared on the ship’s forward viewscreen. “My god . . .” Janeway muttered. The size of the battle was unbelievable, with ships from so many different makes. She knew very well that multiple dimensions existed, but this number of different ships was purely overwhelming. Q stepped forwards, closer to the viewscreen, to peer in awe at the conflict.

At that moment, Q’s computer suddenly came alive.

“Q? I’ve got the detonator” Bond’s voice said from within.

“Captain, the beam has very nearly reached the ship, which is trying to take evasive action. At their current speed, they will fall prey to the beam’s path” Tuvok said from his station.

“Have you got a lock?!” Janeway asked Ensign Kim.

“Yes. Should we beam him aboard?”

“Do it now!” Janeway ordered. There was silence as the beam, visible on the front screen, reached the massive 20 kilometer ship. As it did, it expanded to become a cone, and encompassed the entire fleet there. There was no explosion, debris, even a screech from the communicators. They just disappeared completely. It was horrific.

Janeway collected herself after a moment. Pressing her communicator badge, she asked the simple question. “Can we confirm a successful beam of 007?” M, Tanner, and Q all looked on in anticipation. After a moment, the voice of B’Elanna came over the badge.

“Copy, Vice Admiral. He is safe and secure.”

--Master Tej (talk) 15:29, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Unbeknownst to everyone else, a mysterious figure was overseeing the 'war' from his command chair in his cloaked vessel.

"Okay, seriously, can someone PLEASE explain to me what the Hell is going on here?"

"I believe it is some sort of ultimate battle between all the major spacefarers known to existence in the name of peace and sanity somehow," His assistant explained.

"Yes I gather that was the intention, whatever sense that makes, but this is the second day and I haven't gathered that all, from our scans there's something about the numerous doctors and for some reason we have James Bond and Marty McFly too and suddenly Han solo on the Death Star being chased by Stormtroopers even though it's supposed to have been taken over by Daleks and Cybermen, and wasn't there something about Luke Skywalker and some hierarch Artemis and Hive Leviathan, and suddenly we have The Convenant thrown in, honestly, for a battle in the name of peace and sanity this is the most incohesive scenario I've ever seen, and it's about high time that someone on this playing field brings some sanity to this situation!" ( 16:27, May 26, 2013 (UTC))

Several Blue Boxes flew past the Destiny Ascension heading straight for the UNSC INFINITY. The Ascension dwarfed over half of the ships on the battlefield, its cannons cut through an entire Dalek fleet like butter. Suddenly The Voyager rose up knocking one Police Box into the course of the Death Stars energy blast. It took evasive action and landed itself on the side of the USS Enterprise, so did another Tardis. The Eighth Doctor stepped out of the Tardis and so did the Master, The Tardis Anti-Grav circuits kept there feet firmly on the side of the ship. --HUGHCRI (talk) 17:27, May 26, 2013 (UTC)Hughcri

Death to the Doctor

Han Solo fingered the Improbability Drive and glared at the TARDIS on the side of the USS Enterprise. He smiled and clicked a button. With a flash of bacon, the Time Lock disintegrated.

"Beam him aboard", said Kirk. The Eighth Doctor stood in the transporter room glaring at a red shirt. He waved, then fled.

"Eights in trouble," said Ten to Nine. Nine nodded. "Fine, I'll get over there." The TARDIS flew through the force field into the shuttle bay. "Hang on," he muttered, "bit of a problem." The TARDIS slammed into a shuttle and it flew through the air and slammed into the wall. The Doctor emerged and found a wounded redshirt. "Oh dear," he muttered.

Eight ran to the shuttle bay and found Nine talking to the man, trying to dress his wounds. "Maybe we should let Bones handle this?" inquired Eight. Nine was silent. "You deserve to know what's going on," muttered Nine. Eight was going to ask what he meant, but realized he was talking to the redshirt. "This all goes against… against everything that I am, but… but I have to, for the sake of peace and sanity." A tesr rolled down his cheek. "There's going to be a war… a war that will make the Time War look like a spat. There will be no winner because everything within the vicinity of the Milky Way Galaxy will be destroyed. So many bystanders will die…" More tears dropped to the floor. "I ended the Time War by destroying both sides. Nobody else knows that. I must do the same here. I'm sorry, but so many lives can be saved. We must stop this war… before it starts." The redshirt nodded and closed his eyes. Nine turned to Eight. "There's nothing Bones can do." Suddenly, the sound of footsteps echoed through the ship. A squad of Enterprise security officers were coming.

"Quick, this way! To the TARDIS!" yelled Nine. They ran for the blue police box and opened the door to step inside. They both came face-to-face with a phaser taken from the dead redshirt. Han Solo grinned. "Hello, Doctor. Prepare to die."

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 18:16, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

A Wookiee's Fury

Piloting an X-Wing which he didn't completely fit inside of, Chewbacca pushed the engines beyond their limit as he made a mad dash for the saucer shaped starhip filling his viewport. The last few hours had been chaotic. Full mayhem had erupted between warring factions on the Heart of Gold, and ship was under increasing stress from the battle within. Thankfully, Zapod had awoken, and taken back control of the ship. Chewbacca had quietly left, only narrowly avoiding battle, through an auxiliary airlock. There, a New Republic shuttle had picked him up, and taken him to the fleet. He'd been grief stricken, ready to enter into a period of mourning for Han, but he'd received news from a New Republic Ensign on board the MC-80 he'd boarded: Han's locator beacon was still active, and had jumped around the battlefield as if in possession around the last few hours.

Chewbacca instantly understood what had happened. The locator beacon had no doubt been found by the ones responsible for the destruction of the Falcon, and was now being carried as a trophy. For honor, Chewbacca had instantly taken the X-Wing he now occupied in order to fulfill one mission: kill them. Kill them all with the locator beacon.

His comms crackled for a moment as the ship's frequency adjusted to his, and then came alive.

"Unidentified New Republic X-Wing, this is Lieutenant Uhura of the USS Enterprise. I advise that you immediately reduce speed and alter your course" the voice from the speaker said.

Yelling out, Chewbacca brought his fist down on the speaker and smashed it.

The hangar was only seconds away from his ship. Sensors indicated a shield activated around the ship, but it was just barely too late. It came up just beyond his afterburners. He watched as the blue box grew nearer. The figure closest had his back turned to him. The other two were curiously dressed in what might be an attempt at formal clothes. Not that Chewbacca knew much about formal clothing. The looks of shock on their faces was satisfying. Chewbacca grinned.

The ship, already on a collision course, continued into the hangar. --Master Tej (talk) 19:17, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

What had he done? John the Doctor who had dishonored the name lamented over the fact of what was meant to bring peace and sanity only made everything worse. Yet he had to amend the situation. Managing to grab hold of his concealed screwdriver, the Doctor managed to get himself free, unable to believe that all of his other incarnations left him here unguarded. Running through the corridors, avoiding the Daleks, Cybermen and remaining stormtroopers, he located his concealed Tardis, and flew off, intending to bring peace and sanity to the situation. ( 19:29, May 26, 2013 (UTC))

The Tardis flew rapidly off into the vast of space, as John searched for aid. All alone he was, in deep thought his mind ventured of the events that had taken place, and when his hope seemed lost he got a hail.

Strabuck: Unknown vessel This is the Colonial Battlestar Pegasus, you are entering into restricted airspace!

The Doctor looked out his window to see two colonial vipers flying on both sides of his ship.

Hotdog: You are to slow your speed to 100 knots and follow us in to the landing bay, do you acknowledge?

John quickly responds in fear, but also knowing this may be his only chance at help.

John The Doctor: This is the Doctor...I-I thought you all were dead, I saw you crash into...

Starbuck: Negative that was the Galatica...this is the Pegasus, and the Admirable been looking for you.

John The Doctor:I acknowledge, reducing speed now.

As the Tardis slowed down the Doctor looks out before him to see four massive ships and their fleets, the Battlestar Pegaus. His eyes marveled at the sight and hope bounced in his heart once more.

Inside the ship The Doctor is led by a group of marines up the corridors as the crew of the Pegasus all look to him in hate and fury. They near the Admiral quarters and the door opens up as The Doctor is pushed inside by XO Fisk, where Admiral Helena stands gripping her favorite knife.

--LordTJ 20:30, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Back on the Enterprise

Han Solo watched as Chewie's X-Wing impacted the hangar bays far wall. "CHEWIE!" Pieces of charred metal flew in all directions followed by a bright flash as a Shuttle beamed into the ship. Out of it The Master who still had a working Chameleon circuit. This Master had a dark beard and an evil smirk, if he was going to kill The Doctor, it would be the one who started it all, these Doctors had no use to him. Another Master Appeared, this one was blonde and wore a purple hoodie, he smiled and said "What do you know, Two Doctors and Two Masters.--HUGHCRI (talk) 21:09, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

Galactic Confusion and a Brilliant Idea

Finger pressing on the trigger, Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing disgorged another shot from its four wingtip blasters. They lanced out and found their target, yet another TIE Defender. He winced as the life inside vanished.

His head still swam over the events of the past hour. The Death Star with a planet cracking superlaser under command of Vader? Bad. Really bad. The Death Star with a superlaser that erases everything it touches under command of unknown aliens? Unbelievably bad.

Rogue Squadron and the other New Republic ships in the battle had been assigned the task of engaging any Imps and other ships that chose to attack them. So far, they’d only been mopping up, really, taking out TIEs that had happened to be out of range of the Death Star blast. One thing they’d noted was that the Death Star was no longer sending out TIEs. It had scrambled a good bulk of its forces at the opening of the battle, but had presently stopped. It was likely a result of the hostile takeover of the Death Star, which in of itself was an admirable feat. He wondered if there were any troops on the Death Star that were fighting back, how contested it was, if contested at all.

The laser had fired once since then, only taking a lighter from some dimension that he didn’t recognize and another one of those strange space cubes with it. However, he knew that they needed a plan to get rid of it, and fast, before it turned on them.

Suddenly, he had an epiphany. A brilliant idea.

“R2?” he asked. The droid trilled a response, ready for his command. “Get me all the readings taken of the Death Star’s modified laser blasts” he said. R2 beeped, whirred, and then figures appeared on the screen. Energy readings taken of the blast. Luke grinned, his mouth growing wide at the happiness of just how the beam worked. His plan might prove even more effective than he’d originally thought.

He opened a comm channel to Rogue Squadron. “Wedge?” he asked.

After a moment, there came a grunt, and Wedge responded “What’s up, boss?”

“I’ve got a plan to take down that laser” Luke said, "I need you to open a comm to the Admiral, and get me all the Y-Wings you can scrape together. We’re going to set a trap.” --Master Tej (talk) 22:12, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

No More Grudges

"Great scott, Marty! There must be a way out." They walked down the corridors of the captured Death Star. "I dunno, Doc. This thing goes on forever." Behind them Einstein moaned. Doc patted his head. "Easy, Einstein. Don't worry." "Doc?" "Not now, Marty." "Maybe you should worry, just a little bit." Doc turned around to see a Dalek. "GREAT SCOTT!!" he yelled, and then he fainted. "EX-TER-MI-NATE." "Aw, great!" yelled Marty in frustration as four or five Daleks moved steadily closer.

"Chewie, you're alive!" Han cried with relief. The Wookie nodded. "Mwrooowgh." Han stood up. "Listen, Doctor, whoever the hell you are, I was out of line. Nine smiled. "I would've done the same for Ro-" "This is touching," said the first Master, "but I-" "LOOK OUT!!" yelled Han as a phaser blast narrowly missed them. A number of security officers ran into the shuttle bay. "Run, this way!" Han yelled. "MROOOOWWWW!!" Chewie yelled in panic. The first Master fell behind and was stunned by a phaser. "Transport him to the brig for questioning," said a redshirt. The other lunged for his TARDIS and everyone else ran towards a shuttle. They jumped in and sealed the door, and Han lobbed a grenade at the force field. "NOOOO!" yelled Eight and Nine in synchrony as the force field was destroyed, sucking the redshirts out into space. Han grabbed the controls. "Okay, whats-his-name - Krik? Kork? - well, he's not gonna be happy about this." The shuttle rose into the air and they flew out of the Enterprise. "Okey-dokey, time to put these photon torpedoes in action!" "I can't believe you killed them! All of them!" Han laughed. "It's war, gramps! You should know, this is all your fault." Suddenly, the Master's TARDIS appeared directly in front of them. "Now that can't be good," said Han under his breath.

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 00:42, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Aboard the Death Star, Darth Vader and his stormtroopers were fighting off armies of Daleks and Cybermen. A platoon of Judoon had come and fought however, they had all died. A group of Cybermen marched towards Darth and his remaining Stormtroopers. "Kill them!" Exclaimed Darth. The stormtroopers (all of whom had unusually average aim) fired cutting down the first few Cybermen. One Cyberman remained, he grabbed Darth and began to electrocute him. This is how I die. Thought Vader. With my ship. In a different dimension surrounded by enemies. Suddenly the Cybermans head exploded into sparks. John-117 emerged from behind him with a Covenant Storm Rifle. "I propose an alliance. We kill these guys. You get me back to the Infinity, And we forget this happened." "Deal." Responded Vader, eager to reclaim his ship. Master Chief had around 12 ODST troopers. Vader had 3 stormtroopers. They left the room and encountered a Dalek. It took all of their weapons to destroy it. And they only could if they concentrated fire on it's eye stock. The Dalek exploded. The group trekked on, slogging through the ship. By the team they reached the control room, 1 stormtrooper remained and only 7 ODST's were alive. John prepared to teleport himself out when Vader began to choke him. "You will help me reclaim my ship. Once I have, you may leave. Follow." Vader released Master Chief and the two continued through the ship. They met up with a few more soldiers and encountered very few Daleks and Cybermen. "Something's wrong." Said an ODST. Her name was Cogman. Sergeant Cogman. She was tall, fairly bulky, and very smart. As the words left her mouth, an explosion rocked the ship. The nearby airlock opened, sucking out all the ODST's and stormtroopers. Everything was going to hell. John-117 had grabbed on to a wall and was climbing along it, he had almost reached the teleporter when a Vader grabbed his foot. "Help." Said Vader. "Sure." Yelled Master Chief, trying to be louder than the airlock. The two reached the teleporter, and teleported belly down tho the Infinity.

The Death Star exploded. The Dalek's had destroyed it. The Cybermen and them were flying about, shooting everything in sight. Naval officers ran back and forth across the Infinity's bay. Yelling commands. The ship was under attack. Sarah Palmer lifted the two up. "It's hopeless." She stated glumly. "There's no hope. Some Spartan's and ODST's are leaving the ship. Including me. Lasky insists he's staying on the ship and Roland can't leave as you know. You two come with us. We're going to aid our forces aboard the Heart of Gold." "Let's go." Said John. He and Vader boarded the pelican and took off right as Infinity exploded. -Jack/1shoe2shoes

The Reapers

Before any of the combatants could react, a mechanical roaring could be heard. It was more than just a sound, it was inside the minds of every combatant. The Daleks had called for aid and they had been answered. The Reapers had arrived.

"I am Harbinger, leader of the Reaper Fleet. We have arrived to continue the cycle. The cycle must never be broken. Prepare yourselves for ascension" A sepulchral voice boomed. Every crew member aboard every starship could hear the voice. And it filled even the most strong willed among them with fear. --JackfieldsA113 (talk) 02:46, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Luke's eyes widened as the Death Star exploded very suddenly, clearly from an internal trigger. He put his attention on evasive action. "Rogue Squadron, brace yourselves!" he yelled. Massive shockwaves, and then pieces of debris zipped in space around them. His plan forgotten, he turned to see another ship, one that came from another dimension, explode. He opened a channel to the Viscount Class Star Defender Juno. "Juno, this is Rogue Leader" he said.

"Juno copies, Rogue Leader" Admiral Ackbar responded.

"Admiral, we need to seriously reconsider our place in this battle. We're facing enemies we may not know how to fight" Luke suggested. As he said this, he encountered a strange creature in his radar. It was roughly human sized, with a wider base and a dome shaped top with several implements, including some that appear as if they might belong in a kitchen, or bathroom.

"EX-TER-MINATE!" came an electronic voice over his comm. It was frighteningly hostile. The machine turned towards him, and a beam shot out of an extremity on the neck. He narrowly evaded it, and then shot the very slow moving machine with his wing cannons. It only took one pass for the machine to explode, but what unsettled him was the amount of blaster power it took. He had to use about twice as much power from the cannons to destroy the machine as he did for a TIE fighter.

Just as he contemplated this, his mind was instantly assaulted with a signal from a machine that had led to the deaths of trillions. Screaming in pain, he held his mind as the enormous Reapers emerged into the battlefield. The force ripples his scream sent across space created a rift in reality, a force whirlwind as it might be known, a sort of wormhole.

The force whirlwind opened up directly next to the Battlestar Pegasus. --Master Tej (talk) 03:14, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

In the blink of any eye the Battlestar Pegasus, Athena, and Atlantia jumps in as the whirlwind continues to grow. The Battlestar Pegasus boosters begins to move away from the wormhole as vipers squadrons from all four battlestars fly out and begin engaging all hostile enemies in their wake. The Pegasus and her fleet begin firing their batteries at the Reaper fleet and the Enterprise.

Pegasus CIC Admiral Helena Cain looks on at the dradius as the coms light up with chatter from the vipers.

Admiral Helena Cain: Concentrate all your fire on the Reaper fleet, and prepare to lunch nukes.

XO Fisk: Yes sir. Prepare nukes one through fifty.

The Battle:

Luke Skywalker dips around as vipers pound everything in their sight.

Luke Skywalker: R2 I need help here!


Luke evades a viper as Starbuck comes flipping right over him and blasts back right behind him.

Starbuck I got him in my cross hairs Apollo!

Lee Adama Don't try anything fancy Starbuck, nukes going to be coming soon, no games-seriously.

Starbuck fires her main guns but Luke evades flipping with ease as he uses the force to maneuver behind Starbuck.

Starbuck: Holy Frack!

Starbuck shakes as Luke X-Wing stays on her tail firing his cannons but misses.

Luke Skywalker: R2 see if you can't get a lock on em'.

R2 tries to lock but as soon as he does Hotdog comes piling the way hitting Luke's X-Wing but barely damaging it. He boosts left clearing out away from the vipers fight.The Reapers and Daleks both come together and begin attacking ferociously the Colonial Fleet and the Enterprise. Enterprise

Captain Kirk tries to keep his balance as he sees the shields going down dramatically. He's been in tough situations before, but not like this before this time all hell is breaking loose upon him and his crew. He looks out at sees the Battlestars battling back.

Captain Kirk: Spock get me the Battlestar Pegasus now!

Pegasus CIC

The Pegasus lights flicker as it takes hits and inside the firm Admiral Cain looks on at the dradius.

Crew member: Admiral we have a hail on the com.

Admiral Helena Cain Who?

Crew member The Enterprise sir.

Admiral Cain picks up the phone and listens in.


Captain Kirk speaks on as he continues to looks on at the horrific battle unfolding.

Captain Kirk: I don't know you, but from a human to a human if we continue this course then we will all die. At this point we don't have a choice, as a species, as a race of humanity we have to stick together!

Pegasus CIC

Admiral Cain looks on at the dradius as she listens to the screams of her pilots.

Admiral Helena Cain: I got fifty nukes in three minuets their launching and taking out every thing in this sector.

Captain Kirk: Our shields are not gonna hold that long, if you give us cover we can take out two of the Daleks ships, give you more time to get off the nukes.

Admiral Helena Cain: I'll send in my battlestars in three minuets, the nukes fly, were going to have to go through the worm hole.

Captain Kirk': The clock is ticking.--LordTJ 05:23, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

The Eighth Doctor Could not believe what he was seeing. Now joining the battle were several new fleets of ships. Not just more imperials and other federation vessels, not to mention sontarans as well, but klingons, romulans, the dominion, also Cylons of both universes and even the Goa’uld! Just how many different spacefaring civilizations were going to join this affray? In an event that was supposed to bring peace and sanity to the multiverse, the Doctor now feared that it was now doomed in the hands of whoever won this battle in the end! 09:37, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Meanwhile, on the Heart of Gold...

Zaphod Beeblebrox was desperately piloting the Heart of Gold with one arm, holding the door shut with another, and clutching a blaster with his third arm. (No, not that third arm you dirty-minded reader.) Outside of the Heart of Gold, a Pelican flew, heading directly towards the ship. Zaphod screeched and swerved, the Pelican crashed into the side of the ship and attached itself to it. Sarah Palmer, Spartans, ODSTs, Master Chief/John-117, and Darth Vader poured out of the ship, slicing, shooting, and running through enemies as they exchanged banter. "Looks like our alliance will hold up for a bit longer." Said John as he blasted off the arm of a Sontaran. "We seem to work well together." Replied Vader, calmly as he stabbed a Mandalorian bounty hunter through the chest. (No it wasn't Boba Fett. He'd have had a much cooler death.) By the time they had cleared the first room Zaphod had dashed out of the cockpit and was hugging an ODST, "I'm alive! Yippee! Hooray! Thank you thank you thank you!" "Why the hell do you have two heads?" Asked Sarah Palmer, scowling. "Get it off me." Whimpered the ODST. "Man up." Replied Sarah Palmer, just as a Covenant Brute Chieftain turned the corner wielding a gravity hammer. Zaphod dodged to the side, but the hammer hit the ODST, crumpling him to a pulp. Master Chief shot the Brute Chieftain in the back, not even disabling his energy shields, the screaming Brute Chieftain through his hammer at Darth Vader who deftly reflected it with the force. The Chieftain then burst into flames as Boba Fett emerged with a flamethrower. "John, I regret what I am about to do but you are now in charge of the UNSC." "What?!" Replied John as Sarah Palmer leaped into Boba, tackling him into an airlock, Master Chief knew what to do and released the two into space. -GUESTY

In space, Boba and Sarah struggled with each other. Sarah held on to him, as they floated down. Boba kicked her right breast and grabbed on to her helmet, twisting it off. Sarah couldn't react, she was terrible in anti-grav fighting, and had never done it without a thruster pack. Boba kicked Sarah, with both his feet. No, wait, he was kicking off, towards a nearby ship. He used a jetpack to propel himself on to the roof of a Dalek ship. He took out a blowtorch and tried to burn through the hull, he had almost run out of oxygen when he finally managed to get into the ship. He resealed the slight damage he had done to the hull and began to walk, he see miles of them. The ship was filled to the brim with Daleks. All types of them, old Daleks, new Daleks, empirical Daleks, even four from the Cult of Skaro. Boba looked on, trying very hard to suppress a faint whimper. Boba Fett whimpered. Outside of the ship, the dead body of Sarah Palmer floated through space, with nowhere to go, it was promptly sucked into the engines of a nearby x-wing sending chunks of meat floating through space. -Jack/1shoe2shoes

The Battle

The Battlestar Athena shields the USS Enterprise as the Battlestar Atlantia and Pegasus nukes come online and aim. The Voyager fires it's lasers taken out rival planes in it's wake. The Enterprise rises just above the Athena and fires the last remaining torpedoes it has left. They race to their target hitting two of the Daleks ships destroyed thing and buying the Colonial fleet time to land their birds.

The vipers all come landing inside the Battlestars landing bay as they turn heading towards the wormhole.

Pegasus CIC

Admiral Cain looks at the draidus with her hands on the launch key.

Admiral Helena Cain: Captain Kirk...move that ass.

Admiral Cain then fires all fifty of her nuclear weapons and they go streaming towards the Daleks, Reapers, and the Republic ships. The Battlestars and USS Enterprise go through the worm hole as all fifty nukes explode taking out the Republic, Daleks, Reapers, and other ships in the sector. All are gone and only the three Battlestars and the USS Enterprise has survived not knowing where the wormhole will take them. With only John the Doctor on board the fate of all still lies in his hands.--LordTJ 14:46, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Hello, is this thing on, can you hear me?


Ah, hello there, my dear Vader, big fan of yours, don’t worry, I’m a friend, and a better ally to what you’ve already made here, sorry I meant to get in contact with you before the death star was destroyed, but oh well, I intend to get you out of here, along with something extra, I shall send you the coordinates to Boba Fett’s ship that just happens to be docked on this ship you’re on, and I advise you to get on as soon as possible!


Because in under sixty seconds this heart of gold will be destroyed. 14:55, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Darth Vader dashed through the Heart of Gold, arriving at Slave 1. Before he could leave, a Spartan ran towards him. "I've been meaning to thank you for helping us." 50 seconds left. Vader cut off the Spartan's head. Right as John-117 entered. "The hell are you doing Vader?!" Shouted Master Chief. 40 seconds. Vader leapt into the ship. Zaphod dashed through the corridor, seeing the dead spartan he yelped. "AAAAAAH!" Screached Zaphod. John thought; Something's wrong. Why would Vader leave? John-117 grabbed Zaphod and jumped to the Slave 1. 30 seconds. Master Chief/John-117 propelled towards the ship with his jetpack. He grabbed onto the outside and hung on for dear life. 20 seconds. Vader wasn't going to help him in. John tried to talk to Cortana but then remembered she was dead. Zaphod was dying. He couldn't breath in space, nor did he have a space suit. John pounded the hull with his fists. 10 seconds. UNSC soldiers shouted from the Heart of Gold. Some frantically leapt out, following their hero. 0 Seconds. The nukes went off. The UNSC were gone. Only John remained. John had enough air for days, Zaphod didn't. He kept pounding the hull. John-117 looked around and saw a wormhole. He realized it was his only hope, he pushed with all his might, holding on to Zaphod, and fell through. -GUESTY

On the other side of the wormhole, Boba Fett lamented his position, he was in space, far from where the nukes had detonated. He was hiding from the Daleks, but he knew it was hopeless. The Daleks were seemingly planning to destroy the USS Enterprise and the two Battlestars. Boba was staring into space, when he saw John-117 and a dying Zaphod Beeblebroz drift past him. Boba checked his jetpack. No fuel left. Damn. Could have used someone to help fight the Daleks. Outside, he saw a blue box open. Aboard it, a man in a fez and a man in a trench coat stuck their heads out. They yelled to John-117 and Zaphod, with outstretched arms they pulled them aboard. Boba knew this was his only chance. He shot out of the Dalek ship, opening an airlock. He was nearing the TARDIS, closer, closer, closer, when suddenly he was disintegrated into nothing. From aboard the TARDIS John-117 saw a Dalek shoot Boba Fett. He had just gotten aboard the TARDIS with Zaphod. Bigger on the inside, he thought. Well, may as well wonder about that later. He turned to the two men. "I'm 11!" Shouted the one in the fez. "I'm ten." Added the one in the trench coat. "Nice to see you got out of there alive. The Battle seems to have cooled down quite a bit." Said ten. "We were both irradiated, the nukes went off and nearly killed us. Our former ally Darth Vader was just out of range. We launched through the wormhole and, yeah. Here we are." "Radiation?!" Yelped 11. "I died of that once!" "We did?" Asked 10. "Never mind that." "Do I die of radiation?!" "Nothing to see here…" "Oh man." "Stop bickering! This three-armed two-headed alien is dying. Are either of you Doctor's?" Asked Master Chief. "Yes!" They both said simultaneously. "Help me. And him." Said Master Chief before he passed out. -Jack/1shoe2shoes

No One Can Hear You Scream

As the Enterprise, Voyager, and the Battlestars exit the vortex, they are met with scanners showing a ship waiting in front of them.
"On screen, and zoom in," said Kirk, but the screen only showed part of a metal plate. "Way out!" he added, and zooming way out, the screen showed a massive starship comprised of a control section, behind it a ring with a massive glowing orb in the center, and around the ring a long hoop: an Ori mothership! "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. Identify yourself and state your intention," announced Kirk. The Ori ship responded by firing a massive blast at the Enterprise, the shockwaves rippling over its shields.
"Captain! Shields are down by 80 percent!" shouted someone at a control station.
"Wait, did you say down by 80 percent?!" shouted Kirk. The Ori ship fired again, the second blast easily tearing through the shields and hitting the Enterprise.
"Well, I suppose I'm out of here," said Q nonchalantly as he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light. A moment later, and the Enterprise had been consumed by a fiery explosion. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 16:22, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

The Battlstar Pegasus, Atlantia, Athena, and the USS Voyager all maneuver themselves into battle position as the alert vipers launch out from the Battlestars. The massive guns of the Battlestars begin firing on the Ori ship as The USS Voyager move to cover the USS Enterprise and provide rescue to the emergency pods being shot out. The Ori ship begins to take severe damage as the three Battlestars pound away on it on all sides. Explosions erupt from the Ori and just like that it explodes.--LordTJ 16:39, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Vader flew to the coordinates that his mysterious benefactor had given him. He saw that representatives from a number of factions, borg, cybermen, dalek, sontaran, and a couple of civilizations he did not recognise (some flying in pyramid shaped ships, others star shaped) were flying to these same coordinates. He saw a vessel of unknown make welcoming the ships. Docking, Vader and the others (a couple of whom he was not fond of, given that they had taken the death star before later destroying it) followed the corridors to a room with a table that they all sat at. “Please be patient (Said a female droid like voice), your host shall be with you in what should be fifteen minutes, or more.” 17:26, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

The Normandy flew through the Reaper remains, Reapers never went down this easily. ‘ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL’ said an unknown voice as a giant vessel descended “The Collectors!" The Normandy took evasive action and ducked through the remains of the Dalek fleet. Two Identical ships passed by, the remains of the Kirk Enterprise and Picard Enterprise, they opened fire on the Collector vessel “Shepard I won’t lose another Normandy!” shouted Joker the Normandy pilot. The hull of the stealth ship melted away as it prepared to jump to FTL. --hughcr (we should make a new page this is getting too laggy to update

On board the Voyager, a crewmember at a computer terminal speaks up. “Captain, I just realized that there was a cloud of debris released from the destroyed Ori ship that couldn’t have been shrapnel.”
“Wait, how did you know they were called Ori?” replied a suspicious captain. Then the crewmember snapped his fingers and in a flash of light looked completely different.
“Because I’m Q,” Q said, turning to face the Captain, “and if you’d taken the time to read the Comments page for this article, you’d have seen that it was said the Ori mothership was only presumably piloted by a Prior. In actuality, it was under the control of the Replicators, who intentionally let down the ship’s shields when you fired, and who have now infiltrated all ships present at its destruction!” Suddenly, the Voyager shakes and lights begin to flicker.
“Captain! I’ve lost control of all the ship’s systems, and they’re being shut off one by one!” shouted another crewmember. “Life support’s gone! Artificial gravity, too! And Captain...we just lost the airlock.”
“Well, there’s my cue. Get it? “Cue”; because I’m “Q”?” said Q as he snapped his fingers and disappeared with a flash of light. A moment later, all crewmembers on the USS Voyager and the Battlestars Atlantia, Athena, and Pegasus were sucked out into space as the robotic spider-crab Replicators turned the ships and began to scan for the First Doctor, knowing that destroying him would have a ripple effect to remove all other Doctors from existence. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 18:41, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Suddennly Captain Kirk awakes covered in sweat, it had only just been a nightmare thankfully. He stands to his feet seeing that he is in sickbay, but it is not his ship. Admiral Cain walks to him with a cup of coffee.

Admiral Helena Cain: Captain, how are you feeling?

Captain Kirk:I'm okay just a headache, what happen after the attack?

Admiral Helena Cain: We managed to destroy the ship, but the Enterprise most of your crew are all gone. The Voyager took most of the survivors from there.

Captain Kirk: Spock?

Admiral Helena Cain: Still alive. But Captain what do you know about John Hurt The Doctor? --LordTJ 19:52, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

In the meeting room where the numerous aggressive civilizations had met, a hologram appeared above the table. “Greetings, space faring villains of the multiverse! Now I know you’re all eager to kill each other, but I have a proposition for you, to create an alliance amongst yourselves in order to take out the other competition, then feel free to kill each other. Follow my terms, and not only will I enable the victor to leave this little pocket universe, but I shall give you the inter-dimensional technology that shall allow you to spread your influence beyond your universe. You have eleven hours to consider my offer, hopefully most of you will be still alive by that point, because I’m hoping to make a certain one of you my supreme commander!” 20:13, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly, yet another TARDIS materialized on the scene. Only this one did not contain the Doctor but three rather puzzled individuals.

"What happened?" Madame Vastra asked, staring at the scanner. "The Doctor said the TARDIS should have taken us straight home and then shut itself down."

"Well, quite obviously it didn't," her wife Jenny Flint said. "It looks like it took us straight into the middle of a battle in outer space."

"I suggest evasive maneuvers followed by a full-on assault on the nearest ship!" Strax cried.

"Shut up, Strax!" Vastra snapped back. "Clearly, the TARDIS did not take us here by accident." She pointed at the scanner. "There are numerous other TARDISes floating around out there."

"Do they all look like the one we're in?" Jenny asked.

"Most of them do," Vastra replied. "That means several of the Doctor's incarnations are taking part in the battle. We must try to contact them."

"Maybe we can warn the Doctor about Trenzalore," Jenny suggested. "The Great Intelligence said he would meet his end there."

"Perhaps," Vastra said. "But for now, we should find out what is happening. I suspect the TARDIS brought us here to aid the Doctor and that's exactly what we'll do." Slughorn42 (talk) 21:37, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

In the sick bay of the USS Voyager:
“That old, grumpy Doctor? No, no idea about him," Kirk said to Cain. "What happened otherwise?”
“Q tried to infect our ships with Replicators,” said Cain, “but we activated the Omega 13 we’d borrowed from the NSEA Protector to turn time back and undo that event.”
Then a voice said out of nowhere. “But I thought the Omega 13 only turned back time to 13 seconds ago.” They all recognized the voice of Q, and Cain immediately realized her blunder. “Because the Replicator infiltration began far longer than 13 seconds ago!” Q announced before descending into maniacal laughter. The ship rocked, and the sick bay doors opened to reveal an army of Replicator spiders crawling along the floor and walls, which proceeded to flood into the room. Phasers were fired, but had no effect. Then all at once, the life support, artificial gravity, and airlocks were turned off once again, and all crewmembers on the USS Voyager and the Battlestars Atlantia, Athena, and Pegasus were sucked out into space, though the John Hurt Doctor was suspiciously absent. Not caring about this detail, the Replicators once again began seeking out the First Doctor. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 21:50, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

The tenth Doctor stood aboard the TARDIS, 11 had searched the TARDIS and found rooms for Zaphod and Chief. 10 and 11 stood. "It appears the enemies are meeting." Said 10. "So it does. Shall with gather some allies and blow them to hell?" Asked 11. "Oh. Well, that's a little harsh. But necessary. I'll contact the other Doctors." Replied 10. "Doctor Party!" Yelped 11. Moving his head while balancing his fez. The Doctors began calling other doctors. Soon, they had all gathered, 13 Doctor's, Zaphod, Han, Chewie, and Master Chief. "We're all that's left. I propose we ally with whomevers left." Announced 11. All the Doctor's agreed, of course. The group all piled into 10's TARDIS. "You fools are squashing me!" Exclaimed 1. "Shut up ya hag!" Yelled back 6. They then headed off in search of allies. -Jack/1shoe2shoes

As the flash of light faded, all 13 Doctors suddenly found themselves alone inside a TARDIS that appeared to have aspects of all of its previous desktop themes rolled into one, including the unused leopard skin one.
“Where did everyone else go?” asked Four.
“And why are we in this TARDIS?” asked Three.
Suddenly there was another flash of light, and a tall brown creature with a red snake tail, a buffalo and alligator leg, a lion arm, an eagle talon, a bat and bird wing, and a grey horse head with a goat horn, antelope antler, and one fang appeared in front of them.
“I’ve brought you all here to—,” it started, but looked down at itself and said, “Oh, phooey.”
“And who are you?” demanded Seven.
Who is he?” asked Two. “Just what is he supposed to be?”
“Well, I was supposed to be Q,” it said, “but apparently time and space have gone all wibbly and now I’m DisQord!”
“But that’s impossible,” spoke up Six, “Discord’s fictional.”
“And just how do you know that?” asked One.
“Oh, no!” exclaimed Six, looking around embarrassed, “Now I really am finished!” Seven through Thirteen snickered slightly.
“Well, I read the description at the beginning of this story contest,” DisQord said, “and apparently you lot are supposed to win—but I say to hoof with continuity! Enjoy your black hole the size of Belgium!!” DisQord raised his lion paw and it started to glow, the TARDIS suddenly registering a Belgium-sized black hole forming inside it.
“Not so fast!” shouted Five, beginning to work the controls, “I’ll cause the TARDIS to self-destruct so that explosion cancels out implosion!”
“Just like I taught ya!” cheered Ten. The TARDIS rocked and the black hole reading disappeared.
“You still haven’t stopped me!” DisQord shouted, but Eight ran to the console.
“Don’t be so sure!” Eight said, “I’ve installed a quick-open hatch on the Eye of Harmony!” He flipped a switch.
“HARMONY!?” DisQord reeled, “NNNOOOOO!!!!” He then proceeded to begin turning into a stone statue. Then Eleven stepped up.
“He’s trying to wipe us from existence,” Eleven said epicly, “and destroy the very spirit of respect, excellence, and friendship we represent.” Then he clicked open his sonic’s claws and aimed the screwdriver at DisQord as he finished his transformation into a statue, “Or at least he’s trying to.” The sonic screamed on, and glowing cracks appeared in the stone before the DisQord statue exploded.
“Fantastic!” exclaimed Nine, “Now what?”
“Yeah,” said Twelve, “we’ve got to get back to the President of the Galaxy and those guys.”
“Ordinarily I’d leave mystery, but this time I’ll tell you,” said a female voice that the Doctors from Ten and beyond recognized. “We’ve got Replicators incoming and no backup in sight, so prepare for the battle of your lives.” All the Doctors turned as a woman with big hair stepped into the console room from the TARDIS interior. “Hello, sweeties,” River Song said. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 22:59, May 27, 2013 (UTC) (I know I didn't wait long enough, but I just had to add this when the previous chapter led into it)

Space-Unknown Sector

A small ship drifts slowly in space out of power and we enter inside where four Mercs, Boss Johns, Toombs, Captain Santanna, and Johns all sleep quietly. A man is hung up by his arms is potsed in captivity; Riddick.

Riddick: They say most of you brain shuts down in Cryosleep, all the but the primitive side... all but the Furyan side. It's been a long time since we last encountered anyone, something's not right I know it...I can sense it. Rumors of foreign ships, powerful beings and time had been moving about the airways, but nothing confirmed...nothing solid. The ship... this shit with no legs, it lost power three days ago been drifting ever since, dusted the Necros and now silence. I could open up a few arteries now but I'm a just wait all back of the bus until the time is just right.--LordTJ 23:20, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

After spending several minutes fiddling with the TARDIS controls, Vastra managed to open a communication channel with the Doctor's TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor appeared on the scanner.

“Doctor!” Vastra cried happily. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Vastra,” the Doctor replied. “But how did you get here?”

“It seems the TARDIS wishes us to come to your aid.”

“Well, it’s rather crowded over here at the moment.”

“What do you mean?”

The Doctor stepped aside so Vastra could see his other incarnations. River Song waved.

“By the Goddess!” Vastra exclaimed. “Is that every single one of you?”

“Just about. There’s still one out there who’s causing us some trouble.”


“It’s a long story.”

“Then perhaps we can track him down for you. What does he look like?”

“He’s bearded. Gray hair. Generally disheveled-looking. But be careful. He’s extremely dangerous.”

“You can count on us, Doctor. I’ll let you know as soon as we find him. Goodbye.” She turned away from the scanner and faced Jenny and Strax. “It looks like the Doctor’s greatest secret was that one of his incarnations went rogue.”

“So it’s true what the Great Intelligence told us, then?” Jenny said sadly. “About him having blood on his hands, I mean?”

“Possibly, my dear,” Vastra replied. “But if there’s one thing I know about the Doctor, it’s that his hearts are always in the right place.”

“I shall destroy this rogue Doctor for the glory of the Sontaran Empire!” Strax shouted. Jenny shot him an angry look.

“Don’t be so hasty, Strax” Vastra said. “The fact that all his incarnation are in the same place at once means an untold number of paradoxes are occurring. We must try not to do any more damage to the timeline than is necessary.”

With that, she turned back to the scanner and began hunting down the Doctor’s forgotten incarnation. Slughorn42 (talk) 23:55, May 27, 2013 (UTC)

The John Hurt Doctor looked around the room, his eyes adjusting to the light “Why would you help me?” The John Simm Master smiled. “I didn’t, you are a ransom, if The Doctors don’t respond to my call, you will die taking Doctors 9 to 13 with you” -HUGHCRI

The Master stepped back and laughed, but a blue-glowing skull with eyeballs "glitches" through his head for a second, and he almost collapsed.
"What's the matter, Master?" the Hurt Doctor taunted. "Working with a dying body?"
"Shut up!" snapped the Simm Master.
"Say, where are we, anyway?" the Hurt Doctor asked.
"Where no one will ever find us," the Simm Master replied with confidence, "On Skagra's stolen invisible spaceship!"
Suddenly the room they were in shook and the doors were blasted open from outside. In stepped the Rani.
"No one except for her, of course," the Hurt Doctor commented.
"Shut up!" snapped the Simm Master again.
"You are now both going to be added to my collection of fools!" the Rani goaded, but the Simm Master looked unimpressed.
"Oh, go away," he said, and then shot a beam of electricity from his hand at her, knocking her screaming out the door and into space beyond.
The Hurt Doctor looked out the door after her with a look and sideways nod that said, "Not bad." —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 01:34, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

6 Minutes Earlier

Bond had just reached the bridge of the USS Voyager. He shook the hand of the female Vice Admiral, unsure if they would become close allies, or struggling enemies on the same side. It was all almost too much to take in, this vast ship, the untold technology, all of it was amazing.

"We passed through a wormhole minutes ago" Janeway explained to Bond. "We're not sure where it came from, but we're in yet another unregistered dimension."

Q had been about to speak up, no doubt with some scientific quip about the wormhole, when, very suddenly, the lights flickered. Everyone looked around before a massive hole appeared in the side of the ship, an emergency exit airlock. Instantly, Bond scrabbled on the deck to grab hold of the Captain's seat, catching Janeway as she flew past him. Unfortunately, Tanner was sucked into space, but M, Tuvok, and Harry Kim all found placeholds to avoid being sucked into oblivion.

Bond's muscles strained. The pull of space was absolutely incredible, and he began to slip.

Q (James Bond), in the meantime, was safely in a crew chair with his back to the hole. Managing to stay there, he very rapidly sent the ship electronic signals from his laptop. Fingers flying over the keys, he overrode codes and commands in an instant, and even wrote a few new ones. After no less than 46 seconds of the opening persisting, Q finally found the master override. He immediately closed all open airlocks and hatches, and was even able to shut down little, spider like automatons inside the ship.

All onboard the bridge instantly collapsed to the deck as the room re-gravitized, re-pressurized, and was re-oxygenated. Janeway wasted no time in caring for her ship.

"Lieutenant Kim! Confirm hull integrity! Ensign Jackh'yi, muster all the energy you can for shields! Commander Chakotay, take control of the bridge! I need to check on the rest of the ship!"

There came a chorus of "Aye, Captain!" and answers to other questions. Q looked around at the chaos for a moment, carefully turning his head side to side to take in the bridge. Then, straightening his glasses, he couldn't help but think how much calmer things were back in sedate London. --Master Tej (talk) 03:41, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

Fortunately, Q's expertise had saved the USS Voyager, the Replicators across the ship, including those attacking Kirk in the sick bay, falling apart into piles of inert Replicator blocks.
Unfortunately, Q's expertise in hacking had only spread so far as the Voyager, leaving the Replicators aboard the three surrounding Battlestars fully operational, and fully aware that their counterparts had been shut down. They each launched projectile missiles at the Voyager, missiles comprised of Replicator blocks, blocks which, upon breaching the Voyager's hull (Replicators being immune to its inferior shielding technology) immediately reformed into several small armies of Replicator spiders operating on a subwave network separate from the one those Q had hacked had been on. The Replicators, if they could feel, would feel unmatched, capable of upgrading their entire legion wirelessly to be immune to any counterstrategy that had worked on so much as one Replicator in one location once. Q's previous codes were already countered against. These Replicators' mission was simple: reclaim the Voyager for the Replicators. If they failed or reached a stalemate for too long, the Replicator-controlled Battlestar Athena would simply destroy it with Replicator-upgraded weapons. Battlestars Atlantia and Pegasus, meanwhile, had locked onto the First Doctor's signal, and shot off towards it with Replicator-upgraded hyperdrive engines. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 04:24, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

Representatives of the surviving imperial, Dalek, Borg, Cybermen, Sontaran, Goa’uld, Cylons of both universes, Klingons, Romulans, the Dominion and Peace Keepers for good measure had returned to the mysterious vessel, and agreed to their benefactor’s terms. Pleased with this, the benefactor named Vader supreme Commander of the allied fleet, since in his words “you’re that awesome!”

The new borg queen inquired “And what if we do not want to follow his commands?”

“Take it up with the Annedroid.”

The Annedroid in the room said her usual line before zapping the screaming queen, disintegrating her. 09:00, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

The USS Voyager shook immediately from the impact. Red lights came on as the ship went into red alert.

“Status report!” yelled Chakotay.

“Hull breached on Decks 3, 4, 9, 12, and 18! More of the spider androids on board, and these ones are operational! Security teams responding, but having little success!” Harry Kim reported.

“Evasive maneuver Lambda 17!” Janeway cried.

“Yes Ma’am!” Lieutenant Tom Paris responded.

“Q?” Bond asked.

“I’m trying to shut them down Bond! Each attack I use has the potential to make them smarter and immune!” Q snapped back. Q continued typing, fast. Any attempts to hack them or rewrite their coding locked him out. Instead, he tried a different approach. Logging into the Voyager’s main computer, he disabled gravity in a hallway that was infested, while activating magnetics. Then, issuing a warning to any Voyager crew in the vicinity of the hallway, he overloaded floor conduits. Rupturing, they shot blinding bolts of electricity through the floor into the spiders. Their main circuits overloaded, he was able to gain access to the central AI commanding the spiders on the ship. He rewrote the code, ordering the droids to shut down. It worked, but quite unfortunately, only on the ship’s spiders.

“Put more power on the engines! Have phasers ready!” Janeway yelled.

“Right then” Q said, and began assembling a cyber-defense for the next attack. --Master Tej (talk) 11:48, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

As former Gul Dukat fell into the fiery Pah-Wraiths it suddenly occurred to him that sleeping with Kai Winn was a rather anti-climactic end to an illustrious career as a serial womaniser and he would have much preferred Colonel Kira. He screamed in agony "NERYS!!!!"

The Prophets heard his cries and just as he thought he was about to die, he saw himself falling towards a strange blue ocean and noticed he had suddenly developed a dorsel fin and blow hole. However, he'd lost his rather abundant Cardie Cloaca and was presently rather confused.

He dematerialised and appeared inside a water tank on what appeared to be some kind of Klingon war bird with an unknown fat Human male and a potentially more gratifying beginning to his second coming not far away.

The human female bent in such a manner as to bounce her breasts in the air. Dukat moaned and to his surprise it was a very strange musical tone with a deep echo. Not to be usurped by such a perturbance, he simply bided his time in order to observe that precious commodity and devise a plan to acquire it with more subtlety and grace than the most diplomatic Ferengi.

They went to warp and the tank exploded. There was a bright flash.

He found himself taking phaser fire from the Kazon - which, by the way - stung more than Rigelian crabs or those weird sores transmitted by Orion slave girls. And just has he regained equilibrium, he realised he gained insight into matters he had never enjoyed previously, such as the inhabitants of his medial forebrain bundle.

And for some bizarre reason, they called him Moya. Moya. What was going on?

- 28/05/2013 2218 AEST


“I think I’ve got a lock on him!” Vastra said.

“Where is he?” Jenny asked.

“According to the scanner, he ‘s on an invisible spaceship,” Vastra replied. “No doubt hiding from all the other ships out there. But thankfully, the good old TARDIS is not so easily fooled.” She pressed some buttons on the console and managed to materialize the TARDIS onboard Skagra’s ship. The three of them stepped out into an all-white room.

“No doors,” Strax said. “No discernable way into or out of this room. If I had my blaster, I could burn a hole through the wall.”

“My sonic gun might work,” Vastra suggested.

“You mean the one you used on me not so long ago?” Strax replied grumpily.

“Yes,” Vastra said. “I left it in the TARDIS.” But just as she turned to retrieve it, the TARDIS vanished in a flash of white light.

“What’s happened?” Jenny cried. “Where’s the TARDIS got to?”

“I don’t know, Jenny,” Vastra said. “It’s possible the Emergency Protocol only just kicked in.”

“Or maybe someone on this ship stole it,” Jenny said. “Either way, we’re stuck in this room.”

“And unable to stop the rogue Doctor,” Vastra said resignedly. Slughorn42 (talk) 16:11, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

In the Knick of Time

It was not looking good, thought the tenth Doctor. From what the scans were telling him, numerous aggressive fleets from Imperial to peace keepers were forming an alliance. They needed to unite the remaining starships soon otherwise they would all be destroyed! But first they needed to deal with those replicators! The Doctor had an idea…. 16:41, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

The Battle had raged for days, most of the combatants had moved through the wormhole including the Enterprise-D (The Picard Enterprise everyone has forgotten). It fired all its cannons at the Collector Vessel that was attacking the Normandy. Suddenly a blip appeared on radar “A PLANET!” The Collector Vessel jumped to FTL and sped away as ALL the remaining ships moved the fight to the Planets atmosphere. (IT IS BECOMING IMPOSSIBLE TO POST, CAN WE PLEASE MAKE A GREAT STARSHIP BATTLE PART 2 PAGE BECAUSE THIS ONE IS BECOMING LAGGY) –HUGHCRI-

As the ships continued their battle above this mysterious planet, an oblong asteroid floated by, but it wasn't an asteroid—it was the TARDIS of the Roger Delgado Master. As he observed the fighting, a face popped up on the console's monitor. It was Q.
"Do you think you're hiding?" the omnipotent reality warper taunted. "Chameleon Circuits don't fool me."
"Q?" questioned the Delgado Master, "Didn't something happen to you when you faced the 13 Doctors?" Q looked puzzled. "And is that the Enterprise you're aboard? Didn't it get destroyed? Oh, wait...of course! There are two Enterprises! Well, I can fix that!"
"What are you doing?" asked Q.
"Retroactively merging the timestreams of the two Enterprises," the Delgado Master answered evilly, "sending Picard's back in time to fuse with Kirk's moments before the latter's destruction!"
"Oh, tricky, tricky," Q said angrily, and suddenly reality around Picard's Enterprise warped, and a moment later he was sitting in an Enterprise that was a combination of Kirk's older and Picard's newer models. He looked out the front window to see a massive Ori mothership firing at the Enterprise, the beam hitting its hull. "Well, I suppose I'm out of here," said Q nonchalantly as he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flash of light. A moment later, and the Enterprise had been consumed by a fiery explosion.
The crew of the USS Voyager immediately jumped into action to rescue as many Enterprise passengers as they could, none noticing an invisible spaceship snatching the John Hurt Doctor. Battlestars Athena, Atlantia, and Pegasus also jumped into action, surrounding the Ori mothership and firing, their weapons suspiciously meeting no resistance, and the mothership being destroyed. None noticed as a suspicious cloud of debris that couldn't have been shrapnel spread over all four surviving vessels. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 18:18, May 28, 2013 (UTC) (please note that this wraps back around to events that already happened; do not continue from here, continue from the most recent event by the perspectives of the characters)

Luke Skywalker opened his eyes and instantly slammed them shut again.

White light had flooded into his corneas, painfully terrorizing his dilated pupils. He had no recollection of what had transpired recently, or even how long he’d been out. The last thing he recalled was the space battle into which the enormous ships had become involved. From comms chatter he’d come to gather the ships were called “Reapers.” Whatever they were, their effect on the force was overpowering. He’d been attempting to the fullest of his abilities to avoid the ships and prevent creating another wormhole when his force abilities got out of control.

But he’d gotten careless. Chasing a small starship that had launched from one of the myriad ships in the battle, he’d come directly under the shadow of one of the “Reapers”, and the effect had been absolutely too much. Barely managing to deactivate his comms in order to not shatter the Rogue’s eardrums, he’d tried to form a force shield around himself to contain the force scream he knew he would cause. It was not enough.

Ripping through time and space, his X-Wing had exploded, and the entire New Republic fleet had been transported away from the battle before the nuclear weapons hit. (By the way, a Viscount Class Star Defender is 17 km long, and the other ships are several hundred meters long at the least. All 50 nukes would not have destroyed the whole fleet, much less all the Daleks and Reapers). He had passed out in whichever dimension the New Republic fleet had been transported to.

Feeling the force flow through his body, he reached out to the ship. Definitely New Republic. He tried to expand into the room, and felt a presence in the corner . . . calm, and yet with turmoil roiling beneath the surface. Drawing on the presence to help himself calm, he tried to recognize the person.

“Leia!” he yelled, shooting upwards from the bed. Pupils fine now, he looked around as he sat on the top of the bed. He instantly spotted her, asleep in a chair in the corner. Blinking awake, she looked at him, and then they got up together and embraced.

“Luke! We were so worried about you!” she said, looking at him happily.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You brought the fleet somewhere else, we don’t know where. They found you 2 minutes after the X-Wing exploded. You’d somehow managed to keep a force shield up all that time” she told him.

“R2?” he asked.

“We picked him up too. He’ll be fine, but you very nearly destroyed him.”

Luke looked down sadly.

“Luke, it’s not your fault!” she insisted. “I collapsed when those ships arrived. Their rip in the force, it’s unbelievable. I can only help but wonder if the galaxy they came from still has sentient life.”

The Medbay viewscreen suddenly illuminated to show the wide face of Admiral Ackbar.

“Councilor Organa Solo and Master Skywalker. I trust you are both doing better. However, we’ve encountered a problem” he said hurriedly.

Outside, several New Republic Marines ran down the hallway, armed.

“What is it, Admiral?” Leia asked.

“It seems we are being pulled to yet another dimension. Peculiarly enough, we are in the realm of hyperspace, but we estimate it is being used as a bridge between-”

“Pulled? What do you mean, pulled?!” Luke asked, alarmed.

“I can’t explain, Master Skywalker. I can only say that I fear the battle is still not over for us” Admiral Ackbar responded.

*     *     *

Dimensions away, the 8th Doctor peered at the controls of the TARDIS, feeling numb. The others continued to converse around him, but he knew he had to complete his mission, here, and now. Although the move by the New Republic fleet to purposefully create and escape through an inter-dimensional wormhole was clever, he was able to pull them back just the same. A tear rolled down his cheek as he peered at the control panel. It had to be done. Pulling a lever up to full, he twisted a neon dial, and then waited as a final, large, teal button was revealed under a fake control board, which slid back. Prying a plastic cover away from the button with his thumb, the Doctor let out one anguished sob, and then pressed the button. The last piece of the plan was in motion. --Master Tej (talk) 19:22, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

The TARDIS materialized in the vicinity of the replicator occupied Battlestars.

“Right then,” The tenth announced, “Everyone get to your appointed stations!  We only have one chance of eliminating the Replicator threat once and for all!”

If this should work, the tenth thought to himself, then they should be able to use the TARDIS in order to replicate (No pun intended) the same disruptor wave that defeated them in their own universe.  Once everyone was ready (although  the tenth could not help but notice that his eighth incarnation seemed to have been preoccupied with something), the tenth cried out “let’s start this thing!” and pulled down a lever.  The TARDIS started to charge. 19:50, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

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Vastra, Jenny and Strax sat despondently inside their prison. Eventually, Strax became frustrated and banged his fist on the wall. This awakened the ship’s computer.

“What is it you require?” it asked.

“Who’s speaking?” Strax replied.

“I am the ship,” the computer replied. “I am here to serve all your needs.”

“Excellent!” Vastra cried. “We need to get out of this room.”

“For what purpose?”

“To find the Doctor.”

“The Doctor is my Lord! I would do anything to help him.”

“We have reason to believe a rogue incarnation of the Doctor is onboard this ship.”

“A rogue incarnation? What is this heresy?”

“There’s no time to explain! Just let us out!”

“You speak ill of my Lord, the Doctor! Clearly, you are an enemy of his! You must be destroyed!” Suddenly, two of the four walls began to move towards each other.

“NO!” Vastra shouted. “Please listen to us! We mean no harm!”

“You lie!” the computer spat back.

“Sontar-ha!” Strax exclaimed as he attempted to stop the wall coming towards him by pushing against it. It made no difference.

Vastra and Jenny held each other close.

“I think this might be it, mum,” Jenny said, a tear forming in her eye. Slughorn42 (talk) 20:30, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

Inside the conglomeration TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor watched as the circuits finished charging, but suddenly a holographic figure appeared in the middle of the room.
"Hello there, puny organic lifeforms," it said, "I am a human-form Replicator, made from microscopic cell-sized Replicator blocks. My name is Sixth. I'd just like to let you know that your attempts to duplicate the disruptor wave of the Dakara Superweapon will fail. We have already adapted ourselves to be immune to that wavelength, as you should already have guessed, though guessing is admittedly an ineffective and inefficient method of problem-solving."
"Oh, I know that," said Ten, "but that's why the TARDIS is gonna help me broadcast it on every possible wavelength, wave pattern, and any other sort of wavey-wave thing you can think of!"
"Nonsense...," Sixth said, though he/it seemed nervous, despite being an emotionless machine, "it isn't possible..."
"Oh yeah?" said Ten, "Let's find out, then. Allons-y!!" And he grabbed a lever.
Suddenly a loud whirring noise was heard, and a short metal box with switches on one side and a glass cylinder topped with a metal dome with flashing lights on top phased into existence in front of the Doctors.
"It's the Keller Machine!" shouted Three, "I though I'd destroyed it long ago!"
"Apparently you didn't," replied Sixth, now regaining confidence, "because it's been helping us Replicators for some time now! Prepare to die thirteen times by your own worst inner fears, Doctor! Get them!" The Keller Machine then began whirring again, and all aboard the TARDIS grabbed their heads in pain as their worst fears began tormenting their minds, which would eventually lead to relevant physical injury if let go for too long. Even the TARDIS itself began creaking, as if feeling the same psychic attack. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 21:05, May 28, 2013 (UTC) (the Keller Machine is from The Mind of Evil, if you're wondering)

Suddenly the Tardis shakes hards knocking everyone off their feet, as the Keller Machine hits the wall on the inside of the ship. The psyhic attack was halted as sparks flew left and right inside. The Doctor quickly rises to his feet to cease the oppurtunity and charged at Sixth and tackles him. Sixth grabs him by his neck and begins to choke him out, but just then another hard shake erupts inside the Tardis and the gravity is knocked off. Everyone goes afloat and just then the door to Tardis open to reveal Toombs, Boss Johns, Cpt. Santana, and Johns with their guns. The light flickers and they then see the sixth that comes towards them. Johns immediately begins firing followed by the others which takes out the Sixth killing him. Just then the Keler Machine turns back on, and everyone begins grabbing their heds in pain.

Toombs: The hell is that!

The Doctor: Shoot the box!!

Toombs takes his gun and fires multiple times at the box blowing it up as the mind bending stops. Doctor three floats to the computers and places the gravity back on as everyone drops down to the floor.

Doctor 3: Thanks for that.

Boss Johns: Thanks, hell no we came to take your ship, get em' up!

Boss Johns and the other mercs hold their weapons at everyone inside, as the Doctors and others hold their hands up. Just then the lights all turn out inside.

Doctor 5: What's going on?!

A small flash of light flickers inside as the mercs continue to hold their weapons at them all, and then a whisper rings out from all around.

Riddick: Told you all to ghost me.

Toombs: RIDDICK!!

In the flashes of light the mercs are attakced as sounds of shot ring out and slashes from a blade goes streaking back and forth. The flashing then shows a dark figure approaching the Doctors and all else in fear. Suddenly the lights turn on and there stands RIDDICKcovered in the mercs blood, as their bodies lay on the floor behind him, and then the lights go all out completley. 

Riddick: Your're not afraid of the dark...are you?

LordTJ 21:52, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

The Doctors quickly stepped into the TARDIS, to Riddick and the others outside, it would seem like they entered and left, however, they had some errands to run. In the back of the conglomeration TARDIS, Han Solo, Chewbacca, John-117, and Zaphod, stared dumfounded at all the Doctor's piloting the TARDIS. "Where are we going?" Asked John 117. "To Vastra and her friends!" Yelped 11. "To stop the bad guys!" Spoke up 6. "To gather allies!" Shouted 10 and 5 simultaneously. "To get jelly babies!" Exclaimed 4. Everyone stared at 4. "What? They're delicious." "Roooooargh!" Added Chewie. Zaphod frantically twisted and turned back and forth. "I really would be for which ever of those does not involve dying." 4 grinned.

After they had gotten some jelly babies from one of the TARDIS's many rooms, they left the TARDIS and returned to Riddick and the others. Each member of the group, was Master Chief, was holding a bag of jelly babies. "Let's go." Han said hastily. -Jack/1shoe2shoes

“Well I should thank you for stopping those men,” Tenth thanked Riddick, “Even though I’m against the unnecessary taking of life and could have dealt with them without killing them despite what’s at stake but right now I’ve really got to start the disrupter wave before oh no he’s already recovered.”

Standing up, Sixth, who was in the middle of mending the holes where the mercs had shot him, morphed his right hand into a blade and advanced on the Doctor.  A laser blast hit Sixth in the eye, as Han Solo kept shooting him.

“Huh,” Remarked eleventh, “I forgot he was on board!”

Before Sixth could react, Tenth ran for the controls and hit the big red button. 22:22, May 28, 2013 (UTC)

The Endgame Begins

The walls of the pocket universe started to disappear, and the nothing from which it was created started to flood in. There was mass chaos and destruction. Then, all of a sudden, there was nothing.

The last of the Borg Queens ran towards Davros. Darth Vader stepped in front. "Don't mo-" A blast of nanoprobes engulfed him and he collapsed, screaming, as he was slowly assimilated. The Daleks and Cybermen charged towards her, but behind her were all that remained of the UNSC Infinity crew, now Borg drones. "EX-TER-MI-NATE" said one Dalek, and fired.

The Queen flew backwards, and Davros stood over her triumphantly. "Prepare to die." The Queen grinned. "Resistance is futile." Nanoprobes flew across the room from her hand as she died, and they met those of the Cybermen. The hive minds merged, and soon a new queen was born.

She stood over Davros as he struggled, and she held up a hand and merged with him. His body disappeared and she was one with the god of the Daleks. "Resistance is futile," said the assimilated Admiral Janeway.

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 23:56, May 28, 2013 (UTC) 

Bond leveled his Walther at a door before it opened on board the Voyager. Everything had gone so horribly, terribly wrong in a matter of moments. The bridge had been taken by strange, hive creatures, and he’d been forced to leave. M and Q trailed shortly behind him. Arriving at the shuttlebay, he shot without question two waiting security officers who tried to encourage him to halt instead of shooting first. Misguided fools.

Bond reached the shuttle he had been looking for, as described by Q. Climbing inside with M and Q, he knew it only a matter of moments before they realized what had happened and came down here to intercept them.

Suddenly, the shuttle came alive around them, activated by Q’s hacking. They looked joyous for a moment, then all looked at each other. They all waited, each expecting one of the other 2 to take the pilot’s seat.

The doors to the shuttlebay burst open, and Borg controlled crew flooded in, repeating the same words of assimilation and futility. Taking the initiative, Bond closed the shuttle hatch, and then stepped up to the controls.

Clumsily making the shuttle rise, Bond turned it towards the hangar doors, which Q opened. He exited the shuttlebay as handheld phaser fire flew all around the shuttle. Flying hastily away from the Voyager, he rolled to dodge a phaser, and only partially succeeded in doing so. The shields dropping, he knew of only one safe place: the New Republic ships hanging back on the horizon.

“Q, open communications with that really big ship there. We need a place to stay the night.”

“Funny, Bond” Q said back. Then, he opened up the comms, and waited for a response. --Master Tej (talk) 00:13, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Just as the walls were about to close in on them, Vastra, Jenny and Strax felt themselves being pulled away from the room. They materialized inside the ship’s control room where they were approached by a blonde-haired man wearing a hoodie.

“Ah! So glad you could join us,” the man said, laughing manically. “I took the liberty of beaming you out before the ship’s computer turned you into pulp.”

“Thank you,” Vastra said gratefully. “You saved our lives. But… who are you?”

“I am usually referred to as the Master, universally. I monitored your arrival via the ship’s surveillance system. If I understand correctly, you were looking for him.” He indicated an elderly man trapped behind a force field a few feet away from them.

“He does match the description the Doctor gave to us,” Vastra said. Strax stepped right up to the force field.

“Very soon, I shall defeat you in battle for the glory of the Sontaran empire!” he cried.

“I’d just like to see you try,” the Hurt Doctor retorted.

“Yes, about that,” the Master interjected. “You see, I’m holding him for ransom. If the other Doctors don’t respond to my call, he dies and so do all the incarnations that come after him.”

“We don’t want to kill him,” Vastra said. “We must deliver him to the other Doctors. They will know what to do with him.”

“Come now, lizard woman!” the Master said patronizingly. “You and I have a common goal. We both want to see this man disposed of, right? So I suggest we join forces.”

“And why should we listen to you?” Jenny said, crossing her arms and frowning. The Master stared directly into her eyes.

“Because I am the Master,” he said menacingly. “And you… will obey me!” Slughorn42 (talk) 00:30, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly the record needle of time jumped off its track and landed back a minute earlier.
Onboard Skagra's invisible spaceship, in the white room with the closing walls, Vastra, Jenny, and Strax looked around.
"What are we doing back here?" Jenny asked.
"I don’t know, dear," Vastra responded, "I don’t know."
"Moonites," Strax cursed under his breath.
The three stood and waited for the end. What they got instead was a flash of light in front of them. The man that had appeared was facing away but quickly spun around as if he'd totally meant to do that upon arriving instead of accidentally showing up backwards. He was wearing a brown tweed jacket, a bright red fez, and was holding a mop.
"Right, this is happening," he said more to himself than the three surprised individuals in front of him. "Now, time and space are going all wibbly-wobbly, so I don't have much time to—" And then he burst into a flash of light and the omnipotent Q was standing in his place.
"My, my," Q said, "this in an interesting turn of—" And another flash of light replaced him with the man with a fez and a mop.
"—explain, but...," he said as if he hadn't been interrupted, "there's a quick and easy way out of this. This ship knows me, right?" Vastra and Jenny both nodded, but the man had already looked up and shouted, "Oi! Spaceship! It's me-ee!!" Suddenly another flash of light replaced him with the strange mix-and-matched creature that had called itself DisQord.
"—events," he said, continuing Q's words, before looking down and adding, "Oh horsefeathers, not again." Then the ship's computer spurred back on.
"You are not the Doctor," it said. "If there's one thing I need, it's more liars." Then the floor and ceiling began closing in on the rooms occupants, too, just as another flash of light replaced DisQord with Mr. Fez-and-Mop again.
"What the!?" he shouted, seeing the floor and ceiling, "This is not how you should be treating your guests!" Another flash and Q was standing in his place, wearing his fez, but wasn't the same Q as before.
"What's going on? Where am I?" the new Q asked, "I was piloting a shuttle from the Voyager when—what's happening with the walls!?"
Suddenly, a door on one of the non-closing-in walls opened and in stepped the John Simm Master. "What's going on here?" he demanded.
Meanwhile, on the Voyager shuttle, James Bond and M had drawn their guns on the man with a mop that had just replaced Q in a flash of light. "What's going on here?" 007 demanded.
The man reclined in the pilot's chair and simply stated, "I'm going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize, street-level maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, twelve jammie dodgers, and a new fez." He smiled. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 00:53, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Master turned his attention to a screen. On it giant robotic ships, almost like cuttlefish appeared, “I knew 50 nukes could not take them (THE REAPERS) out” –HUGHCRI-

But then they saw it. A small bundle of battle ships just peaking behind the Reaper ships.

"Ho, Doctor."

"Ho, Ender Wiggin. I was wondering when you would show your face finally another clever mind"

The Master "Hey?"

Doctor "Sorry. Ender you have got to get out of there the reapers are far to powerful for a force as small as yours."

Ender "Are you really trying to tell me that a small force can't beat seemingly impossible odds? My whole life is run of impossible odds."

(Above please SIGN YOUR POSTS)

Aboard the Voyager shuttle, the man with the mop set Q’s laptop aside, got up, and walked past Bond and M, whose guns never left him.
“Alright, here’s the deal,” he said, “Someone’s gone and pressed the big red button—which is something I don’t have to tell you you never do—,” he opened the shuttle cockpit’s door and walked into a hallway of the Rebels’ Echo Base on Hoth, into which 007 and M followed with surprise, “so now time and space has gone all wibbly-wobbly, reality and continuity have been thrown out the window,” an explosion rocked the hallway and snow fell from the ceiling, but he opened a door along the wall and stepped into a dimly lit enormous room with monotonously grinding machines, a stretcher-like thing on the end of a robotic arm attached to the ceiling, and a giant vat filled with a liquid glowing with a rainbow aura and hooked to six smaller vats each with a different colored glowing liquid, with a repulsive stench permeating the air, “and things that should never even be possible are happening right in front of you,” he walked along a grated metal catwalk and led the MI-6 operatives, guns still trained, through yet another door and into a room filled with the crossfire of battling Daleks and Borg drones, all of whom immediately stopped and turned towards the three new arrivals, “so, basically . . . RRRRUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!” —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 02:56, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Eighth Doctor sat on the floor in a corner of the main control room, tears running slowly off of his nose. His tenth counterpart had caused this dimension to begin to tear itself apart, but that didn’t matter much. His plan was set into motion. Once the TARDIS was fully recalibrated in 37 minutes and 48 seconds, the plan would be executed.

“Hey Doc. What’s up?” a voice asked from above. The Doctor looked up to see Han Solo, grinning lopsidedly, next to his mammoth partner, Chewbacca. However, when Han saw the Doctor’s face, he stopped grinning, realizing something was plaguing the Doctor, he knelt to him. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked.

The Doctor could barely bring himself to look at Han. When he did, his voice was hard to find.

“You don’t understand. The reason I brought you here . . . the plan set in motion . . . it had to be done.”

“Wait, you brought us here?!” Han asked, surprised. Chewbacca emitted an equally shocked roar.

“Captain Solo” the Doctor began, “you must understand a thing or two about dimensions. There are literally billions, ones we can reach, ones we cannot, in existence. Move your arm through the air, and you will at once touch hundreds without either you or them knowing it. In the center of all these realities are several very large ones, ones with monumental events occurring in them. Such dimensions as yours, mine, Mr. Bond’s, many different ones. Each time a very significant event happens in any of them, namely, the death of many advanced organisms simultaneously, it sends ripples through the others. And each time there are inter-dimensional ripples, the dimensions are brought closer together.”

Han looked very confused. The Doctor continued.

“Recently, there have been too many events of the magnitude I described occurring in the largest, central dimensions. The Death Star was a catalyst to many of these events. And in an extremely small amount of time, these dimensions will unite.”

“Unite?” Han asked.

“Come together, forge a bond, whatever you want to call it. The great societies from these dimensions will meet each other, and cause war. A war that will kill quadrillions. My job is to stop that war. That is why I brought you here.”

Han digested this for a moment, looking confused and betrayed. Then, a look of realization came over his face. Backing up, he looked at the Doctor defensively.

“When you brought us here, what were you planning to do with us?” Han asked. Chewbacca let out a low grumble.

The Doctor looked at him sadly. “You must know, it is nothing against you individually, or anyone else here.”

Han repeated the question. “What were you planning to do with us, Doc?!”

The Doctor, eyes filled with tears, looked at Han. He had already done it. This man would be destroyed, the TARDIS would see to that. So would everyone else. The New Republic fleet, the Borg, Darth Vader, anyone else left alive.

Who was he? How had he brought himself so low? The very name Doctor would be forever scarred by his actions here today. But it was necessary. So ironically necessary.

Peering at Han again, the Doctor finally forced the words out.

“I brought you here to erase you from existence.” --Master Tej (talk) 04:45, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

As time and space rippled around them, The other Doctors were grasping on the bars next to the control panels tightly, tighter than the TARDIS usually rocks about through time and space.

“Way to implode the pocket universe and kill us all, Doc,” The ninth Doctor complained.

“How many times do I have to tell you,” retorted the Tenth, “It wasn’t supposed to do this!  It was supposed to generate the disruptor wave to wipe out the replicators, not end the universe!  Whatever the TARDIS has done, it’s probably a future modification one of our successors made, but don’t worry, I should be able to stabilize the universe, just a press of a button here, a twist of a knob here, a flick of my sonic screwdriver that can resolve any situation, and that should be it!” 08:40, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

In the Name of the Doctor?

Han Solo’s eyes widened “Wait if you did this then the Rouge Doctor…” Eight smirked, still laughing, his laughs evolved into sobs “I needed someone to blame this on, I did this in the name of the Doctor! Don’t you see, he isn’t The Doctor that did this! He is The Doctor who tried to stop this!” (The Eighth Doctor altered the other Doctors’ memories making them think Hurt did this) HUGHCRI

Suddenly one of the walls of the TARDIS was split open as an apparently invisible spaceship crashed through it. A door was kicked open revealing a visible interior as the John Hurt Doctor jumped out, having commandeered the vessel whist the John Simm Master was distracted with the Paternoster Gang and the fez-wearing MI-6 techie.
"Yes, and I'm here to stop this right now!" he shouted, pointing at Eight.
Nine just looked over at Ten and said, "Apparently that button-press, knob-twist, and sonic-flick wasn't just it."
Meanwhile, at the unknown coordinates, the Daleks and Borg drones raised their weapons at Mr. Mop, Mr. Bond, and M, but Bond and M started shooting first as Mr. Mop ducked for cover. He ran across the room to a door and soniced it open, but came face to face with a white and grey Time War Dalek with a series of 8 large gunsticks ringed around its center in place of the standard gunstick and manipulator arm. It rolled out at him.
"Good, good, great!" Mr. Mop said excitedly, pointing over at the Daleks and Borg drones, "There's an awful lot of 'stuff' over there!"
The Destroyer Dalek looked over, paused, then sped forward shouting, "SSSTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFF!!!!" Its ring of gunsticks spinning around and firing in no particular order, effectively shooting at everything at once. Daleks and Borg drones fell or were blasted apart as Mr. Lost-his-Fez looked on in amazement.
"Didn't expect that to work," he admitted, "but I'll take it!" Then he turned to find a Walther PPK in his face.
"Good," Agent 007 said, "now take us somewhere else."
"Will do," he replied in a self-preserving manner. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 14:05, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

The Master, Vastra, Jenny, Strax and Q entered the TARDIS.

“Thought you could get away from me that easily, could you?” the Master said to the Hurt Doctor. He then realized where he was. “Ah, I see you’ve found you’re fellow incarnations. Now we can really get the party started!”

“You don’t understand,” the Hurt Doctor said. “I came here to stop him from destroying everything.” He pointed to the Eighth Doctor.

“He’s telling the truth,” Han Solo said. The Master and the others looked confused. Just then, Ender Wiggin beamed aboard the TARDIS.

“It’s all right,” he said. “My men should be able to hold off the reapers for now. I’m here to help in whatever way I can.”

“How could a puny human girl be of any help in this situation?” Strax asked incredulously.

“Girl?” Ender said. “I’m Ender Wiggin and I’m more of a man than you are, potato-head!”

“Strax sometimes has trouble distinguishing between genders,” Vastra explained.

“Of course he does,” Ender said sarcastically. “And you are?”

“I am a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife.” She indicated Jenny.

“Your wife?” Ender was shocked. He shook his head. “Tsk. Tsk. It’s clear that you two are suffering from tragic genetic mix-ups. Where I come from, marriage is between one man and one woman.” Vastra and Jenny looked at each other and nodded knowingly.

“Doctor,” Vastra said to the Time Lord’s gathered incarnations. “If you’ll excuse us for a moment, I think I can demonstrate to young Mr. Wiggin how he can be of use in another area of the TARDIS.” She grabbed Ender by the arm and led him out of the console room.

“Need I remind everyone that reality itself is collapsing!” the Tenth Doctor shouted. “I don’t know how much time we have left.”

“About half an hour,” the Eighth Doctor muttered.

“What?” Ten said.

“Nothing,” Eight replied.

“I’ve had enough of this!” the Hurt Doctor exclaimed. He grabbed the Eighth Doctor by his coat and shook him. “You have to be stopped. One way or another, your evil plans will be defeated!”

“I’m loving this!” the Master cried. “Doctor vs. Doctor! Something I’ve always wanted to see!”

“I could do some calculations that might help with the whole reality-collapsing thing,” Q interjected. “If you’ll just give me permission to do some work on your console-“

“All right, but make it quick,” the Tenth Doctor replied. Q snapped to it. A few moments later, Vastra returned.

“How’d it go, mum?” Jenny said, smirking.

“Well,” Vastra said, “Mr. Wiggin decided he was needed back on his ship and beamed away.”

“Vastra?” the Eleventh Doctor asked, “Is that blood on your lips?” Vastra wiped it off.

“Yes,” she said. “I found a chicken wandering around the TARDIS corridors and couldn’t resist. Especially after what he said about-“ She caught herself. “Sorry, never mind.” Slughorn42 (talk) 15:20, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Checking the consoles, the tenth Doctor saw that the readings were saying that reality was actually now stabilizing.

“Huh,” He thought before smirking at the ninth, “See my predecessor, I was able to resolve the situation after all!  And it looks like the replicators have been eliminated as well.  Anyway, we have bigger problems now, it seems that the alliance of sci-fi supervillains have moved sooner than I anticipated, we’ve got to unite the federation, Republic and any other remaining ships that don’t want to destroy or conquer anyone, it’s our only chance!”

As if responding to their needs, the TARDIS now split into three, one (Containing Doctors from nine to eleven including Eleven’s friends and the unknown Doctor who had apparently dishonoured the name) chose to safeguard the battlestars so that no one else could get their hands on them, whereas another (Containing 1 to four along with Bond, M and Q) flew off to find the remaining federation ships, whereas a third (containing Doctors five-8 as well as Han and Chewie) went off to find the republic fleet, whom everyone thought had been annihilated by Admiral Caine for no reason. 15:34, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Just before the split, however, Eleven had grabbed Mr. Mop's fez off of Q's head and taken it as his own, which River promptly vaporized. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 15:59, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Han Solo grabbed Chewie and promptly Jumped out of Tardis 3, and because reality was sill having problems, they did'nt need spacesuits. using his pistol to propel them, he and Chewie moved thru space to the fleet, where they snuck in and head-shot Caine. (Who ever did this can you sign your post?!)

John-117 and Zaphod watched Han and Chewie leave the TARDIS. Suddenly, somethng rocked the ship.

"The hell?"

John had hardly finished speaking when the ship flipped again, 7 turned to 6 and said:

"Fair warning, don't hit your head."


Replied 6, as the TARDIS shook once more. Outside, a Borg cube was smashing into the side of the ship. 5 spoke up.

"They can get through."

Everyone turned to him. The TARDIS was unbreakable.

"Time is collapsing, nothing is as it seems. The TARDIS is no longer invincible. If they get through, they could fracture the heart of the TARDIS and kill us all."

5 stated. Zaphod spoke up:

"We can breath out there, right?"

The Borg cube was hitting the TARDIS.


Said John-117.

"Does anybody have any explosives?"

Asked Zaphod. "Zaphod. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"All of you are more useful then me. Heroic, strong, smart, I'm just a three armed alien." "This way!"

Said 6. 7 yelped:

"There aren't any weapons aboard the TARDIS!"

6 replied darkly: "I kept some."

Zaphod leaped out of the TARDIS, he was wearing a jetpack and holding the smallest nuclear device he had ever seen, he used the blowtorch in his second hand to burn a hole in the ship, still holding the nuke with his third. He opened the ship, and a borg looked out at him. It used to be an ODST. Zaphod couldn't bear to kill it, he turned the corner and saw Sarah Palmer.


She turned around, her face had caved in on one side, like she had been hit to hard.


Zaphod let loose the blowtorch, burning her face off.

"I'm sorry."

He muttered. Zaphod got to the core of the ship, an invisible wall blocked his path. The Borg queen approached him, joined by some Cybermen.

"These Cybermen have allied with the borg. We wil kill you all. Resistance is futile."

The queen stated. Zaphod kicked at the invisible wall surrounding the core. The enemies closed in. He kept pounding. It wouldn't budge. He sprinted to a wall and pressed all the buttons he could, a Cyberman grabbed his soldier and began electrocuting him. He pressed a switch, and the wall collapsed, the Cyberman was electrocuting him still. Suddenly, a lightsaber cut off the head of the Cyberman. Behind him stood Darth Vader. Vader told Zaphod:

"Give me one minute to leave the ship. Then detonate this."

The queen hissed and charged Vader, but her head was cut off. Vader began to run, when Zaphod asked:

"Why the change of heart?"

Because your side will win. I forgot, in the end the good guys will always prevail. Zaphod kept telling himself that. He counted to a minute.

"The good guys always win."

The Borg cube blew to pieces, sending the TARDIS careening. Aboard the TARDIS, John-117 spoke to Vader.

"Thank you for saving him. You traitorous dick."

"I allied with you in the end."

"Good for you."

The TARDIS floated through space, with Doctor's 5-8, Darth Vader, and John 117 aboard.



The separate three Tardis’ reunited violently. When everyone became aware of their surroundings a bright light filled the room. The First Doctor lay on the floor, blood spewing from his mouth, the Hurt Doctor smiled as he lowered the gun “If I am to stop ANY of this, then none of us must exist, the timeline will end with Doctor number one!” (JOHN HURT DOCTOR IS EVIL AGAIN, YAY!) --HUGHCRI (talk) 21:18, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Suddenly Mr. Mop fell onto the floor in front of the First Doctor.
"Ow. What happened?" he said, "Last I remember, I led Bond and M through the door the Destroyer Dalek came out of and ended up on some conglomeration TARDIS, but then I tripped and now I'm here." He looked up and saw Eleven. "Oh, hello. And what am I doing there?"
"Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, spacey-wacey, reality imploding," Eleven explained to Mr. Mop. "Who are you?"
"I'm you," Mr. Mop replied, "an alternate you who just popped into existence."
"Well all of us are going to pop out of existence if our first self here dies," Eleven said.
"I can fix that," Mr. Mop said, "I'm not even supposed to exist at all." He grabbed One and his hands glowed golden, flushing energy into One, healing him at the cost of all his remaining not-even-supposed-to-exist regenerations, saving his life. Mr. Mop looked over at Q. "And where's my fez?" Q nodded to Eleven, and Eleven nodded to River. Mr. Mop understood.
"Don't forget," the Hurt Doctor announced, "I'm still here!"
Suddenly an asteroid materialized in the console room, and out stepped the Delgado and Simm Masters.
"And so are we!" they shouted in unison. —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 21:43, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Before the TARDISes had reunited, they had already been successful in bringing both the Federation and the Republic to them, which was good because just then the alliance of Sci-fi supervillains (As Doc no. 10 had so named them) just appeared out of hyperspace, warp, or whatever it was called in their dimension, led by an assimilated Voyager.  Stalling any resentment they had, the inhabitants of the TARDIS decided to put them aside for now in order to deal with the greater threat.  Just then The TARDISEs once again separated into their separate selves, each led by an individual Doctor.  So they were at the front of the newly allied forces, like beacons of light against the impending darkness.

Inside his vessel, the mysterious benefactor who got the villains together chuckled, thinking that the real battle was about to begin. 22:11, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

Sitting in his vessel in a location only he knew, the mysterious benefactor heard footsteps behind him. “Who’s there?” he demanded of the dark.
“We’d better hope he’s not,” a voice answered.
“Who is it that hides in shadow?” the benefactor repeated.
“I,” replied a deeper, eviler voice, “am shadow.” The benefactor spun around in his chair to find himself looking at the inside of a large stone temple he was apparently in the middle of but hadn’t been a moment ago. Out of the shadows, a small humanoid red robotic figure walked, using a red cane with a glowing orb on the end and wearing a ceremonial robe looking like a cape draped over his shoulders.
“Who are you?” the benefactor said.

The figure reached up to its face and pulled off its red and black mask, revealing a rusted black metal mask with glowing red eyes and an obviously evil look. From the shadows behind him, two other robotic figures stepped: a large white and blue muscular brute with a strange weapon mounted on his right shoulder and one of his two eyes being broken, who was at least 10 feet tall; and a green and black figure humanoid-ish from the waist up with large pincers instead of hands, and from the waist down had four sprawled crab/spider legs ended with metal spikes, upon which he walked, and with which he was also 10 feet tall. The small red figure then surged with purple lightning, a second later standing easily 20 feet tall as a giant black and rusted-red robot with huge red robo-bat wings, a figure which suited its rusted black mask far better.
“I am Makuta Teridax, the Master of Shadows,” the black figure said, “and this is Krekka,” he indicated the white and blue brute, “and Nidhiki,” he indicated the green and black spider-figure, “and I propose an alliance.”
The benefactor smiled. “Deal.” —BioniclesaurKing4t2 - "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, . . . run." 00:34, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Final Appeal

Han burst through the door of the 3rd TARDIS, which held the 8th Doctor.  He and Chewie had decided to come back, realizing the 8th Doctor was their best hope of preventing whatever "erasing" action he had implemented.  Crossing over to him, Han looked him in the eye, and then said, almost too quietly to hear, "You have to stop this."

The Doctor looked at him sadly, and then shook his head.  "I can't" he said, barely forcing the words out.

"Look, Doc" Han started "I've been doing some thinking.  If you brought us to erase us and prevent this massive war, why can't you acknowledge that your actions have already prevented the war?  I mean, look at all those who have died today in the few battles that have already occurred.  If you were to call it off after we defeat the forces of evil out there, then why couldn't you let us meet eachother, and get all friendly that way?  Couldn't you prevent the war, that way?"

Han's reasoning was certainly compelling, to say the least.  Giving it a thought, the Doctor wondered if perhaps he'd been so caught up in his gried, he'd failed to see other solutions.

It was then that the comlink on Solo's wrist rang out.

"Solo here" he answered.

"Han!  Are you alright?  I've been so worried!" the voice of Leia rang out.

Instantly, Han's face transformed, to one of horror, to one of grief, to one of the penultimate expression of sadness in the the face of losing the woman he loved above all else.  He looked up at the Doctor, tears streaming freely down his face.

"Doc.  You have to call it off.  Don't kill good people who love eachother!"

The timer continued counting down.  There were only 23 minutes and 56 seconds left before the plan came to a lethal fruition. Master Tej (talk) 01:09, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

"If I could, I would end this. But I can't. There is no hope of stopping the Borg. Their numbers grow whenever they defeat a foe. They are pretty much indestructible. They'll assimilate the alliance before long, before they realize that they're in danger." Eight stood up and lifted that wespon he hated most, and levelled it at Han. Tears streamed down his cheek. "I-I'm s-s-sorry, Han." Then, somebody else stepped into the room. Taking advantage of Eight's momentary distraction, Han grabbed the gun away and punched him in the face, then turned to meet his visitor. "Who are you?" The man smiled. "I am the end, the last incarnation. I am the Fourteenth, or more accurately Fifteenth if you count our friend Johnny boy, Doctor. I've waited centuries for this moment… the moment when the universe will be saved." Fourteen clutched a phaser and was obviously injured. "I am dying. This is my last incarnation. But I must end this war by destroying the Borg… and all those who'll fight them." He levelled the phaser at Han's heart and fired.

22 minutes, 42 seconds and counting…

I have returned. I am a king. Therefore, I am THE RETURN OF THE KING!! Speak to me, peasants! 03:00, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

The Final Battle: Borg vs. Doctor

On board the TARDIS piloted by the first Doctor, Bond was viewing the fleet that was advancing towards them.

“Doctor, you’ve got to get me on the Voyager!”

“What?” gasped Q, “Are you mad, Bond, we just got off that ship of the damned, now you want to go back in?”

“Yes,” replied Bond, “But this time I will be prepared.” 08:38, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Inside the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS, River, Vastra, Jenny and Strax watched as Eleven frantically pushed buttons on the console and stared intently at the scanner.

“I think I’ve got a lock on my rogue incarnation,” he said excitedly. “Just as I thought. He too is in his own TARDIS… in the heart of Borg territory.”

“Can we materialize inside his TARDIS?” Vastra asked.

“That’d be incredibly dangerous,” the Doctor replied. “Seeing as how our TARDISes are technically the same ship. With all the paradoxes that have been occurring, I don’t think we can risk another one.”

“Contact him, sweetie,” River suggested. “Try and reason with him. You’re his future. He’ll have to listen to you.” The Doctor thought a moment.

“I suppose it’s worth a try,” he said, shrugging. “I’m at a loss for good ideas right now anyway.” He pressed some buttons and the Hurt Doctor appeared on the scanner.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Listen to me,” Eleven said. “I know you think what you’re doing is in the name of peace and sanity. But have you stopped to think about the consequences?”

“Yes, I have,” the Hurt Doctor said quietly. “And if my eighth self gets his way, then the consequences will be far worse for all of us. So I have no choice but to put a dagger into the very heart of the Borg Collective. Maybe, just maybe, it will be enough to end this. Goodbye.” He disappeared from the scanner. Eleven lowered his head and closed his eyes.

“Maybe he’s right,” Jenny said. Everyone looked at her as if she’d gone mad.

“What?” the Doctor said.

“I mean, maybe he has no other options,” she continued. “Whatever these Borg things are, they’re clearly not on our side. So perhaps the universe will be better off without them.”

“But at what cost, my dear?” Vastra said. “Will it be worth it if the rogue Doctor gets us all killed in the process? Destroying his own future as well as that of countless others?”

“There are no easy answers here,” the Doctor said sadly. “Not everyone will make it out alive. All we can do is try to reduce the damage as much as possible.”

“Why not a full-on assault on the Borg?” Strax piped up. “We have a tactical advantage: the element of surprise!”

“Sorry, Strax, but it isn’t that simple,” the Doctor said. “I think our only option at this point is to follow him and observe what he does. But if anything should go wrong…” The Doctor couldn’t bear to finish his sentence. Instead, he maneuvered the TARDIS so that it was right behind the Hurt Doctor’s. Slughorn42 (talk) 14:52, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

[Doctor #1 Tardis]

Riddick: And you won't be going alone.

Q and the Doctor #1 turned to see Riddick standing there ready for action. 

Riddick: We'll all get on that ship one way or another, they won't be able to stop us.

Doctor: And once were inside?

Q:'' Riddick and I will get you to the deck and we'll kill them all.

LordTJ 15:14, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Darth Vader clutched his side, millions of Cyber-Mites crawled from under his armour. He looked up he was in the same Tardis as Doctor fifteen and eight. They spun around to face him, Vader raised his arm “I am Cyber-Vader” he released a barrage of lasers, hitting Fifteen dead in the heart, he then turned to Doctor Number eight “The Cyber-Army shall crush you all, first we will annihilate you! Then the Reapers, and lastly the Borg!”–HUGHCRI-

“Your enthusiasm is appreciated Q,” Bond assured him, “Although I am somewhat concerned with your sudden bloodlust.  In any case, we won’t need to slaughter them all.  There must be someone keeping all of these unilateral, imperialistic empires together, and whoever it is, I bet he or she must be on that Voyager.  And you know how good I am at betting.  I any case, if we take the leader out, then the whole alliance will fall apart like a game of Jenga, giving the Federation and Republic a chance at victory.” 17:26, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

The Hurt Doctor sighed as his transmission with Eleven ended. He was tired, more than tired. He had to stop Eight. He sat in his TARDIS and looked around. He was doing wrong because it was what was right. He knew deep within that if he hadn't then there would be worse stakes at hand, Daleks, Cybermen, Borg, Covenant, nothing compared to the fear he had perminantly imprinted in his mind.

The Hurt Doctor jumped as a strange sound emitted from behind him, he was more than anything frightened, but then he calmed down, it was only a hologram, preset into the TARDIS. Almost like the one Nine would send to Rose Tyler. But it was that of a young woman. One he had met a long time ago.

"This is Clara Oswald to who we might no longer call 'The Doctor'. I've imprinted this message into the TARDIS a mere hour before your original incarnation would steal it from Gallifrey. I've set it to this time specifically, to alert you of what you must do, what you must become."  

The Hurt Doctor fell to his knees. He never wanted to be where he was now. Being chased, being the bad guy only so that he could stop the true evil that was "The Rogue Doctor". Hurt Doctor knew, that if what he did were to come into fruition. He could no longer be "The Doctor". He'd need a different name, he'd need to be forgotten. To shroud himself away from the world. From all that existed. 

"You are all here right now because of an unnatural occurance. The multiverse is collapsing, if this crisis isn't stopped, planets will collide, quadrillions of lives will be lost in the occuring aftermath. But I offer you a way to stop it." 

The Hurt Doctor began to break into tears as he looked up desperately at the hologram. 'Please...' he mouthed, but no words emitted from his mouth. "If you want to end this. You must do what you once did to the Time Lords, and lock these events. It is the only way to stop this madness and prevent complete collapse. By doing so, you will not end the lives of us here, you will merely erase these events from this universe. There is a cost however. By doing so, all around you will turn to nothing, and you and your TARDIS shall remain, floating in an empty universe."  

With those words, The Hurt Doctor suckered up and rose to his feet. 17:44, May 30, 2013 (UTC)JurassicTimes

Unfortunate Solutions

The Eighth Doctor looked around. They thought they knew what this was, a simple matter of destroying the Borg in this parallel universe, they thought they knew. They knew naught of the war, that which would destroy trillions. The entire Imperial fleet had been erased from existence. The Death Star, destroyed. All aboard the fleet of the Battlestar Pegasus had been sucked into oblivion when their airlocks had opened. Those remaining alive had been assimilated into the Borg, with the exception of the New Republic fleet, which had no doubt come under attack by this point. All because of him.

But he would save so much.

Han lay dying on the ground, struck inevitably by the phaser blast, despite Chewbacca’s best attempts to prevent that from happening. Chewbacca had launched himself at the Doctor who had shot Han, but it was too late. The Doctor simply disappeared, Chewbacca let out an enormous anguished roar, and then rushed over to Han to help him. His wife attempted in vain to contact him, as he lay unconscious on the ground, in need of immediate medical attention.

The Doctor considered his options. It pained him so, so much to do this, but he knew of a way to reverse the process. If he could only get the New Republic to agree to help him, then they could vanquish the Borg together. The interdimensional war, he realized, was indeed already prevented. He didn’t want to kill Chewbacca, and Han, and Leia, and Luke. However, there was one problem with the reversal process.

He would have to kill himself. --Master Tej (talk) 17:56, May 30, 2013 (UTC) (THIS POST COMPLETELY IGNORES AN EARLIER POST)

But not before killing Cyber-Vader, which he did using the De-Mat Gun. Slughorn42 (talk) 20:45, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

A curved knife burst out of Bond’s chest.  Uncloaking himself, an ashrak raised his free hand and used his Goa’uld hand device to blast everyone else away.  The Doctor was knocked into the control panel, whereas Q and M flew across the room before crashing down.  Riddick, however, managed the maneuver himself so that his feet touched the wall of the TARDIS and he somersaulted down, facing the glowing eyed assassin.

“Those are some fancy eyes you’ve got there,” Riddick completed, “But you know what (He took off his goggles) Mine are pretty good too.” 20:55, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

The Hurt Doctor watched as the hologram infront of him disappeared. He knew now the only solution was a time lock, but how he was going to pull such a thing off he was uncertain. Then, an idea formed and a smirk grew on his face.

ItchyTastyForever (talk) 21:34, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of The Great Starship Battle! Our chosen representative from the TARDIS Datacore is penning the big finish at this time.

Mhadick (talk) 00:09, May 31, 2013 (UTC)

The Final Battle

Panels lay exposed, the workings of the machine, its heart; open and burning. The battle had raged and it had fought, she had fought. Roundels, those that weren’t burnt and blackened blazed with fire and passion.

It’s pilot stood, back to the console, the connection to the heart of the machine he stood within, his long cloak; black, edged with white; Gallifreyan and in mourning for what his past selves had done, what he had done. The eighth man bound had torn the universes apart bringing battles to bear that had never, should never been fought, except for him, in his name. A name he renounced.

They had been brought together, "to save all existence" by erasing them, that was justification of his eighth self, the one that had been born at the hands of a doctor. The great ships with their great crews, torn from their home universes. Ripped in terror, screaming into death within this imposed sanctum of pain and destruction in the name, in his name.

His other selves had been expunged, destroyed by fire and paradox, now he had to finish this.

Finish what the Ka Faraq Gatri had begun, he would become Time and Death’s Champion anew. He who had withdrawn from his own timestream, lurking at the end of his regeneration cycle, in the darkness, further than even he who did not "deserve the name".

He had taken his own, one he deserved, as a Lord of Time, of Gallifrey, as a judge and defendant of laws, his was a name he knew since his sixth life, and feared, rightly so. Feared that he would one day be called to account, to be judged for his crimes.

Now here, he was forced by the despicable darkness of his forebears, to fight one last battle. To defeat a foe of hundreds and thousands, a foe of one, a Collective. Then the suffering, the pain and death brought to this patch of space, brought together by a Time Lord that would call themselves ‘Doctor’, in full understanding of the pain, suffering and darkness that they brought.

The Borg Cube, the Collective’s mightiest craft lay before him. Before them. Time Lord and TARDIS. Justice and deliverance. The last great ship, last of the Time Lords’ timeships, to battle in great battle of “starships”. She was the only ship that was not only that, nothing so paltry and a “star”-“ship”, a tiny concept.

The Cube was full of tiny drones, forming part of a tiny portion of the Collective. There were innumerable ways he could destroy the Cube he thought to himself. But he was, by his past selves entry into this space, to this contest, bound by the rules of law. Unlike his previous selves, he was bound. Bound by justice, by his laws.

Tritanium was the weakest element within the Cube’s structure. Remove the structure and it would fall, it was a simple law, architecture, structure, like laws they had their governances, tolerances. Remove one support and the whole structure would fall, judged by the universe's forces.

It was her battle, that what his eighth self had said. He had brought the ships here, the crews were secondary. Had he known that they would be the last victors? Time Lord and TARDIS.

Turning back towards the controls he placed his hands on the telepathic circuits. It was with these he could theorise the most delicate of possibilities without harming the TARDIS with actions. She would be considered in these actions.

As he felt her ready her response he wondered in the brief microspans that it took her to respond, if all of this, the battles that had been fought were his seventh self’s manipulations. Reaching back and forward through time, he who had been lead to his death by the TARDIS’s timing malfunction, birthing his eighth self. Was this “great battle” revenge on his TARDIS? Their TARDIS.

He pushed these thoughts aside, they were of the past, of his past. He smiled at the TARDIS’s response and moved around the console. Of course his past self was clever, he would know that whomever was left would attempt temporal manipulation.

He had intended to manipulate the the tritanium, manipulate its timeline, force it to be used in its own creation, as the paradox grew closer to a closed loop it would have destabilised. Grandfather Paradox would have appreciated that act, but his eighth self had considered that. The time lock on this area of space extended to the timelines of the ships, with some instabilities that had allowed his previous selves to be split and summoned.

Now, he was left with only one option. One that the drones of the Cube were already presenting to him. One that would endanger not only himself but his TARDIS. Something he had wished not to do, not to harm her again.

Outside his TARDIS, outside the dark, bruised and battered shell of a Police Box, its windows cracked and misshapen, its outer shell with scabs of time energy; rough and blue, loomed the Borg Cube.

Shifting, its drones scanned the area, watched, searched for way out, its sensors scanning for an exit of the temporal prison. It ignored the broken shells of starships that had fought, its drones instead focused on escape and departure to return to the Collective. The Cube began to power up its transwarp drives, began readying its chroniton field to exit the locked space it was within. The conduits throughout the cube charged and readied for the temporal stresses.

He watched this preparation with a grim smile at the readings emanating from the Borg Cube. It had come to this, a fight they had fought before. Time Lord and TARDIS. "Time Ram." He said, a grim expression still on his face as he adjusted the controls on the TARDIS the lighting already muted dimmed further, the ancient engines of his TARDIS shuddered. He looked up above his head at the symbols shifting and rotating, the rotor pulsing with power. Still strong. "Come on old girl." He said using the epithet of his previous incarnation. “One last battle.” He said taking a hold of the controls. One final battle, one more deliberation. A final judgement.

The drones of the Borg Cube had neither the inclination nor the perception to understand the temporal energies that ripped apart space and time as the timeship of the ancient and powerful Time Lords of Gallifrey pulsed its energies toward the Cube. They first knew it as an overload in the chroniton conduits as the Cube prepared for transwarp. The overload spread, temporal energies ripping throughout the Cube. Forces devolving some of the drones back to infants or beyond into beings of energy, components ripped apart brittle from time or returned to dust and gases. Then in scream of temporal engines wheezing and vworping through the vortex the Borg drones and their Cube were no more, ripped from space and destroyed by time.

There was only one ship that stood, floating, battered and almost broken in its place; a Type-40 TT Capsule. A TARDIS.

The Doctor’s TARDIS. --Tangerineduel / talk 13:13, June 8, 2013 (UTC)

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